Well the great Twatter outage yesterday after the Biden's broke the internet sure was entertaining but.... The bluebird also took down a number of posts I made last night before they went out completely
So I have to put a few things back up....
Shadowgate 2.0 is out and Millie smashes this one outta the park.
Brennan McChrystal and Hayden need to be hung as traitors there's no other way to say it.
Linking the movie from her website and also a YT link with her comments about it too...

The level of corruption=🤯
Here's the link from her website
This is the version without the comments
The other vers on YT, she pauses stuff & explain things a bit - if you missed her first movie it's helpful

SG 2.0 - Full Movie millennialmillie.com/?wix-vod-video…
Here's from YT with the comments where she stops to explain things
Incase you missed the first installment this thread has it all broken into small bite sized pieces and explains
I will be working on a few things today to for this next installment
I mean seriously he had a rally in NC yesterday on short notice just like the last few and tens of thousands of people showed up again at an odd time and on short notice

So I'm having a hard time believing that people didn't watch his town hall....

• • •

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16 Oct
The purge has begun
Happened yesterday during all the distraction of the Biden issue

Wake up guys back up everything you can!!

Look Image
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16 Oct
Does anyone believe that Trump only had 10 million viewers last night...anyone?
The neilsen ratings aren't quite tallied and since a couple stations are owned by same folks it will take a little to really see but ..

There's no way Biden had 2 million more watchers. Not a chance
In top of that Trump had to debate his moderator and didn't get slow pitched the way Joe did
I was unable to watch last night between twit & internet issues but I'm catching up today
they are alllll over the narrative today that Joe had more people

Like they have to convince us
But the most telling is that tiktok campaign that had people getting everyone to turn their devices onto Joe - the thought being if trump is ratings obsessed and everyone puts their devices on JOE would demoralize trump lol

CNET story outs the plot!
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15 Oct
Hey folks I. Gonna out this all in one spot for you to hammer back at the narrative with.
They are claiming Burisma was not being investigated. That's why Shokin was fired.
This is a TOTAL LIE.
@ChanelRion of OAN did an explosive 3 part series that PROVES Shokin was fired for it
Video number 3 specifically addresses this but the first 2 lay the rest of the ground work. This stunning series obliterated the narrative that NY Post story is unverified.
OAN has winesses, affidavits, documents, the works. And he was looking at this in 2017. OAN series Dec 19
The significance of this series in light of the NY Post story that's being censored in this platform and the ties to the Biden corruption is all here all with evidence to back it up & with SHOKIN himself telling you what happened!
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15 Oct
Not only was the burial at sea bullshit... The way and day Obama said We Got Him was too.
He used it in 2011 to pad his 2nd term for 2012.
I replied in the thread but will repost them in this thread so they don't get lost in the replies 🕵️👍😎
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14 Oct
Sorry took my original post down because it's the New York Post not the Times.
I will however also say this- just about every major paper has been very left biased in their coverage & seemingly oblivious 2 censorship til it affects them personally. Could barely get em to cover it
So I don't wanna hear whining to people who have been demonetized and censored and booted off this and other platforms

I WANT to see journalists and news orgs be honest, do their work, and sue big tech when their rights are violated. Don't tweet about it DO something about it!
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14 Oct
Watch this AI bot of Obama and ask yourself if half the stuff we see is even REAL, guys.

There may be a reason we are seeing such weird stuff. Body doubles & AI

Then think of some of the Biden appearances from the last couple months and ask- is that him
Now watch this one: how holograms are interactive ..

This is tech that exists people it's not the future... it's already the PAST, this video is 2 years ago folks!
I have been saying ever since potus caught the Rona that I didn't believe he had it. That little ride outside to wave to people? Not him
After reading this, I am CERTAIN he hard core trolled the left.

Secret service has 5 body doubles for him??!?!
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