To those who take issue with Biden’s involvement in the Crime Bill of 1994, I urge you to watch his town hall from last night. He was asked about it, he admitted it was a mistake, but then he got into the particulars of WHY it was a mistake.
He talked about what went wrong, what was intended and where it fell short. He didn’t dodge responsibility, he didn’t evade, but he did expand the narrative framework in a way that dispels the idea of him being the architect of mass incarceration.
There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t made major mistakes. There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t hurt people when they wanted to help them, who hasn’t set a lofty goal and fallen short. We can’t expect that from anyone in daily life, and can’t expect that from politicians.
All we can ask for is that people go into leadership for the right reasons, and try to apply the best decision processes to reach the result that helps the most and harms the least. Politics is human, and humans are fallible.
Where Biden is different is that he acknowledges having made mistakes. His list of those mistakes may differ from your list of his mistakes. It may be shorter. It could be longer. But he KNOWS he’s made them and he TALKS about it in a way that shows he learns from errors.
Self-reflection in private is one thing. For all we know, Ted Cruz sits down and takes a personal inventory every day and is full of contrition. But self-reflection in PUBLIC is so rare it’s almost startling when it happens. You have to be REALLY confident to own up publicly.
That’s what people so often miss when they look at which leader is strong versus which one is weak. So many think that the one who refuses to ever admit any flaw is strong, and resolute. The opposite is true. If you can never, EVER be wrong, can never be mistaken, you’re weak.
You’re terrified. You’re so convinced of your lack of self-worth that ANY error on your part is crushing. You HAVE to be right, because being wrong makes you unworthy.
I say all of that from personal experience. I’ve fought to be right because I couldn’t handle being wrong. I’ve evaded blame because I couldn’t feel worthwhile if I was falling short in any way.

It cost me my marriage. Not a one or two year thing, 18 years.
We were together for 20 years, and in the end my constant feeling of being an imposter, my certainty that the world would find out how bad I really was, destroyed us.

I own that. Not out of self-loathing, not as some fake martyr to my own flaws. It’s the truth.
Trump can’t do that. He cannot own even the smallest of mistakes, because inside of him, where human warmth should reside, there’s just a howling void. The man feels empty in ways that defy comprehension. Born into a life of every material advantage, but an emotional cripple.
When he tells a TV audience how great he is, he’s only talking to one person: himself. Not Fred Trump, who must be one hell of a boogeyman in the back of DJT’s mind. Trump says he’s amazing because he knows he isn’t and he’s trying to convince HIMSELF.
He desperately runs away from blame and responsibility because he feels absolutely NO intrinsic worth. There’s nothing inside of himself that he loves without condition.

If he were on his own, harming just himself and his family, I would pity him.
But he isn’t. This open wound in his soul causes him to lash out in rage against EVERYONE. We are all trapped inside his mental lockbox, and we pay for it every single day. For that reason alone, even without corruption and foreign entanglements he would have to go.
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