I've said it once and I'll say it again: Globohomo is interested in your kids.
I've said it once and I'll say it again: Globohomo is interested in your kids.
I've said it once and I'll say it again: Globohomo is interested in your kids.
I've said it once and I'll say it again: Globohomo is interested in your kids.
I've said it once and I'll say it again: Globohomo is interested in your kids.
Sportsball is Fake And Gay and cringe, and at the forefront of woke nonsense.
At this point, instead of saying Globohomo is interested in your kids, I'll just shorten it to "GloboChomo". Gets the same point across.
Nothing stops a bully like putting on some purple and crying to teacher to come save you from the meanies.
Have you ever seen a group of people who need to be bullied more than this bunch? Not a very diverse group tbqh!

Little known fact: GAP stands for Gays And Pedos.
You must celebrate the gay every day.
There's billions of dollars in f*ggotry. GLAAD, Trevor Project, and HRC are just a few of the orgs raking in the cash.
It's not a risk to associate with the political left.

Every day they add a new holiday to their calendar, a new color to their flag, a new letter to their acronym, and more corporate dollars to their coffers.

They are getting stronger.
Spirit Day is the 3rd Thursday of October (which is LGBT History Month), while Queer Day is October 9th and Coming Out Day is October 11th, but Transgender Day of Remembrance is in November during Transgender Awareness Week. Do try to keep up.

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12 Oct
I've said it once and I'll say it again: Globohomo is interested in your kids.
"No one wants a distant and unrelatable leader who stays on a pedestal."

No one wants a degenerate and uninspiring "leader" who looks like a pederast. FIFY.
Faithless. Abomination. Gaudy. Gossip. Offensive. Totalitarian. Scourge,

These are a few of the words I use to describe what these people mean to me.
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8 Oct
Kinda embarrassing when they celebrate your heritage and it's just entertainer, entertainer, ethnic advocate, libf*g entertainer, communist artist, inventor, diversity hire, (thinly sourced) inventor.
Many such cases! White women have been calling themselves WOC for longer than most know. Liz Warren is an inheritor of an ancient AWFL tradition. Though communist Kahlo's mother was mestiza.

They do this in Australia as well.

"Aboriginal" representative vs. Aboriginal person.
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7 Oct
French luxury fashion house makes "Vote" t-shirts and tweets about it in Anglish because:

1. France is America's Vassal
2. Progressivism is a luxury positional good
3. Both
"Decide with compassion"

Does anybody see this and think they mean that you should vote for Trump? Does anybody believe that GOTV efforts would be pushed if they weren't targeting room temperature IQ dem voters who aren't known for making it to the polls on their own?
Explicit: "Have your voice heard*"

Implicit: "Unless your voice supports Trump"
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6 Oct
"After many discussions with the Humans at our company... We’re changing the name of the company.... The reality is that it’s nothing compared to the experience of sustained and systemic racism against Black people."
This is the stare of a sociopathic status maximizer. I believe looking like this is grounds for a search warrant. And with a name like "Hassan" it's probably grounds for a FISA warrant too.
"To understand our blind spots."

BLIND SPOTS?!?! Disgusted at the casual ableism of this horrible shonda of a man.
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5 Oct
It's another pride month. We honor poopdick when we "stand up against systemic racism, ableism, prejudice, and fear" and "embracing uncomfortable conversations."

You can't dissociate buttsex from black people & cripples. Microsoft really IS embracing uncomfortable conversations!
Every month is Pride month. UK celebrates in February while NA celebrates in October so they can cover as much of the year as possible.

Pride Month 2: Electric F*galoo is louder than normal cause the dusky ones stole Gay June like an unattended bicycle.

Woke Pharma and Science! wants you to "spread facts, not fear" and to fight stigma around HIV.

The biggest PR op of all time was when they rebranded GRIDS to AIDS and convinced millions of normie heteros that they were at risk.
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1 Oct
It's time for our second Black History Month of the year! And during National Inclusion Week how fortuitous.
*Prods black co-worker* Babe it's 4pm, time to publicly trot you out for virtue points.
"Not racist is not enough."

Das rite.
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