This is a thoughtful piece by a well compensated sociopath and a PhD/researcher.

For those who have never, loved, lived with, or been raised by those with high levels of uncompensated sociopathy, this article offers the smallest glimpse of the “mischief” that can be inflicted.
My mother married a poorly compensated sociopath, who was an Episcopalian priest, “Father” became my step-father.

I’ve spent my entire life considering these dilemmas- & in the past few years I spent a significant amount of time researching his life, his lies, his aspirations
He tore our family to pieces, shattered our community, left a schism in our church and diocese that has never healed.

The rings of harm that he sent out into the world were extraordinary

I also learned the most important lessons in my life from him. For good and ill.
I spent a lot of time after my mother’s death and during my cancer treatment writing about him, and the “problem of evil” that he introduced me to - and what I have come to about it all.
I never pulled it together in final form because I’ve never been sure if the writing was simply for my own integration- or if it would actually be of use to others.

He is the priest I consulted in this essay:…
And the story is how I came to this understanding. That sociopathy is a universal archetype, that exists on a continuum, and that no one is entirely free of it. And that it is a times a necessary energy, especially when we are confronting it full on in its unharnessed form
What I learned was that in order to protect myself and my siblings and my mother from him was that I had to be able to summon my own ruthlessness
And I was able to defeat him, often enough and ultimately , because my summoned ruthlessness was being used in service of a powerful love for my mother and brothers.

Ruthlessness in service of love is always more powerful than ruthlessness for its own sake.
He spent his whole life trying to figure out what the experience of love was, that he could tell he was lacking. And then becoming alienated and enraged because he was excluded from it.

And bored living in a world of humans who he could feel nothing for.
And taking wild risks, and manipulating anyone within reach so that he could feel something, anything
This is the novel he published, about the “good” thief, who is forgiven by Jesus. I bought this copy for $1.00 from Amazon - (he is long dead) and when I opened it, I saw it was signed by the author.
The dedication is to the wife he would dump two years later in order to insert himself into my family, and to the son he physically abused and who would estrange himself from him as soon as he left home.
For people who have know sociopaths intimately - this Trump regime and family dynamics have been viscerally horrifying.

There was never a second where we did not know what was happening.
And the only way to survive them is to harness your own ruthlessness in service of love.…
Maybe I’ll re-look at what I have written. Maybe it would be of use to others trying to make sense of this era.
But the dilemma doesn’t only exist between “normal people” and “sociopaths”

The problem of ruthlessness, of evil, lives in each one of us. Our belief in our own “morality” and the projection of monstrosity onto others is one of the devils best tools.

• • •

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