Having some sick and sad feelings this week about my bio family.
One of the things we ask in text banking is if folks could reach out to a few friends and family to remind THEM to vote. I was a little surprised by the question.
Because my family are all- well, we'll get there, and I don't have a lot of In Person friends because my disability hinders my social life. But a LOT of the people I've texted are very responsive to the question.
"My Mom is coming with us to vote for Biden!" or "We're going together as three generations to vote the Orange Cheeto out!" Stuff like that. I'm so happy for them, and hopeful. But.
It reminds me of how I've tried to explain to my parents that another four years of this WILL kill me. I've begged them to vote for Biden. They don't want to hear it. They won't even listen to me.
When I explain to them about healthcare and the Republican agenda, they shut down. I'm wrong, I can't be right, the Republicans will protect us. Republicans LOVE Medicare and Medicaid. People who say otherwise are just mistaken.
They aren't red hats. They don't MAGA. They find Trump embarrassing and vulgar. They aren't covid denialists. They wear masks.

On paper, they SHOULD be one of the Defecting Seniors who are supporting Biden in droves. But they...aren't.
And it's hard not to take it personally. Not to feel like they just don't CARE if their disabled kid dies.

I know a lot of parents are a danger to their disabled kid. I just didn't think of mine that way. I didn't want to.
It's hard to see so many families value their kids and then look at your own and see just how worthless you are in their eyes. It hurts, even if you feel like you should've seen this coming.

• • •

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16 Oct
I was supposed to work today but I have a sinus infection? I can't sleep because I have to be ready to answer the door for Reasons, so I'm going to do another #AnaWatches.
#AnaWatches It's tricky finding just the right movies for this sort of thing because I want something bad but, like, an actual movie that *tried* and wasn't just a parody like Sharknado. Not that I dislike Sharknado, by any means.
#AnaWatches I was going to try another movie about the Countess Bathory but alas the only other movie about her on Amazon isn't Prime-free. I would've expected more movies about her, to be honest.
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16 Oct
I have a lot of feelings about how one terrible person has so shaped our popular culture.
Things like how capital-T Trump has changed my feelings about the use of the lowercase-t trump word. I'll obsessively reword sentences to try to avoid the word.
Or we'll be watching an older movie like BACK TO THE FUTURE or SUPER MARIO BROS and Kissmate will be like "is this villain Trump??" and I'll explain how many 80s villains were deliberately modeled after the celebrity. (@AlexandraErin has talked about this!)
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16 Oct
We're watching the ABC town hall and I'm already annoyed at ABC for treating the vote and ensuing years like an exciting adventure they're covering breathlessly. This isn't sportsball, you assholes.
First question is about covid. Biden frames Trump hiding important facts from the community as cowardice and panic, which feels clever: turn around that "strongman" image Trump likes to project.
Stephanopoulos wants to pin Biden down on a lockdown yes/no. Biden is laying out guidance, money, protections, and George just wants a simplistic yes/no soundbite. SIGH.
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15 Oct
Text-banking is fun but you get the occasional MAGA jerk and phew.
Like, on the one hand they're nothing compared to twitter trolls. But on the other hand, the woman who just gloated at me that she's going to take away my reproductive rights was... I needed a minute to breathe.
My "favorite" are the men who threaten to vote for Trump if "ya'll don't stop texting me" when there are multiple Get Out The Vote campaigns going on. Sorry our reproductive rights are blowing up your phone, Bob.
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15 Oct
Alright. I'm waiting for the text-bank to open, so it's time for an #AnaWatches a shitty Amazon Prime movie.
#AnaWatches This one is called THE BLOOD QUEEN. "Based on the story of Countess Bathory, a serial killer in 16th century Transylvania who supposedly killed hundreds. Yet, nobody knows of the terrible crimes being committed in the castle of the famous royalty." Nobody, huh?
#AnaWatches In addition to the movie summary, we get a wall of text when the movie opens: "What you are about to see is based on the true accounts of Countess Bathory, suspected of being one of the most prolific serial killers of all time. Immensely powerful,
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15 Oct




My god, I really did live my entire life thinking that Dark Ages people were different from us for believing they could stop plagues with magic, and here we are.

People think "outside" is a magical charm against covid!
"but my 1500-attendees superspreader event was OUTSIDE, I don't understand"
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