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16 Oct, 12 tweets, 4 min read
(thread) so joe biden went all in on child transgenderism last night. Isnt that great and tolerant? no not really and here is why. Its child abuse. Not child abuse like calling your child degrading names. But child abuse like hitting them with a wrench in the garage for no reason
What people dont understand about CHILD transgenderism is how MARKEDLY different it is than "normal" post 18 years of age transgenderism. In fact if most americans knew the truth about it. It would be the worst polling political position in america. Lets dive in shall we.
For a child to be "transgender" you must first accept the fact that a child has sexual proclivities. They dont, and accepting that they do comes with extreme societal risks about questions of consent from children. AKA should they vote and be able to have sex.
The answer to both of these questions is a hard no. But regardless this is not the immediate danger of child transgenderism. The chemical castration and permanent hormonal mutilation to the child during puberty IS.
What 99% of people dont know about child transgenderism is the fact that before a child starts puberty. The parent puts them on drugs that stops puberty from happening. And puts them on hormones of the opposite sex. This has nightmarish outcomes for the body for the person.
For males. If put on puberty blockers before puberty. By the time you are 18 you will have the penis and testes the size of a 8-10 year old. This makes having children impossible. And makes "transition surgery" almost impossible because there is no "meat"
However. The sick cosmetic surgeons posing as doctors are hacking away at kids anyway. Jazz jennings (real name jarron bloshinski) Had multiple complications during surgery. Which his "vagina" exploded after surgery. on television
Its one of the most horrifying seasons of television ever aired and hopefully one day will be catalogued as media of a time of great evil and confusion.
The previous video clip features the mother breaking down in tears. We have to talk about the parents. Most of these parents are more sick than the children. Children are innocent and their ideas fleeting. Its the parents job to resist childish ideas (transgenderism)
However its becoming clear that most of these parents suffer from munchausen syndrome by proxy. Which is a condition where they must "fix" their child who is "ill" despite there not being an illness.
However the true nightmare is that this becomes so hyper normalized , that even normal perfectly mentally well in the head parents start accepting it. And any time a boy puts on his sisters dress is a "SIGN" of something wrong. This is the point of no return from hellworld.
We need to make sure that we do everything in our power to protect children from predatory doctors , psychologists who make this shit up as they go along , and parents with mental illnesses.

After bidens statement its a declaration of war on childhood innocence. retweet.

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