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16 Oct, 7 tweets, 2 min read
It is characteristic of young people that they believe the material world works in their interests

It's partly a function of the fact that they have healthy bodies, so they lazily assume that flesh is basically on their side. Older people realise that flesh isn't a loyal friend.
This comes is perfect tandem with the realisation that, actually, nothing material is on your side. Everything and everyone is pursuing its own course regardless of you.

The older person then becomes serious and more honest about the true nature of life.
In youth, flesh seems like an excellent bargain which cannot go wrong. It is like Pinocchio when he joins those who want merely to use him for their own benefit.

The fun, singing, freedom of being young seems absolutely worth pursuing unto the end of the earth.
But it soon becomes apparent that matter had only its own interests at heart, not yours. The world didn't exist for you, and your expectation that it did was indeed part of the problem, because you expected others to work in your interests.
The wise person then starts to bitterly regret his delusional youth, all the stupid moments, the desperation and lies. He feels duped.

If he's especially lucid and reflective, he'll notice that flesh used him, like a capitalist uses a young, gifted artist.
This then gives rise to the realisation that flesh is one thing, and his higher self must be something other than flesh itself.

He feels used and cheated by flesh. It is as if the material world is a fallen state, from a higher idealistic potential.
Existence proper is ideational, not material.

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15 Oct
You'll also notice that, when you're bored, you'll mentally search for a plausible route to free-flowing consciousness, in effect lying about your interest in the subject, or about its wider existential relevance.

I'd say most conversations and tweets bear a trace of this.
You can sense that most people are lying to themselves when in a conversation by the overly strained contours in their face.

I burst out laughing watching this Oblivion meme, because the bizarre smile reminds me of normal people chatting, and the cat-man creature is me watching.
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15 Oct
What the plan always fails to take account of is entropy, namely the fact that everything seeks its least burdened state—including of course humans, nay *including yourself*.

With all plans, there is always a kind of lazy fizzling out when all is said and done.
People can't even take into account their own desire to seek their least burdened state (i.e. laziness), which I've always found remarkable.

The great stories in history were not planned, and even if there was a hint of one, it always took account of entropy/human shortcomings.
The axiomatic fact that, in every plan, you're trying to avoid failure shows a subconscious knowledge that the whole thing is a lie destined to fail anyway, i.e. it shows a subconscious knowledge that the universe is constantly conspiring against any persisting format.
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15 Oct
What I just said in the parentheses is a general explanation of why trying to avoid a certain fate—e.g. trying not to lose a girlfriend, trying not to fall over, trying not to be unhappy, trying not to think of a pink elephant—results in that thing you're trying to avoid.
The reason is this:

In a state of uncertainty, you feel compelled to check for certainty.

In order to be certain you're avoiding the bad scenario, you have to mentally conjure up the bad scenario which you are trying to avoid.
The more frequently you check that this is being avoided, the possible you believe this scenario to be.

You end up having an elaborate space-time conception of all the ways things can go wrong, and this framework of certainty becomes the easiest path to pursue.
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15 Oct
Some random thoughts on sound.

I'll start by retweeting the basic characteristics of matter.

The only way matter can outwardly convey itself is by means of sound. In this way, a kind of universal language of its inner nature is broadcasted. You can discern its properties.
From the very get-go, sound is a function of the will-to-life, because all objects are harmonic oscillators resisting annihilation.

As it resists annihilation, i.e. pursuing its lest burdened state, it wobbles and slaps surrounding harmonic oscillators, e.g. air.
Each harmonic oscillator tries to pass off the superfluous energy like a game of hot potato.

Each new reception of excess energy is unwanted, and is imparted to its neighbour as effectively as possible. Eventually the acoustic reverberation fizzles out of detection.
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15 Oct
This frustration with complacency is the fundamental motive of my life.

People are content with such opaque explanations. Whenever you google a scientific question, you're always confronted with a totally bland answer ("because [noun]") which doesn't actually explain anything.
It amounts to "that's just the way things are". It's an exhausted response on the part of people who have given up on actually getting a grip of the world.

Look at this dullard of a scientist's response to my attempts at explaining pain.
His response to "what is pain" was just "durrr, molecules hitting molecules". People who are genuinely satisfied with such explanations are always low-energy materialists.

For me, the lucidity of consciousness is supreme.

I've explained pain as follows:

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15 Oct
An email I wrote to a linguist recently (who subsequently found interest in this approach):
In addition to st-, we can also add an 'r', which elongates the word's *st*arting point.

Strrrrring. Strrrrain. Strong. Stress. Strip. Strap. Strait. Street. Stream.

These all indicate *stretching*.
We could also make our language more beautiful and meaningful by returning to our Germanic roots, but this is an unrealistic hope.

A screenshot of me improving on someone else's attempt at Germanising English:
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