For my Thai friends im going to write up somethings ive learnt about protesting in HK from the past year. Hopefully this information can help you guys. Ill write it from the perspective of protesting during the middle/end of last year. Thread incoming
1) Packing

It is important to pack light. Only pack the essentials and in a backpack with the straps tightened.

My itinerary:
Pack of zipties
salt solution
Gask mask
xtra shirt

The lighter the better, you need to be able to outrun riot cops.
2) Clothing

Again pack light. It doesnt get too cold in Thailand so use that as an advantage.

I always wore a t-shirt with shorts. Light, breathable and easy to change in and out of. Long clothing won't protect you from tg, pepper spray and so on, itll only make it worse.
2a) Shoes

Do not wear anything expensive, do not wear anything you dont want ruined. Do not wear anything that isnt comfortable. I always wore skateboarding shoes but sport trainers will work just as well.
3) The front

THE most important thing at the front is situational awareness. Always stick with other protestors. If they run, youre running, if they stay, youre staying. Whenever you are at the front ALWAYS think of exit routes. Plural. You need to know where to run.
4) the cops

This is the most important thing to note. When at the front you should always watch cops. They are clunky and need organization too. Watching what the cops are doing will give you information on what they are doing up to minutes in advanced
4) the cops (contd.)

If the cops are starting to talk to each other, or if one cop comes forward and starts speaking to a bunch of frontline cops, this means (here at least) that they are about to rush. The rush could take place anywhere from minutes to seconds from then
4) the cops (contd.)

When they are talking to each other, watch their body language. Watch them pointing at areas, gear or at individual protestors. This will tell you what they are doing. Once you think you know, TELL OTHERS.
4) the cops (last)

Lastly, make sure youre periodically checking places like Twitter or Telegram. Know what other areas of the protests look like, know where the cops are in the area.

Also always look out for plain clothes. Ive heard you can tell by the shoes. Combat boots=cop
5) The getaway

Leaving protests is always dangerous. If your shirt is wet (water cannon, pepper spray, sweat) change it! Itll make you harder to identify and it will also make you feel less icky and disgusting.

Dump your gear somewhere and pick it up the day after if you need
5) the getaway (contd)

I always used public transportation or my own legs to leave protests, but that is a lot more dangerous. I know the Siam metro is really good so it should be safe as long as there are no cops. If people are offering to drive you, make sure theyre not cops
6) information preparation

before leaving protests make sure there is some one who knows you are going and knows what you plan on doing. Give this person a set time when youd text them and make sure they know what to do if youre arrested.
7) information security

make sure your phone has touch id TURNED OFF. make sure you also dont get notifications while youre at protests. Cops can use this to indict you if youre nabbed.
8) what to do if youre nabbed

Dont say a word. Nothing. Even if they ask you for your name and age and so on make them ask you a couple times.

Dont make eye contact with the cops, dont give them anything at all.
Okay thats that. Of course experiences will differ and not all advice will be applicable but this is the most important things ive learnt from when I was at the front all those times.

If you can speak Thai, please consider translating it because this info is p useless in english

• • •

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