1. As I said last week, CBS was competing for the Trump town hall that ended up going to NBC

18 days before election day & NBC/ABC have both booked Trump/Biden for town halls & CBS has not

For the first time since 2004, none of the debates are being moderated by CBS News talent
2. It's hard to look at this any other way than a failure of @szirinsky's leadership as president of CBS's news division. *Many* of my CBS sources (talent & staff) remain frustrated with her leadership...
3. What incredible timing on the release of this information....
4. @christarobin hi - hope you’re well.

β€’ β€’ β€’

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17 Oct
1. As someone who has proudly defended my friends and colleagues on this website, I have to offer some friendly advice to people who wish to do the same: sometimes it's not a good idea. And if you feel under attack, sometimes it's best to not have friends/colleagues defend you
2. This advice isn't about people who have done bad things and don't deserve defending. It's about people who are being attacked perhaps unfairly but my point is you can actually make things worse for the person you're defending. You can bring more attention on them for no reason
3. And so often I have seen how someone defends a friend/colleague get conflated with the person they're defending so much that people wrongly thing that person has used the same arguments to defend themselves.
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15 Oct
1. I see some people talking about organizing to impact the ratings of NBC's town hall. It's none of my business but please focus your time on other things.. If you don't want to watch, don't watch but don't think you can have an impact organizing.

Here's why...
2. First, Biden is appearing on ABC which doesn't have any cable partners. Trump is appearing on NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, and Telemundo (same treatment Biden got in early October).

It's true, ratings aren't calculated like they were 20 years ago...
3. Any numbers put out will include digital and viewers in the first 24 hours but also overnight metered markets which will come out tomorrow morning and then more final ratings in the afternoon aka live plus same day.
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14 Oct
1. What an offensive tweet filled with lies @stacyfrancis.

Scientology, the criminal cult you and @kirstiealley both enable, has lost support because people have begun to wisen up about how dangerous it is.

How dare you talk about @tamronhall and @LeahRemini this way. Image
2. And don't you dare diminish my defense of @tamronhall @LeahRemini by saying they're my friends. You know I would be saying this regardless

@stacyfrancis, you & @kirstiealley through your support of COS are destroying people's lives. Bankrupting people & tearing families apart
3. @stacyfrancis, you say in your tweet that you believe in Jesus Christ...you know that COS prohibits that. You know the policy written by LRH on July 4, 1962 prohibits beliefs in other faiths. And you know that LRH's policies are not open to interpretation.
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13 Oct
1. This video of a cougar "escorting" a hiker is going around & most people are just tweeting out the part where she's behaving aggressively

What's missing is the part where he approached her kittens/cubs

Also want to use this opportunity to talk about safety around large cats
2. I apologize if I sound sanctimonious in this thread, it's not my intention. I spend a lot of time in the bush in Africa and around wildlife...it's my life's passion. So I just care about this stuff a lot...I truly don't mean to sound like a jerk.
3. The reason I used the term "escorting" in the first tweet is because that's what she's doing. That cougar is trying to push away someone she believes to be a threat to her cubs/kittens. She wants to get him out of the area. Her intention is not to kill him or even injure him.
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11 Oct
1. Some very sad news. Another ranger has been killed in the line of duty in my beloved Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Deogene is the 14th ranger killed this year while doing his job: protecting the park and the wildlife that live in it.
2. These days we call a lot of people heroes but the men and women who serve as rangers in Virunga are, without a doubt, heroes. They know their chances of being injured/killed are very high yet they show up every day to do their part.

Over 170 have been killed in recent years.
3. A ranger told me the reason he was a ranger was because he β€œwanted to protect the gorillas who are our neighbors”

During this pandemic, Virunga rangers have continued to protect the mountain gorillas from poachers as well as Covid

All while wearing masks in the humid jungle
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11 Oct
1. I've now seen over a dozen viral tweets misrepresenting Hunter Biden's work with the World Food Programme.

Hunter Biden served on the board of World Food Program USA from 2011-2017...he was chairman from 2011-2015.

The World Food Programme is what won the Nobel not WFP USA
2. This is not to take away from the work Hunter Biden did for WFP USA

But WFP USA is essentially a feeder foundation into the WFP. It raises money in the US and gives grants to the World Food Programme which is a $7.2 billion program.

It contributes a small % of the budget
3. The most WFP USA gave to the World Food Programme during Hunter Biden's time on the board was in 2011...the total grants that year represented .3% (less than 1%) of the overall World Food Programme budget which is over $7 billion annually.
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