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16 Oct, 13 tweets, 3 min read
(Not sure this will get through)
I have an acquaintance, he is an unusual person, extremely high functioning autistic, computer engineer, intrusion expert.
I asked him a few weeks ago to look into classes being online and possible routes of exploitation.
We wanted to confirm if perverts were able to hack into different video classes that schools were requiring students to participate in. They are, and not just that.
He was able to get into various school systems across the country and watch classes being given, not only seeing the classroom but seeing into the individual students' homes. It is a very bad idea to have the "classroom computer" in a child's bedroom.
If you are logged on as a parent you see your child, other children, and the teacher. What you don't see is another hundred set of eyes watching your child. These programs and software were hastily put together and are filled with weakness making it easy to gain access.
Another area he showed me was "exercise bicycles" and "fitness mirrors". Peloton is a prime example and one that was most easily accessed. The camera can be turned on for "video chatting"
At any time, it has less security than your phone.
He was able to pull up numerous video clips of people working out, disrobing, more intimate activities,
And so on. Many people seem to have mounted exercise mirrors in their bedrooms 🙄, although I have no idea how that one person works out with so many clothes on the floor
you can't see the carpet.
This is new technology and the companies are in a rush to be the first big name and they are putting safety and Security behind everything else. If you have one of these I would suggest you put a cover over the camera when it's not in use.
It is only a matter of time, just like Alexa and Siri, before law enforcement would exploit any cameras inside your home. The doj in Baltimore, RR, has already drawn up paperwork to cover this for search warrants. "If you placed a camera in your home
you have no expectation of privacy". "And it will be exploited for the safety of the officers entering and for prosecution."
In essence, their search warrant will cover any electronic devices inside your home period and they need any flimsy, or outright lie, of an excuse
To obtain a surveillance warrant. Just remember, anything they do that is unfair or flat out illegal will be excused if you plea guilty, and they will force you to plead guilty to cover their crimes.
If you have children attending virtual classrooms or if you've brought any of these devices into your home please respect your own privacy and safety. They are already being exploited and not to your benefit 🙏🙏🙏
Thanks for asking 👍 He's a nice enough guy,very gifted, sometimes he "gets full" (his term) and has to stop working for a while. Luckily for me he works cheap👍 He works for square pizza(ellios), he can't stand round pizza 👍

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11 Oct
Now they are using this technique and flat out murdering people. In terrorism, fear is the weapon, control is the goal.
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8 Oct
Says the POS who FABRICATED, PLANTED, and ALTERED, evidence to hide his, and others, crimes. You specifically chose chil-d por-n with girls the same age as Sharyl Attkisson's daughter, at that time, and planted it on her husband's computer. Not only to charge
Him with possession of it, gaining leverage over Ms. Atkisson for Obama/Holder, but to taint any jury and public opinion into thinking he molested his own daughter. "Since he likes girls that age".
While at the same time covering up 'judge' Sullivan raping his own
Granddaughter, for years, and forcing his son to take the blame so he could "handle it as a judge".
I have prayed mightily to protect that girl, and I have kept her out of it. She is a nasty vile person and extremely difficult to deal with. Exactly what you would expect
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2 Oct
Let's see if I can get this straight. The President flies around the country meeting thousands of people Non-Stop during the worst of the COVID outbreak. And never contracts Covid. People in his administration have tested positive here and there,but again, The President is fine🙏
And now, just one day AFTER being in the same room with Joe Biden. Biden, who was definitely wearing some type of "equipment", The President, First Lady, and Ms. Hicks ALL come down with COVID at the same time? Even though we know The President has HCQ?
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26 Sep
CCIPS who is still being used in Baltimore. If someone is arrested CCIPS is used illegally against all their family, friends, and associates, together information against the defendant and if anything is found they claim an anonymous source or someone ratted out someone else.
I have now had it confirmed that the CCIPS system has been used by bad actors against Kim Klacik, her staff, friends, family, associates, and those supporting her campaign.
Information obtained illegally in this manner has been handed over to associates of her opponent.
They were looking for any negative information of course but specifically information they could use against her in any debate.
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25 Sep
Igor Danchenko, now that the "big reveal" has happened, let's recap what was going on briefly.
Robert Mueller has known and been in contact with Danchenko since well before any of this began.
As I have mentioned the FBI/Mueller involvement with this person
goes back to the FBI operation called ghost stories. Image
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25 Sep
The FBI, furthering their "only white people are violent/white supremacist" rhetoric, or using newly allocated funds, funds due to the riots in the streets, and are setting up task forces to fight violent White supremacists.
So far this includes 1% of motorcycle clubs and any ethnically white group including Italian groups, Irish groups, Etc.
These groups are being targeted not because they've done anything wrong but because they have assets and money that can be seized and for the propaganda value.
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