We really showed Ifeanyi what this protest is made of. He ran back into the State House and an army tanker blocked the entrance
We did not pull any stops. We refused to be respectful while these people gaslight us & refuse to end police violence #EndSARS #QueerNigerianLivesMatter
First of all let me just say that those of you that think you can continue your oppression in these protests are mistaken. Today, I was heckled by my fellow protesters. An effeminate man protesting w/ me was mocked. They shouted “End Homo” at us #EndSARS #QueerNigerianLivesMatter
They tried to intimate me into lowering my banner.
One girl told me to my face that this isn't what we're protesting so I asked her “So the police should keep killing us? Our own lives don't matter?”
A group of guys shouted “See this homo” at me #EndSARS #QueerNigerianLivesMatter
Obviously, it's not the first time that word has been used against me but brave of them to think they can shame me for something I have declared for myself, and owned with pride for years now. I just shouted Queer Lives Matter at them. #EndSARS #QueerNigerianLivesMatter
Another one told I and @vicw0nder that she agrees that “every life matters” but this is a different issue.
Again I asked her if she just wants us to keep dying. Do these people not understand that the police is killing us queer people especially?#EndSARS #QueerNigerianLivesMatter
Anyway, I met other queer people. I existed publicly, unapologetically, in defence of myself and my community against police brutality.
We also dragged Ifeanyi by his last edges. There is revolutionary current in Enugu just waiting to see light. #EndSARS #QueerNigerianLivesMatter
First of all, when we got to State House, he didn't try that bullshit of sending the deputy he did befor. He came himself. The reactionary NANS leadership reps tried to do their ass kissing there, we changed it for them and told them to shut up. #EndSARS #QueerNigerianLivesMatter
The person doing the introduction finished speaking. He then said, “Okay let's let our daddy talk to us,” we shouted NOOOO, he's not our daddy. I shouted “We are your employers” and people started shouting that. Phew. We are not your kids abeg. #EndSARS #QueerNigerianLivesMatter
So....Ifeanyi now collect open mic o. He started giving speech. He said Enugu is in the hands of God.
PS: That slogan is plastered all over Enugu.
We shouted NOOOO.
Someone said, “It's in your hands” and we started chanting “It's in your hands.” #EndSARS #QueerNigerianLivesMatter
We chanted it repeatedly. You should have seen it. It was beautiful. He had to stop talking. When we were done, he said more stuff & then asked to talk to a leader. Unfortunately for him there was no celebrity to come & deradicalize our protest. #EndSARS #QueerNigerianLivesMatter
We started chanting “No side talk, no side talk.”
He tried to explain why he needs to speak to a rep, we started booing. The way we weren't budging, he retreated. We started shouting SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! And booing him. He was shooketh. #EndSARS #QueerNigerianLivesMatter
He retreated into the State House & Army tanker came and stood between us and the gate (We were far from the gate o). The tanker started moving towards us to push us back & we all started sitting on the pavement. The tanker went back and packed. #EndSARS #QueerNigerinLivesMatter.
The Enugu protests today really gave me so much hope for this country. Last Tuesday, I called out a handle for claiming celebrities lead the protest here when they actually held the radicality of our protest back. See? #EndSARS #QueerNigerianLivesMatter

WE WILL WIN✊🏿✊🏿🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈

• • •

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More from @Kayode__ani

15 Oct
We're launching The Queer Union For Economic & Social Transformation(@QUEST9ja)
QUEST is a coalition of queer radicals committed to fighting for ECONOMIC & SOCIAL JUSTICE by
1.Sustaining our demands for the end of police brutality against queer Nigerians #QueerNigerianLivesMatter
2. Organizing social action, through marches, protests and social media campaigns to end all discriminatory laws that affect queer people in Nigeria

3. Organizing to halt the continuing deterioration of Nigeria into a homophobic neofascist police state. #QueerNigerianlivesmatter
4. Organizing for mass action against injustice against the most marginalized of us. The disabled, poor, neurodivergent, etc.

We want a transformed society free of police violence, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, & all other forms of state violence. #QueerNigerianLivesMatter
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10 Jun
What men refer to as female privilege is literally oppression.
They use custody as eg as if women aren't saddled w/ all the childcare while men get to advance their careers
Men don't know their children's teacher, doctor, class, allergies but custody court shows female privilege?
They will talk of women getting promoted with bottom power as if getting sexually assaulted is a privilege, & as if the boss who is doing the promoting isn't a man.
If not for how capitalism oppresses women, why is there always a male boss to sexually abuse a woman for promotion?
They will talk about how women can slap a man and nothing will happen meanwhile women are overwhelmingly the victims of domestic violence. 50 thousands women die every year from domestic violence. That number isn't for all femicides, just for those that die from domestic violence
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8 Jun
Few days back I was accused of being an attention seeker for my display name. Its also the same thing in school, and from so claimed well meaning people who feel that queer people should shut up & hide. I can not see it as anything other than the desire to shut us up & hide us.
You don't care about queer people if you go around calling people who are openly queer attention seekers. Not because it's false — I am indeed an attention seeker(more on this later) — but because you say it in a way that shames queer people for being visible in non queer spaces.
You make it a question of if we should comfortably be there, & in the same vein pass culpability of homophobic violence onto us.
I wasn't attacked because I refused to ‘stay one place’. I was attacked because homophobes are violent & will use violence to threaten me into silence.
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27 Sep 19
The LGBT community should be the first place where effiminate men feel safe. It should be a welcome place for all effiminate men. Cause it understands. It should be a place of welcome. A place of solace. But everyday I see strains of femmophobia from gay men & it breaks my heart.
There are the idiots who will literally blame them for how horribly society threats them. Gay men o, people that have experienced homophobia, blaming other men for the homophobia they face. “If only you behave like a man...[insert idiocy]”
The other group are people who think....
....it's funny. Who don't understand what the big deal is.

The police stopped two of my friends this week. Basically this is how it really is. SARS will just stopped them & search them. Confiscate their phones. Force them to open it and even arrest them. Or just cishet men in...
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24 Aug 19
Dangote literally has a 13.2billion Naira yacht.
And a 45 million Dollar Bombardier jet.
And we all know how he's making all that money.
Starvation wages to Dangote workers in Zambia. And union busting to subvert collective bargaining.
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