Eli Lake attempts to pretend his entire career for the last three years has been making insinuations about unmasking and ... it's comedy gold.

Eli starts by saying that the investigation into Trump -- the only fully public version of which, SSCI, screams GRAVE CI THREAT over and over -- fizzled out.
Eli, who has been the PRIMARY PROMOTER of this scandal since 2017, blames Trump for pushing it.

Why does Eli Lake want to disappear Eli Lake's last three years?
Here, Eli says that unmasking became a "mini-scandal" one to which he has dedicated 3 years of his life, because of the leak abt Flynn's calls to Ignatius, rewriting HIS OWN HISTORY.
[The first incarnation of the unmasking scandal that Eli has been chasing was started by Devin Nunes leaking about the unmasking of those talking to Bibi Netanyahu to ... Eli Lake.]
Here Eli is pretending this "mini-scandal" started in May, when he has been chasing it since early 2017.
Also, by "likely," Eli means, "physically impossible."

But Eli may not know these details that well.
This one is particularly hilarious. Eli claims that the reason why Flynn's efforts to undermine sanctions imposed bc Russia had attacked us in an attempt to help Trump win were a scandal was bc Flynn went to the RT gala.
Here, Eli, the chief propagandist floating the unmasking faux-scandal, says those who inflated it did a bad thing.
Nowhere in this does he admit that he has written about this.

And nowhere does he give his mea culpa that he has demanded from others.

He's just going to pretend his entire last 3 year career did not exist.
Eli, who says those bad people inflaming this unmasking scandal did a bad thing, also says people who point out his own complicity should be thanking him.

• • •

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17 Oct
Glenn Greenwald cites a report that complains that Facebook's monopoly position makes it more likely that misinformation like he's peddling with go viral to argue it was wrong for Facebook to try to limit it from going viral.

Reminder, these boys claim to be outraged that the POST article had its viral tendencies limited, not the raw data. They can't even keep their complaints straight anymore. Image
Here's what the report that Glenn thinks helps him says about one problem with Facebook's monopoly: Propaganda -- which the Post story definitely is -- goes viral. ImageImage
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16 Oct
Glenn, once again, making shit up, claiming people criticized Maggie for MENTIONING the NYP story.

No, the criticized her for TREATING IT CREDULOUSLY.

[Note, Glenn says there's no reason no reason at all!! to doubt the authenticity of these emails]

The Intercept, of course, has a security expert @micahflee has, in the past, done very good work pointing out the problems w/election year stories, but he's busy writing wrong-on-the-law wrong-on-the-facts pieces misrepresenting the case against Assange.

@micahflee Help me out here.

Isn't The Intercept every bit a beneficiary of Section 230 as Facebook?
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14 Oct
This CNN piece on the Mystery Appellant is great. And congrats to them on pulling it together over NYT, which has been chasing it too.

But there's a piece missing.
A few missing pieces.

First, Billy Barr's comments at Hillsdale almost certainly refer to this case.


PARTICULARLY given Billy's emphasis on overriding line prosecutors, that suggests there was more of a fight over this.
The other thing is timing: Good reason to question whether this got closed in advance of the reprocessing of the Mueller Report. Under the rules Reggie Walton was adopting, it's not clear they could have hid it beyond then.
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14 Oct
I think it's a good time to reflect on what Trump has done with gaming criminal accountability, because he's likely to try the same approach with November 3.
With every single aspect of criminal investigations (or even suits) into him, he tries to win normally, then when that inevitably fails, he breaks all existing norms to avoid criminal accountability.
Mueller Investigation? Bribe EVERYONE with pardon dangles (if you haven't read SSCI on the crazy claims made under JDA, do), then let the investigation work out, then lie and do crazy things to eliminate it. Eg, Trump has fired most people who started that.
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Reupping: The Desperation of the Jeffrey Jensen Investigation Already Made Clear that John Durham Won't Indict

Jeffrey Jensen is fairly CLEARLY picking up what Durham and Bash refused.

The stuff his investigation has put out is EITHER painfully ignorant of the evidence they're examining, or just inventing shit. And there's good reason to believe it's hte latter.
Jensen did an interview with an FBI Agent who SHOULD have credibility and left him sounding like a Fox News talk show host. That is, the Jensen investigation LOOKS like what Barr wanted.

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Grateful to @joshgerstein and @KlasfeldReports for their continued live-tweeting of ACB hearings while the rest of us try to beat back the latest Russian disinformation.
@joshgerstein @KlasfeldReports @fordm I forgot to include @nycsouthpaw among those doing really good live-tweeting of the Barrett hearing while the rest of us chase distractions.
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