The Senate isn’t passing covid relief until after the election because if Biden wins and Dems take the Senate, they will want to fuck up the economy as much as possible to hamper Biden’s ability to do anything besides react to the crisis they created.
If Trump wins and the GOP holds the Senate, they’ll pass a comprehensive package on November 5th.
If Trump loses and the GOP holds the Senate, they won’t pass anything. At all.
For the record, by “comprehensive” I mean, “sufficiently comprehensive that the stock market won’t tank,” not “will actually help the people who need it most.”

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17 Oct
The bonkers and lopsided Colorado turnout has another implication: Colorado Dem GOTV will be able to focus on the people who haven’t voted yet like lasers.

GOP? Not so much.
(If you’re not from here: the state releases a list of who has voted.)
Turnout is usually high in Colorado (80% in 2016) because it’s so easy to vote, so it’s hard to have a turnout advantage.
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16 Oct
I think that these words would only make sense to someone who did not go through the party realignment in 1964. It’s easy to forget that Justice Stevens, the leader of the liberal wing of the Court for decades, was a Republican.
A lot of people from that era would have seen going against party platforms as an *intensely* political act. There were a lot of people who continued to identify as Republicans because they thought the GOP had lost its way and they wanted to bring it back.
It feels less to me like “he wasn’t in lockstep with the party” but “the party shifted around him and he publicly tried to move it back.”
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16 Oct
I love when people think they’ve caught you in... something... and thread one is like “wow, civility is a tool of white supremacy” and thread two is like, “wow, everyone calling for civility is trying to kills us, how about you start being civil by not killing us.”
”OH, so you called for the civility of NOT KILLING YOU two years ago! ho ho ho it seems as if you really DO care about civility.”
Based on my menchies, people are BIG MAD that white women don’t get to lie about why they got turned down for articles.
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15 Oct
I wish people would also have the takeaway, “the rules depend on circumstance, and six feet of distance isn’t enough if you’re exercising, and also you need to mask up if you’re indoors, period.”

I note that it says they were masking “before and after“ classes, and look, the six foot distance assumes you’re not doing things like breathing hard or singing.

There’s a color-coded chart here that explains it:…
It’s not “six feet and you’re safe.”

It depends on what you are doing.
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15 Oct
Hey y’all. A brief thread about this.

Some of you have already seen this story.

(CW for domestic violence.)

A part of this story I haven’t told yet: At the time, I was still working at Seattle University as a law professor. I got an email from my sister asking for help, and... I kind of freaked out. I had no idea what to do, where to start, where to go.
But. What I did know was that
(1) I was going to help my sister, so help me god, and
(2) I needed to talk to someone who understood what was going on.
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15 Oct
This is example #1872 of what I mean when I say that civility is a weapon of white supremacy.
1) White woman explicitly states that she read the requirements that made it clear they were looking for pieces from non-white women, and says, “I don’t think they apply to me.”
2) The woman reviewing her submission responds by reiterating that they had set a hard boundary, and says it is offensive for her to transgress it.
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