Wise words
“The United Kingdom has fallen. There has been a right wing coup in this country... . And nobody noticed. We did not notice because it was years in the making. We did not notice because when it came, it came in a blonde wig and a mask of buffoonery.
We did not notice because it lied to us and hid its true intent. We did not notice because the foreign manipulation was hidden from us and continues to be hidden from us. We did not notice, because the lies when they were discovered were hidden by more lies,
until lack of truth became normal and acceptable. We didn't notice because it appealed to our basest nature. It cried racist, it cried xenophobe, it falsified a threat to our way of life and blamed others. We did not notice because we accepted all the promises and lies
And now we cannot admit to our gullibility.
Make no mistake it has been moving steadily and stealthily. Have you not noticed how Parliament has been emasculated and how decisions are now taken by a few in a closed room?
Have you noticed how the judiciary is being sidelined? Have you noticed how the media are controlled & access to news is restricted? The #BBC merely mouths faceless #government sources and the papers howl racist #xenophobic and #government-fed lies?
Have you noticed how the police, under cover of COVID, are being encouraged gradually to interfere more and more in our lives? Have you noticed how we are being encouraged to report 'unsocial behaviour' in our neighbour's?
Have you noticed how the impartial Civil Service is being packed with yes men and gov cronies? Committee after committee is rigged with #gov-friendly sympathisers. Even now a review of the Armed Services is underway.
Have you noticed how every means of objection or complaint is being stealthily closed? Have you noticed the intention to lower food standards, animal & environmental standards and abandon the guarantees of our basic human rights?
Have you noticed how measures trumpeted as keeping foreigners out, actually make it harder for US to leave? Finally have you noticed how the government is engineering circumstances under which everyone's lives will be so much harder
& under which we will have so much more to worry about than complain about our #govt?
Meanwhile the rape and asset- stripping of the country has already begun, with million-pound contracts awarded to cronies with no apparent expertise, siphoning money from the public purse.
to the private pocket and delivering nothing.
It may already be too late but surely the time has come to cry enough! To stand up against the lies, the manipulation, the takeover of our Society.
This #government does not govern for the people; this government is governing for itself.
It has become an enemy of the people, its actions are treasonous. Surely it is time to demand better, time to TAKE BACK CONTROL.”
From Mike Carter

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13 Oct
Experts warn of a “privacy crisis” as track and trace data sold off to #companies
Small print terms are allowing some companies to farm off data to marketers, credit companies and insurance brokers.
Jack Peat by Jack Peat October 12, 2020in News
Legal experts are warning of a “privacy crisis” after it was revealed the companies collecting track and trace data for pubs and restaurants are selling on data to marketers, credit companies and insurance brokers.
According to a Times investigation there has been a rise in companies exploiting QR barcodes to take names, addresses, telephone numbers and email details before passing them on to companies.
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13 Oct
Jon Danzig
Cross-party group of #MPs join Good Law Project legal action


The Government is keeping billions of pounds worth of #COVID-19 contracts hidden from view, writes Jolyn #Maugham, QC, director of the Good Law Project.
We know that the Department of Health and Social Care has awarded more than £11billion worth of contracts to private companies.

[More details: drive.google.com/f…/d/1ne_ChWpXgy1fI_9wuscBZ_A6_5ncOFtV/view]
Yet they have failed to publish the details of contracts worth more than £3 billion. What has that money been spent on?
Who has it been spent with?
The law requires the Government to publish details of contracts within 30 days of the award.
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Mark Strawbridge
Let's face it: #Starmer is a fake opposition Leader & is rapidly going about turning the whole of the #Labour Party into a pointless force. That's Starmer's direct instructions; to weaken his own Party to the point where it can no longer affect "politics".
He's a #Tory, of course, & those who voted him in are either naive or scabs. A lot of red team vs blue team is based on "anyone but the #tories".
This normalises unnecessary death as liberal centre ground commonsense (war, trading in futures/famine, trading in arms, austerity, public health failures, institutionalj racism, unelected second house, old school tie domination of our state media, 5 billionaire press barons,
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Emilia Gustavsson Eriksson
This is my mom. Last Friday night she saw two young guys at age 20 kicking and pulling a 17 year old girl hair and she screamed and they sat over her and tried to pull her clothes off. Mom then ran there and pushed the guys away
and one guy beat everything he had against mom but she stood up and pulled him down on the ground as well as the other guy, then mom took this girl and ran everything they had for my moms car & called the police.
I'm so proud of my amazing mother who dares to step up and stop this rape. I mean what if they had some kind of weapon on them or something similar. There should be more like her, who dare to take the leap and courage to help ❤️
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13 Oct
The Ragged Trousered Philanderer
Two #Tory ministers award each other millions in money that was meant to go to help the most deprived areas.
The money was from a £3.6bn towns fund to be shared between 101 'left-behind areas.'
However according to a survey published by citymetric, #RobertJenrick's constituency of #Newark is ranked 465 out of 650 constituencies for deprivation. Jake #Berry's constituency of #Rossendale and #Darwen is ranked 258.
Jenrick was caught out ealier this year in a scheme where he granted planning permission for a developement to sleazebag billionaire Richard Desmond after Desmond had given a 'donation' to the Tories.

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TUFTON STREET AND NEWS INTERNATIONAL ACTIONSShow that Extinction Rebellion is Evolving
Stephen Colegrave talks to co-founder of the Writer’s Rebel group, Jessica Townsend, about their shifting strategy and where XR is heading next
Jessica Townsend joined Extinction Rebellion (XR) early on and was present at the declaration and the first rebellion. Originally, she didn’t intend to become an environmental activist but was writing her first novel after a career in screenwriting.
Her book is set in 2030 and, as part of her research, she looked into climate change. She was so dismayed at what she discovered she decided to join XR.
Jessica Townsend (centre) preparing for the Writers’ Rebel action at 55 Tufton Street
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