here we go this thread won't be too funny but will fill you with healthy adrenaline-producing rage

this is Mieke Haeck
Mieke Haeck’s husband is Ezra Nanes
Ezra Nanes is a wannabe Democratic politician who ran for the Pennsylvania Senate in 2018 but lost
They have a 10 year old daughter and an 8 year old SON who probably looks up to his older sister and his parents are gaslighting him into being a girl because he's fucking 8 and has no clue beyond making his parents smile
It’s almost certain that Mieke getting to ask this question was set up by the Democratic party so that she could ask this specific question about transgender rights for 8 year olds and Biden could give this answer
Watch the video again, Biden is looking away while she’s asking the question, as if listening to his earpiece. It's been set up for him to give his prepared answer.
The Democrats and Joe Biden wanted to express support for transgender 8 year olds because the Democrats and Joe Biden think supporting transgender 8 year olds is a political winner
it wasn’t a gaffe or a mistake. this is what they Actually Believe


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15 Oct
who are the people within twitter and facebook who made the decision to block the NY Post link?

it happened way too fast to have gone up to Zuck and/or Jack personally

are the FB & twitter community standards people just a bunch of Clowns?
i'm just some guy i know nothing but if i were a deep state propaganda [c]ontrol organ[i]z[a]tion i feel very sure that i would go to great lengths to make damn sure i had many many people employed in the censorship departments at Facebook and Twitter
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14 Oct
this story is obviously real and very damaging because every shill Democrat account on twitter is furiously attacking the outlet that published it rather than acknowledging any of the substance
Democrats: "Calling these emails and photos a 'smoking gun' is a lie because as anyone can see Hunter is clearly pictured here smoking a crack pipe, there is no gun"
how can you expect to lead a country when you can't even lead your own son away from the crack pipe?

corruption totally aside, if you have a son who is a well-known crack smoker then you are a fuck up of a parent, it's that simple
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11 Oct
I strongly suspect that "hiring" this antifa "security guard" was just a deniable way for 9NEWS to pay antifa protection money and keep their cameramen from being hassled
a news cameraman cannot just wade into the antifa protest without "protection" because antifa go to great pains to control the message and expend significant effort to keep certain actions and faces out of video footage
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4 Oct

All Journalists Are Bastards
i'm not saying that all journalists are automatically bastards

I'm saying only bastards become successful at journalism
to be a successful journalist means you have to fake empathy and get people to trust you and open up to you so that you can later passive-aggressively savage them in print
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3 Oct
if you're friendly with journalists and leak them information you are consorting with Satanists, it's that simple
the only acceptable reason to communicate with journalists is because you plan to publicly humiliate them

get on my level:
Amanda Robb reported me to the FBI over this prank and told them I was "potentially dangerous". A carload of FBI agents came to my house to talk about it, but luckily they just thought it was hilarious.

I regret nothing.
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1 Oct
Bottom line: Any election result other than a clear Trump victory will be because of fraud.

There will be fraud Democrat ballot harvesting and fraud Democrat ballot box stuffing and fraud Democrat throwing out of GOP votes.
There will be fraud because the seditionists in the media are liars and gaslighting good Americans into believing them.

There will be fraud because refugee Somalis and Eritreans etc etc etc are fraudulent Americans.
Any election "loss" for Trump in light of all this obvious sedition is clearly fraudulent and implicitly unamerican and as such cannot be accepted by patriots.
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