Today, the Moon meets the Sun at 23° Libra.
At face value, this seems like a time to make way for the ‘new’, but this is deeper than aesthetic.
The new Moon asks us to recognise the intensity of life through the axes we exist upon.

This is a time to acknowledge that the material plane we live and move through holds a lot more for us than we experience through our senses. Our reality is a reflection of self and to change our physical environment, we must work to change certain parts of ourselves first.
Libra is represented by the scales, and just like the scales require balance, so do we. With the New Moon tightly squaring Pluto, we have to understand that to acquire balance in our lives, we must first change the negative parts of us imbedded in our ego that stem from the past.
We cannot look to the future without first taking the tools the past provides us with. This allows us to build the steps we want to take, reaching the aspirations we hold.
Time is of importance here, because the way we utilise time reflects the value we hold of self...
If you find yourself giving too much energy away in your commitments, then now is the time to reflect upon what exactly it is you choose to commit yourself to. What is taking you away from reaching your highest potential? What needs to be let go of, to make room for the...
Things you want to bring into your life?

With the Sun/Moon squaring Saturn & Jupiter too, it is of utmost importance that the action you take is rooted in positive intention. The cycles you continue to repeat will only diminish you, done by no ones hand but your own.
Harmony can be attained from utilising the challenges life throws at you, not allowing yourself to wallow and wilt but recognising each obstacle as a moment of expansion through conscious awareness.

Ruminate on the environments you find yourself in.
Ask yourself what you’re doing there, how the people around you affect you and what you truly gain from them. If you fail to provide yourself enough reason, this is the time to let go.

We are no longer living in a time where we can ignore the actions we take...
Especially when they are detrimental to our well-being. No longer are we reliant on others to bring us the gifts of life we yearn for.
This is about you, recognising that life is a reflection of Spirit. You can choose to make it easier, dedicating yourself to your progression.
So take better action. Journal, lay out your aspirations clearly in front of you. Recognise the changes your routine needs, as each micro action reflects the macro field. What is the bigger picture you see when you think of the future?
Make time for self. Start removing the chains you find yourself bound by, acknowledging that the keys can be found by simply searching within.
If you found this thread helpful, tips are appreciated.

I’m also taking on bookings for November, DM or email me for a chart consultation!



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1 Oct


Tonights Full Moon in Aries happens at 9 degrees, bringing with it the impulse to break free from limiting patterns of behaviour stored within our bodies that have been collected from past experience.

This time reflects self-preservation.

What does self-preservation mean?

Acknowledging the space between birth and death, understanding that the experiences you go through require you to take on learning that enables you to constantly move forward in life until death happens.

Bleak, but one of life’s necessities.
This Full Moon is conjunct Chiron as it opposes the Sun in Libra at the 9th degree, forming another conjunction to Mars before it reaches Taurus.

Essentially, it is a time for us to recognise where actualisation is needed through reflection of the traumas suffered in our past.
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16 Sep

This time calls for you to affirm your sense of identity and be conscientious of each action you take. You are being called to recognise what commitments you’re tied into and see which ones you need to unravel from that take you away from your time.

This is to bring yourself to a space where you can freely be you in ultimate capacity, even when you’re not alone.

We are also being called to acknowledge where we need to apply caution with how much we give away, to those who cannot perceive us in the capacity we crave.

This can be tough and when faced with making this move, don’t fight the hesitancy that comes with it. Allow yourself to question, to think. This is part of what being present is; recognising your intentions regarding your environment to provide the best emotional response.

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13 Sep
Jupiter has finally stationed direct, after spending its time retrograde in Capricorn since May 14.

With it’s time there, we collectively had to look into the places we put our belief and where our faith lies.
Now it’s direct, it’s time to find the practice that works for you.
What keeps you going in your darkest times? Where do you look for answers that seem unexplainable?

What practice have you/want to put into place that allows for these answers and enables your trust in the universe??
Jupiter in Capricorn tests our ability to use the powers of the divine in our everyday lives. The practice you set now allows you to trust in the workings of the universe & what challenges it allows you to grow expeditiously from.
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6 Sep
Now this? A very, difficult placement, yet a blessed one. The native here has to understand a lot of their experiences will be conflicted - they’ll experience “blessings” in all forms, but they have to discern how it came to them. Things like who it was handed to them by,

How they change based on what the ‘blessing’ is and especially what potential futures it creates for them having this. A lot of the natives gain, especially material, needs to be authentic or the native suffers a loss that affects their body and overall sense of self.

It can completely deplete them and make them spiral and indulge unnecessarily in what isn’t right for them, because they feel misunderstood in their connections with others.

When they’ve mastered this though and do what is right they’ll naturally receive blessings that

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3 Sep
Energy Update - 03/09

Mars forms a T-square with Venus as she opposes Saturn, taking a huge toll on the already heavy tension we have in understanding our relations with others and our responses to our environment.

Mars forcefully pushes Venus to compromise her needs…

for him while Saturn reinforces anxieties in the decisions of life we have not yet received clarity for. Where we feel compelled to take action but have not decided on the best route.

Where life gets loud for you during this time, it’s best for you to find silence.

This is to avoid being an accomplice in the conflicting energy September brings us. Too much of your energy has been used unnecessarily already, so preserving what you have left is a wise move.
As Mars slows down to station retrograde and solidifies his square to Saturn..

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2 Sep
The Pisces Full Moon on 02/09 signifies releasing yourself from the contracts of your most intense relationships, while preserving your values through memories attached to experience.

These inherent patterns within your relationships are manifested in your external experience..
Because they’ve ingrained themselves in your body. This Full Moon calls for an exposé of everything behind your reactions with others around you today.

Through all this strain and build up of tension, this is where you let go of all the responses to your environment that...
Now come with hesitancy. Those that make you immediately ask:

“Is this worth it?”

This where you let yourself say no. You step back with grace, but allow yourself to recognise where it could’ve gone. That same place is where you’ve been before, and is now best avoided.
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