The secret of Fist of the North Star is that around the point Kenshiro meets Jagi, well into the series, the editor takes the wheel on the story and effectively elevates it from Awesome to All-Time Legendary Classic You'll Cry
All the licensed FOTNS stuff, the video games, the friggin' slot machines, they concentrate on this specific part of the story. The 2000s movies were a remake of this part only. The arc after it (FOTNS2) gets overly caught up in reminiscing about how good the previous villain was
So if you've seen the start of FOTNS and the memes and stuff, or the old movie, you remember it as this camp thing. But if you *finish* FOTNS it becomes something else entirely.
Also, none of the remakes, spinoffs, or games come close to living up to the original. The Souther movie is close. The Raoh movies bog themselves down, again, with how much they love Raoh

• • •

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More from @sasuraiger

20 Jul
LRT: As a fighting game player with ADHD I have quite a bit of experience with the intersection.

Study and practice are hard: every new idea sweeps you away and before you know it you've been practicing the wrong thing for an hour and a half.
My mental focus is so flighty that I can space out mid-set. Maybe for two matches at a time. We all have to manage our focus but, to visualize it in video game terms...

my brain's golf game power meter swings way too fast
Those moments of "hyper focus" are great, but they're random. You can't count on them. It's a really similar thing to artistic inspiration (see also: making Kawaiikochans).
Read 5 tweets
11 Dec 19
It's up! My piece about where Smash Brothers' mechanics are influenced by SNK games-- particularly KOF-- is up on @polygon!
@Polygon The thought process for this piece was of course spurred by Sakurai's stories about playing KOF '95 in the arcades. That set off a chain of realizations in my head as I was *playing* Smash, and pretty soon you had this. SNK's work in FGs is really not credited like it should be.
@Polygon Capcom absolutely laid down a formation and established formats-- and the two companies mutually ripped each other off-- but through sheer amount of output SNK and their devs (cause it's nebulous) came up with a lot of ideas that lasted to the present day. Like even RUNNING.
Read 4 tweets
19 Sep 19
The days of extreme anime scarcity sucked. Got a lot of fun stories to tell, but they sucked. I can fire up any number of services I've got here and the stuff just shows up now. I'd look at you like you were crazy if you told me that 20 years ago.
The "torrent it" decade had its own ways of sucking. 20 groups of nerds fighting to be the first to sub the popular Jump/Sunrise show solely for IRC numbers and online fame.
Streaming has its issues-- namely the over-fragmented future of entertainment-- but for niches like anime it kills. I have CR, Hidive, Jump, and a Prime account I hardly use for anime because the interface is somehow actually that bad
Read 6 tweets
15 Feb 19
The character designs in this game (revolve8) just keep on going
Flipped ahead and they have shut-in Rapunzel who drives her home around with a Saturn controller. This is so high-level
This is, by the way, the same game with idol biker Cinderella.
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7 Feb 19
If a game is gonna break your hands (old “mash to shoot faster” games) you should really err on the side of your hands, not the game.
As mentioned in that thread, jp retro arcades pretty frequently add auto fire buttons to the classics at different speeds from normal to cheat-speed. So long as it’s reasonable, use it
I also feel this way about gamecube controllers btw. beautiful, elegant controller to play resident evil 4 on, but a career of high-speed use beyond what melee designers ever imagined destroys pros' hands. therefore: ~why the hell would I buy it for my switch~
Read 4 tweets
29 Jan 19
When I first went to the arcade to play Street Fighter I got laughed at. That wasn't much, but I went home, I got good. But you shouldn't have to get good to deserve *basic human respect*, which is what horrifies every outsider about game communities
I would have gotten good if I hadn't been "motivated" that way; I could see from the community at the time how far behind I was and I pored every forum and faq and, if I was lucky, video to understand the game.
The invisible loss is everybody who isn't stubborn like me, who didn't grind it out and put up with terrible personalities just to play a game I liked. Those people walked a long time ago.
Read 4 tweets

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