Say hello to horny racist AnCap Bryan Reza!
Bryan lives in Lakewood, Colorado and has harassed participants of Black Lives Matter protests. He was identified after he started flirting with an anti-fascist sock puppet that he mistook for a neo-Nazi.…
This is Bryan's Instagram page @ datleandotjpeg, which he uses to post white supremacist memes, threaten to shoot his former roommate, post photos of his guns, and celebrate Kyle Rittenhouse. Let's jump in.
On Aug 26, Bryan shared an excerpt from an essay published on the white supremacist website American Renaissance. The essay argues for a white-led revolution in the United States on the specious idea that white people have better intellects and temperaments than Black Americans.
Bryan Reza also regularly posts photos of his firearms
Unsurprisingly, Bryan Reza also lauds Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old Trump supporter who shot three Black Lives Matter protesters, killing two of them, after driving from Illinois to Kenosha, Wisconsin with a long rifle.
On August 29th, Bryan Reza shared a meme that argues that every act of violence against anti-racist protesters from the far-right was justified
In a post dated August 24, Bryan Reza shares of video of himself harassing people at a Black Lives Matter event:
Bryan has videos of himself at a number of anti-racist demonstrations in Denver after the killing of George Floyd.
Anarcho-Restraining Order:

Bryan Reza has made a few posts suggesting that his former roommate filed a restraining order against him for threatening to shoot him, and then proceeds to threaten to shoot the roommate for filing the restraining order.
Here is another concerning post Bryan Reza made of this episode:
On 9/2, Bryan Reza began hitting on a neo-Nazi sock puppet account run by an anti-fascist. In the conversation, Bryan reveals his phone number, his address & apartment number, that he moved to Colorado from “Jew York City,” and that he is an electrician:
Here Bryan Reza makes a joke about working for a fictional electrician called Smith & Sons Electric and posts Nazi SS bolts saying it's the company's logo.
He then calls New York City "Jew York City"
And then Bryan Reza tries to have sex with the woman who he thinks is a neo-Nazi
Bryan Reza is an armed white supremacist and is potentially dangerous. He has been seen at a number of anti-racist protests and rides either a motorcycle or a bicycle.
While he may claim to be some sort of Anarchist or anti-statist, he is by no means on our side. AnCaps will always side with the fash because Anarcho-Capitalism is a deeply reactionary ideology.
Now let's have a chat about Anarcho-Capitalism:

Anarcho-Capitalism is a right-wing anti-government ideology that places property rights over human rights and views democracy - or any form of collective decision-making - as an inherent threat to individual liberty.
Anarcho-Capitalists (who use the colors black and yellow) frequently find common cause with fascists due to both groups' opposition to democracy, communism, and so-called "degenerates" like LGBTQIA+ people.
As a result, you will often see Anarcho-Capitalists supporting CIA-backed fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet for his extrajudicial killings of communists, trade unionists, and perceived enemies of the Chilean state.
ex: Anarcho-Capitalist website Liberty Hangout published a piece supporting Hans Herman-Hoppe's position that in order to build a functioning right-wing Libertarian or Anarcho-Capitalist society, proponents of democracy, communism, and homosexuality must be physically removed
Check out our piece about Liberty Hangout on IGD. They are adherents to Hans Herman Hoppe's ideology:…
A core tenet of Anarcho-Capitalist ideology is the homestead principle, which is the right of whites to settle on and claim any land not owned by other whites.
While the homestead principal is rarely presented in this white supremacist fashion, Anarcho-Capitalists never extend the right to settled property to the Indigenous people of Turtle Island, citing a variety of racist excuses.
from Ayn Rand arguing that Indigneous people are not sophisticated enough to understand private property, to Murray Rothbard’s position that giving stolen land back to non-white people is theft.
The Anarcho-Capitalist support of fascism to eliminate political opposition and other objectionable individuals is spoken of honestly by Christopher Chase Rachels of the white supremacist Anarcho-Capitalist blog “Radical Capitalist.”
Anarcho-Capitalism is an oxymoron. Capitalism necessitates the existence of a state to function.

UPDATE: We have confirmed that Bryan's full name is Bryan Parviz Bakonyi
UPDATE: #BackTheBlue supporter @xzqir420 would like to see Bryan blow us down.

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CV frequently whitewashed comrades of color and accused them of perpetuating white supremacy.

Fuck you CV forever you fucking piece of shit.…
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This racist piece of shit had a fucking fashwave Twitter header while pretending to be Black.
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1 - Contact the president of Hohenfels Middle High School and let them know cadet Andrew Brewer is a Nazi

2 - Contact @GeorgeMasonU and let them know that incoming freshman Andrew Brewer is a Nazi

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Shane very likely lives in Louisville, CO and works at Taylor Moving Company

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Contact Taylor Moving Company and ask if they are employing neo-Nazi Proud Boy Shane Reeves

Here's a script:…
Shane is COSA canon. We originally exposed him shortly after he came back to Colorado from participating in the deadly Unite The Right white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia where he went with the Fraternal Order of Alt Knights
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Next Door employees voluntarily pay into the "Family Fund" which they can request financial support from in times of crisis. When COVID hit, Next Door closed locations without pay for their workers. Image
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