Can I forgive ⁦@mattizcoop⁩ for sending me this? Thank you ⁦⁦@meghan_daum⁩ for blocking Wieseltier every time he says one of his truisms is “heretical.”

Reiterating: no one has been canceled till they hit income zero & get job retraining.…
You don’t know illiberalism until Wieseltier postpones a work meeting to 10pm in a hotel lobby, reception says you’re to go up to his room, & in the room he pushes you against the door to assault-“kiss” you. Surprise, when you don’t return his calls, you don’t get the job at TNR
It’s kinda like being pre-canceled.

But later when they’ve never missed a paycheck they’re the ones complaining about cancel culture. It’s all so confusing!
At least they’re the Classical Liberals. And I was just an unemployed uninsured 27yo who thought I was going to a job interview.
The saddest part of the mtg w/Wieseltier is that I truly thought it must mean I was a great thinker if Wieseltier wanted to hear my ideas abt literature & philosophy. But he didn’t. I didn’t have trauma around sexuality but I didn’t think much of my own mind for a long time
And THAT is how the cancelers actually operate. You think you’re up for a job and talented; they show you you’re an object and don’t give you the job.
Then later, if you even have enough money to review your life, you may tweet abt your ideas abt cancel culture. Not a victim statement. Just witness. But if the canceler is shunned in Martha’s Vineyard (or gets “scowls” as LW says he did), he’ll say you’re illiberal & censorious.

• • •

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15 Oct
Just ready this chilling mini-masterpiece by ⁦@fotoole⁩.

Among everything else, O’Toole read Donald Barr’s horrific novel Slave Relations so we don’t have to.…
Written in 1973, Space Relations—race relations, get it—is an long cuck fantasy in which Donald’s “pallid” white proxy Craig fights off Black men who want to rape his aristocratic ladylove. When he wins, he gets to be the Lady’s sex slave. He’s a masochist, so that’s great news.
The book by Donald Barr (who was called an “authoritarian” when fired from Dalton) seems to make the case for authoritarianism.

Actually it celebrates the ecstasy of SUBMISSION to authoritarianism.
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12 Oct
All I hear are complaints about the Barrett hearing. What happened to the People of Praise?
Seems like the Republicans are just going to HAND it to her. She has it MAID.
The senators esp Kennedy who talk about the Deep State don’t seem to be communicating in English. Are they speaking on tongues? Maybe Barrett can interpret.
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12 Oct
About the mystery of anti-maskers.

One theory from the dread field of evopsych is that anorexics, ascetics & hunger strikers are necessary for their tribe because in times of scarcity it’s useful to have some people who are willing to give up their portion. To go hungry.
Could there be a similar animal-tribe purpose served by the anti-mask death cult? Even if they’re also homicidal, they’re mostly infecting the people they socialize with—their own tribe.

Is this herd-thinning in a time of environmental scarcity?
Doctors find anorexics maddening to treat. It seems that all they have to do is swallow food. Likewise hunger striking is a powerful tool.

A possible reason the anti-maskers are so galling to the rest of us is that their habits are so counter-adaptive.
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4 Oct
“The question of when life begins & ends is a tough question. Would you say that the 209k people who died of Covid began to die the first time microbes fr/an unmasked host began to devour their lungs, when they were deprived of Risperdol, when they drank bleach, or another time?”
“Related: Are all of those people in heaven and, it so, is it fine then?”
“We could sort of think of dying from Covid as a ‘trimester’ process. Lemme get Katie Hill’s white board & show your what I mean.”
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4 Oct
“the core point is correct” is power-ese for “I agree with the core point”
Never ever use word “I.” Be an a anonymous transparent eyeball who is the arbiter of truth and lies, correctness and not.
When someone says wait, isn’t that very weird cramped righteous way of talking also an -ese like “wokese”? Answer: No, that is just the CORRECT way to talk. Next question, my disciple
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3 Oct
Germane to @TheAtlantic’s new doc abt white supremacists:

Oprah‘s story of realizing that she was wrong to have neo-Nazis on her show in 1986.

She thought it wd encourage conversation, & finding common ground. No. Turned out tape of the show became a Nazi recruiting tool.
Here’s the story. It’s profound.…
1986. Oprah was already doing deplatforming and abandoning the notion that everyone should get a hearing (and a flight to Chicago, hotel room, & limo to the set).

This recognition of the limits of “free speech” is a version of the principles of European anti-fascism.
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