Remember, Zelensky winning the election in Ukraine in April of 2019 was a big upset.

ALL the State Department & Obama White House players fully expected Poroshenko to keep providing cover for them.

Suddenly ol' Petro wasn't Prez any more.

Aw gee. :(
And what's THAT you say??!!!

President Trump is talking to this new Ukrainian president about finding out where the billions in missing US aid went??!!

NOBODY is supposed to ever know where that money went!!!
They MUST respond to this!




Same day.

April 25, 2019.…
Just FOUR DAYS after Trump congratulated Zelensky with that phone call Biden announces he's running and Hunter resigns from Burisma's board.
Remember, Hunter took that job offered to him FIVE Years previously.

When his dad as Vice President of the United States. The second most powerful man in the US gov't.

When his dad **had** that VP office, it apparently wasn't a problem for him to be on the Burisma board.
But all of a sudden the same day Joe Biden announces he's running, Hunter Biden resigns from a very, VERY lucrative job on a corporate board in Ukraine.

Very strange, eh? :D
If you think Biden & family *kept* all the hundreds of millions of dollars that passed through their hands from all these foreign sources like Ukraine, China, Russia & many other countries, I am **touched** by how naive you are.

That's not how the DC elite graft game is played.
The Biden's didn't keep all the money the same way the Clinton's didn't keep all the money donated to their foundation.

Over TWO THIRDS of the money merely passed through the Biden's hands to other people. They get a cut, but they don't keep it.

Them's the rules.
This is why they're stuck with Biden. The whole point of the Biden candidacy, for which they torched their entire primary process to ensure he won it, is they NEEDED him to be the candidate for when the UkraineGate MOAB'S started dropping.

The entire top of the Democratic Party and even some REPUBLICANS were feasting on this foreign graft.

Biden is there to make the exposure of what they did look like an **ordinary baseless political attack**.

You know I'm right.
They had to simultaneously launch what they knew would be an absurd Biden campaign at the same time they had to quickly engineer the fake whistleblower for the Ukraine impeachment farce.

Those of you who believe this is a close election are falling for the GASLIGHTING.
The corrupt Ukrainians like Poroshenko & Kolomoisky took a big chunk, but for **facilitating** this theft, Obama State Dept. people and White House people took a CUT.

They let corrupt goons in Ukraine steal a BILLION US DOLLARS in return for couple million kicked back to them.
Hunter's job in Ukraine was MONEY LAUNDERING.

That's HOW the Biden's were getting part of their cut.

You're going to see the same pattern emerge over & over.

Biden family member gets handed a contract, a board job, a deal or millions in cash.

It's their CUT.
Money laundering can be done in a lot of different ways.

Book contracts, for instance, as the Mayor of Baltimore got caught doing.

The Biden's weren't even particularly creative about hiding how they were getting the kickbacks.

Keep watching.

17 days.

That last week is going to be IN-SANE.


Hunter Biden business associate has flipped, is cooperating.

Has emails proving the 'big guy' getting 10% of the CCP money from Hunter & Devon Archer's China graft deals was none other than...JOE BIDEN.


If you followed me for the past year, then you know I have several times wondered which would drop FIRST:

UkraineGate [which is now popularly called #BidenGate] or the SpyGate investigation results.

Now we know.

#BidenGate goes first.
It’s not a real campaign and it never has been. He only jumped in out of desperation to cover up his crimes.

Don’t fall for the relentless gaslighting as Democrats & DNC Media try to fool you into believing he’s winning.
The Biden’s did NOT KEEP all the graft money.

Other DC Elite got their cut of it.

This is how they protect & cover up for each other.

Biden gets $10 mil kicked back, he keeps $2 mil for his cut, passes on $8 mil to the others.

You all saw “Goodfellas”, right?
It’s literally a mafia payoff scheme.

You use the combined mob resources and muscle to score a big payoff, if you TRY to keep all the $ for your own family, the other mob families go to war with you.

To keep the peace you take your fair cut & hand over the rest.
THIS IS WHAT THE BIDENS have been doing for decades

Taking their fair cut & handing over the rest to the others.

It’s just good business.

So HELL NO Biden’s aren’t the only ones exposed here if this is pursued.

EVERYBODY who took that dirty $ is exposed.
They ALL took their cut of the profits from these criminal schemes.

Not just the Bidens. Starting to get the picture here?

THE OTHERS FORCED BIDEN TO RUN. He had to. Not just to protect himself and his family, it’s also to protect the other families.
They’re all in on it.

The Biden’s.

The Obama’s

The Clintons

The Pelosis

The Romneys.

They swim in the same sea, they all look out for each other.

They all took the kickbacks. For letting corrupt foreign governments steal our tax money.
You know which family WASN’T in on it?

That never took a penny of any of this foreign graft?

That never sold their country out to foreign regimes?

This one right here.
All the Political Elite class mafia needed to keep the graft going was to get Hillary in the White House.

Then nothing would have ever been done to stop it and the dirty $ would’ve continued to flow.


• • •

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18 Oct
Watch her squirm during both videos & understand: it’s been FOUR DAYS NOW & the Biden campaign **WILL NOT SAY THE EMAILS ARE FAKE**.

Got that?

Tell me you got that.

They’ve had 4 days to deny the authenticity of the emails & pics.

They would have by now IF they could.
That is correct. Nobody with Biden campaign has gone on the record to say the emails are not real. ‘

This is very true.
Biden called a 4 day lid [counting today] because he knows even more damning stuff is going to be dropping on Monday and Tuesday.

His campaign is hoping a day of major spin on Wednesday will be enough for him to pop his head out on Thursday.

We'll see.
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17 Oct
Remember this 'the Hunter Biden emails off that abandoned laptop is **RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION!**' talking point all these morons in the media instantly adopted is completely INCOHERENT.

And for the people on our side screaming the FBI had this laptop for a year and nothing happened, who seats grand juries and what kind of activity do you think they engage in?

80% of the so called conservative media is fucking useless.

I don't **care** how many fucking goobers out there you have insisting they do.

They don't.

The US Attorney for Delaware **also** didn't publicly announce what his grand jury was investigating.
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17 Oct
And now an important announcement!

I am planning to personally attend Trump's January 20, 2021 in Washington, D.C.!

I am going to be exploring airfares and hotel reservation prices and try to come up with the **cheapest** way to do this.
Took a quick look at Priceline for the airline tickets. I can get a round trip to DC for between $305-$335 from American Airlines going economy class. FIRST class would be $500 more. EGADS.

And all you get for $500 extra is a little leg room and more drinks.
DC hotels are booking up fast.

I found one for 4 days for $759. With $477 for the plane tickets I'd be able to pull this off for under $1,500.

I am now initiating a fundraiser to come up with the $ so I can go ahead and book the tickets and the room. :)…
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17 Oct
16 more days.

To the #Trump2020Landslide.

BUY YOUR #TrumpSlide2020 gear in my TeeSpring Store, Rise of the New Media!… Image
You can get a "Trumpslide" t-shirt in twelve different exciting colors!

The back of the shirt says "Goodbye Fake News! We Are The Media Now!" ImageImage
The "Trumpslide" hoodie comes in 4 colors, white, gray, red and blue! ImageImage
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17 Oct
Think about this:

Joe Biden has had A YEAR AND A HALF to get ready to answer these questions.


He just BLOWS HIS TOP and yells at the reporters to try to get them to BACK OFF & change the subject.

Here's the video from last year the first time a reporter dared to ask Biden about Hunter's dealings in Ukraine and how shady it looked.

This was a year and a half ago. He's no better prepared to talk about it now than he was then.


More than EIGHTEEN MONTHS Biden has had time to at least **try** to craft a coherent response to this question.

He hasn't done it.


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16 Oct
These goons spent 5 years giving the Trump family a vicious partisan audit trying to prove they took Putin's money.

The Trump family was vindicated.

Now it's the Biden's turn.

I wish them the best of luck.

Oh my God.

How was this **not** fraud?
Back when this happened, because a BIDEN was involved in this outright fraud of stealing taxpayer's money to help launch a F**KING INVESTMENT FIRM, they got away with it.

Remind me again, which of these is a crime family?

Which one was fabulously wealthy BEFORE politics?
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