"Some Christian pastors are actually leading their followers to QAnon, or at least introducing them to its dubious conspiracy theories." /1

cc: @charleskriel @katgellin @VickerySec @anelsona @kathsstewart @smencimer @suehalpernVT @thespybrief @AndyRowell
"There's even a movement, led by the Indiana-based Omega Kingdom Ministry, to merge QAnon and Christianity -- with texts from both the Bible and Q read at church services." /2
Paul Anleitner, an evangelical pastor in Minneapolis, has seen:

"Pastors warning about the 'Deep State,' congregants trading conspiracy theories during Bible studies, and, most concerning to him, unsuspecting Christians lured to QAnon through respected church leaders." /3
Sharon Neff "saw important connections, as did many of her friends and fellow church members.

'What resonated with me is the idea of moving toward a global government,' she said, 'and that actually goes along with the Christian belief about the End Times.' " /4

cc @thespybrief
Pastor Park Neff said of "The Great Awakening" that it "will concern the state, not the church."

"It will start when the prevailing evil in our government is finally revealed, he said, and end with Trump validated and all the bad people jailed on an island far, far away." /5x
Compare QAnon's "red pill" w/ a focus of FFC.

"Neff also said she likes that Q quotes Christian scripture extensively and claims to be exposing child trafficking, a problem that she said she and other Southern Baptist women have been fighting for years."
Interesting, no?

Reminder: @ralphreed's FFC (which works closely w/ United in Purpose) boasted they used their database of 55 million to "make sure" Trump won in 2016.

@charleskriel @katgellin @VickerySec @anelsona @kathsstewart @smencimer @suehalpernVT

• • •

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More from @visionsurreal

17 Oct
Dear @TocRadio,

Good interview. I caution skepticism of @RudyGiuliani's insistence the "story" is more important than the "process."

The process is important to determine the source of the files in question, as it's reported Rudy's buddy Derkach is linked to Russian intel. /1
@TocRadio - this is important.

Russia's GRU began its hacking operation against Burisma in Nov 2019--one month before @RudyGiuliani met with Russia-linked and now-US-sanctioned Ukrainian politician Andriy Derkach on 12/5/19. /2
nytimes.com/2020/01/13/us/… ImageImage
Four days after @RudyGiuliani met with Derkach, Delaware computer repair shop owner Mac Isaac said he received a subpoena dated 12/9/19 to "turn over the laptop and hard drive to a federal grand jury in Wilmington" after reaching out to the FBI. /3
cbsnews.com/news/hunter-bi… Image
Read 10 tweets
12 Oct
Reading re: @charliekirk11's @TPUSA employing Rally Forge's troll farm, I can't think of a greater level of abject disrespect by a campaign than to deceive the public at large, pretend to be caricatures of their political enemies & then ridicule those caricatures./1

I really want to emphasize this isn't normal behavior by a campaign--it's next-level information warfare that regards the public as deserving of manipulation and their political opponents as less than human and deserving of ridicule.

Foreign adversaries employ these tactics. /2
If @charliekirk11's @TPUSA has a point to convey, why can't they convey it openly and directly?

Why this underhanded subterfuge that confuses the public at large and destroys genuine public discourse?

This behavior, instead, is manipulative, inauthentic & borderline sadistic./3
Read 4 tweets
4 Oct

On 9/26/20, @ralphreed attended the COVID superspreader event that appears to have been the outdoor/indoor celebration of Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the Supreme Court.

3 days later, Reed led a 3-day conference that involved hundreds of maskless people indoors. /1
@SenatorLankford, a scheduled speaker at this conference, left and quarantined himself once he learned he was in contact w/ someone who had COVID the day before the conference began.

This person was @SenMikeLee, who also attended the Rose Garden event along w/ @ralphreed. /2
While this thread makes no claims as to the COVID status of @ralphreed, it serves as a perfect case study of how the cavalier behavior of pro-Trump supporters & evangelicals risks further spread of the virus & endangers the lives of hundreds (if not thousands) & their families./3
Read 10 tweets
27 Sep

@ChrisStoecker (a German psychologist & professor) covers the story I've also reported on of @GovMikeHuckabee sharing a fake website created by alt-right trolls pretending to liberals. /1

cc: @thespybrief @tburages @suehalpernVT @ninaandtito @wokyleeks @LFredenhall Image
English version of this article is available here: /2
As @ChrisStoecker reports, @GovMikeHuckabee shared w/ his 1.6M followers a link on unitedwildlifeunion[.]com with a note he "ain't kidding" the site is legit.

It's not.

It's part of a network of fake sites hosted on a server named texasvanguard, the name of a neo-Nazi group. /3 ImageImageImage
Read 7 tweets
24 Sep

Evidence continues to mount that an article shared by @GovMikeHuckabee last week is propaganda tied to white supremacist org, Texas Vanguard, pretending to be liberals.

I have pinpointed one individual in particular to whom this operation repeatedly points back. /1 Image
On 9/17/20, @GovMikeHuckabee shared an article from unitedwildlifeunion[.]com, adding he "ain't kidding" that the source is legit.

This site is on the texasvanguard[.]com server, the website for which points to the now-suspended @TexasVanguard account. /2
Queries of the unitedwildlifeunion[.]com site also point to a "brandon[.]robertshawmfg[.]com," which I traced to a Brandon Smith who works for Robert Shaw Manufacturing.

He also works for HCS Construction Specialities & is pictured on their site here: /3
Read 8 tweets
23 Sep
"If compelled in the end to vacate his office, Trump will insist from exile, as long as he draws breath, that the contest was rigged.

Trump’s invincible commitment to this stance will be the most important fact about the coming Interregnum."

cc: @thespybrief @RUMINT79
"It will deform the proceedings from beginning to end. We have not experienced anything like it before."

A bit presumptuous but, yes, *this* is the reason for concern. B/c normal presidents leave the office when they lose elections. Trump ain't normal.

@thespybrief @RUMINT79
Read 4 tweets

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