In 2020 if you create an open source project, you either

1: make companies pay for it
2: accept that because it’s legal to do so, they will happily take what you did for free and make money off of it
Maintaining an OSS project is a sucker’s game to these companies.
It sounds jaded; I know, but every corporation has a choice when faced with an OSS project in a space it wants:
1. Contribute to that project without taking it over
2. Buy it and develop it
3. Fork it and sell it
4. Copy its design

We could instances of #1 and #2 on one hand.
Every big corporation is a great open source citizen so long as:

- They control it
- It can’t possibly compete with them
Until we stop accepting that behavior from corporations in our open source communities, it’ll keep happening.
Corporations have two major advantages over individuals:

1. They operate legally, not morally or ethically
2. People don't stop interacting with the corporation when it acts immorally or unethically.
Let's say it wasn't amazon in this case, but your friend. Your friend jacked your work that was Open source and started selling it.

How long until you spoke to that friend again?

Would you spend that same amount of time not buying Amazon products or interacting with Amazon?

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