Let's get something started, America.
Arizona. Not Racist.
Arkansas. Not Racist.
California. Not Racist.
Connecticut. Not Racist.
D.C. Not Racist.
Delaware. Not Racist.
Florida. Not Racist.
Illinois. Not Racist.
Indiana. Not Racist.
Kansas. Not Racist.
Kentucky. Not Racist.
Louisiana. Not Racist
Maine. Not Racist.
Alabama. Not Racist.
Georgia. Not Racist.
Hawaii. Not Racist.
Idaho. Not Racist.
Iowa. Not Racist.
Maryland. Not Racist.
Massachusetts. Not Racist.
Michigan. Not Racist.
Minnesota. Not Racist.
Mississippi. Not Racist.
Missouri. Not Racist.
Montana. Not Racist.
Nebraska. Not Racist.
Nevada. Not Racist.
New Hampshire. Not Racist. Live Free or Die.
New Jersey. Not Racist.
New Mexico. Not Racist.
North Carolina. Not Racist.
New York. Not Racist.
New York. Not Racist. ;)
North Dakota. Not Racist.
Ohio. Not Racist.
Oklahoma. Not Racist.
Oregon. Not Racist.
Pennsylvania. Not Racist.
Rhode Island. Not Racist.
South Carolina. Not Racist.
South Dakota. Not Racist.
Tennessee. Not Racist.
Texas. Not Racist.
Utah. Not Racist.
Vermont. Not Racist.
Virginia. Not Racist.
Washington. Not Racist.
West Virginia. Wild, Wonderful, Not Racist.
Wyoming. Not Racist.
America. Not Racist. E Pluribus Unum.

• • •

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15 Oct
Making the whistleblower game fun!
Let's make a thread of these.
More #EquityDispatches from a conscientious objector to Wokeness in our institutions.
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15 Oct
The pushes for diversity, which are connected to pushes for equity, are actually pushes to hire people who have the right politics. This is of incredible importance to understand. If their politics are wrong, they aren't the right kind of diversity.
Critical Theories of Identity hold that people who belong to certain identity groups but who fail to engage their "positionality" (with respect to systemic power) correctly and thus "Critically" misrepresent those identity groups. Wrong kind of diversity.
I've been producing resources and giving talks (just gave another one recently in Florida) that discuss the ways that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are really moves to install political operatives in influential roles and positions. We're being played.
Read 4 tweets
13 Oct
As I keep trying to tell you: Critical Theories don't take over at the level of leadership, they take over at the level of administrative bureaucracies. This is true in our schools, and it will be true in our government. Biden's and Harris's views are irrelevant except on this.
I don't really have the slightest idea what Kamala Harris's politics are beyond being obviously and wholly unpopular. Biden possibly being an old-guard Democrat is irrelevant. Will they pack the court? Will they greenlight more administrative bureaucracy? Those are what matter.
Critical Social Justice Theory is subversive and passive-aggressive. It's also administrative, put into application by busybodies who like to go to meetings and control other people with their little signs and policies. The head is either permissive to this or resistant to it.
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12 Oct
This has made a lot of people who don't follow me very angry. Best to do it yourself when they call, apparently.
As it turns out, I'm not the one drowning in bias here.
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7 Oct
Getting some questions about why Queer Theory opposes marriage equality. Well, it's equality, duh.

More accurately, it normalizes gay relationships and thus makes them part of the normative status quo that Queer Theory believes creates oppression for the queer.
Remember when the Queer Theorists went after Mayor Pete Buttigieg for sleeping with men (or being married to one) but not being authentically gay and also for "straight passing"? Yeah, Queer Theory doesn't like anything "queer" falling within the normative range.
If homosexuality is genuinely accepted by society and seen as a normal variation of human experience, especially when held up by acceptance of marriage equality, then homosexuality is no longer radical and thus not productive of radical queer politics. Queer Theory hates this.
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6 Oct
My most important statement about Trump, aside from supporting his EO and some of the claims around it, is that anytime everyone tells me I'm supposed to hate someone, especially when there are massive identifiable issues in the reporting on why, I'm very skeptical.
Frankly, some of the most important wisdom in the world is that if you want to know who truly rules over you, look no further than whoever you can't question. This isn't merely being contrarian. That proposition isn't really allowed to be questioned in "polite society."
After this summer, I don't trust any of the major media outlets or their representatives further than I can throw them, so I have to doubt the narrative they've spun around Trump too. I'd say I want to form my own opinion, but I lack the necessary resources, it seems.
Read 6 tweets

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