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16 Oct, 8 tweets, 2 min read
The bootlickers are mobilizing. If Biden loses this election it will be 2X they failed to deliver. That means their lack of influence and value to the LEFT will be on full display. THIS is the outcome I’m most focused on. Everything else on the line is pretty much over my head.
Diddy is announcing the formation of a new “political party” aka a new political gimmick. After Ice Cube’s Contract With Black America caused an upheaval with the bootlickers something had to be done. For Biden to be so far ahead in the polls there seems to be panic in the air.
I didn’t read The Platinum Plan or Biden’s plan for “Black” America. I use quotations because Biden seems to have his own definition of “Black.” I read neither because I feel the primary problem facing black people is one of values. TBH people like Diddy AND Ice Cube contributed.
Both Cube and Diddy benefitted greatly from the commercialization of dysfunction in the black community. The most successful rappers are usually the ones who embody this dysfunction the best. Their success over the DECADES have provided a modus operandi that perpetuates itself.
To Cube’s credit I think he honestly tried to do something positive. Diddy on the other hand is just being the purveyor of duplicity and destruction he’s always been. Just look at the body count and financial ruin of his artists and associates. Now he wants to do the same for us.
From the Murder of his father, a suspected informant to the dead bodies at City College where people were trampled to death, to BIG’s murder in LA and beyond. Btw, Diddy fled LA before Biggie’s mother could arrive to claim her son’s body. That’s the type of leadership he offers.
When Diddy launched Bad Boy in 1993 I saw him at the “Jack The Rapper” music convention in Atlanta get spit on by a lone LA gang member in a wheelchair for simply telling the gentleman to wait a minute while he finished a conversation with a woman. He was paralyzed with fear.
We’re not even going to touch upon how Diddy got his deal under Arista’s Clive Davis. It’s amazing the type of WEAK COMPROMISED Black people who somehow find their way into leadership positions. This is by design and to ensure we NEVER get our bearings. Your heroes are zeroes.

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15 Oct
The reaction to @icecube's efforts to DELIVER is exactly why I criticize my community the way I do. I'm not a self hating black man, nor a "alt right" proxy. I'm not even a Republican. I'm just a black man who understands what we've done hasn't worked.
Ice Cube reached out to both parties. One told him we'll get around to you AFTER the election. The Trump campaign said let's talk NOW. The crowd loved Cube when he was offering to bail out looters. Now, he's an "Uncle Tom." Cube is a businessman. His detractors are useful idiots.
That man did not go out and tell black people to vote for Trump. He negotiated a DEAL. A deal he doesn't need for himself. A deal the very people "canceling" him now need. Y'all are ruled by emotion. Our community is dominated by feminine energy. Results of the MATRIARCHY.
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6 Oct
There are 2 types of lies. The lies we tell and the lies we believe. Never, should they be the same lie. A lot of disgruntled, unaccomplished people lie to themselves relentlessly. They make their PERSONAL problems COLLECTIVE issues. Sometimes, it's just you. It ain't that deep.
There can be no correcting the issues plaguing the black community, or society for that matter, without HONESTY. Without honesty there's no accountability. Without accountability there's no ADJUSTMENTS in thinking, behaviors and subsequently, OUTCOMES.
I'm brutally honest with myself. Self awareness is so important to success. Not enough people understand this. They double down on lies only to compound their frustration. Over time this wears on them and they begin to crack. Social media then becomes an escape from reality.
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6 Oct
Let me explain what “wildin’” meant back in the time of the Central Park 5. It meant a group of young men, teens and/or adolescents starting trouble. Usually it began with harassing strangers before escalating to robbery. Muggings and strong arm robberies were popular back then.
In the infamous Central Park incident it escalated to rape and attempted murder. The crime shocked the city. A woman was out jogging at night alone and was viciously beaten and raped in the park. She was beaten so badly she has no recollection of the incident.
Donald Trump was a real estate developer in NYC at the time. Trump has always had a bigger than life persona. Trump became very vocal about the crime. NYC was averaging over 2000 murders annually at the time. The city was considered unsafe and bad for business.
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5 Oct
Not long after the death of Trayvon Martin Black Lives Matter was formed. I started noticing a change on social media. Black women were progressively becoming more vocal, belligerent and confrontational. With all men, but with black men in particular. Then the gay men joined in.
I've never had a problem with Black women until social media. Never had a problem with black gays until social media. Turns out social media is the ideological battleground for black identity. Go with the herd and find acceptance. Think for yourself and get banished.
The Black feminists and LGBT on social media are pretty much black middle class. Their hustle is to politicize and monetize tragedies in the black underclass. Self appointed spokespersons for the most part who turned black male tragedy into political currency.
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3 Oct
For all the people who think Kamala Harris isn't hiding her husband I want to share why that isn't so farfetched. Back in 2010, black real estate developer, Don Peebles was mulling a run for mayor of DC. Don was pissed because Mayor Adrian Fenty "allegedly" broke a promise.
Peebles net worth has to be close to 1 billion if not more. Men like him, regardless of race don't take rejection very well. Peebles ran a private poll and decided not to run. The poll disclosed black women would not vote for him. Why? He has a white wife.
Think of the black community and how damn near every issue PROMOTED to us involves RACE and racial injustice. We are TRAINED to align with race to our detriment. If you think Obama would've been elected president without Michelle you don't really understand the black psyche.
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2 Oct
So, I watched some of the debate. Honestly, I was disappointed. Like watching 2 grumpy old men bicker. Biden in particular looked a good 10yrs older than his age. He’s beyond hair plugs and plastic surgery. Trump clearly has no respect for the establishment.
The liberals say Trump is a racist. They also claim the GOP are racist. They say America is racist as well. There are certainly pockets of institutional racism in this country, but if America is racist how do we explain Obama? Wouldn’t Kamala be a liability on the ticket?
What I’m about to say may offend people on both sides of the aisle. Fuck em. I don’t think the GOP feels like it has to do anything special for blacks. I think the Dems manipulate blacks by playing on our deepest fears and giving false hope. The black elite facilitate this sham.
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