Why we must re-elect Donald J. Trump, a thread.
#MAGA #KAG #TrumpPence2020 #Trump2020LandslideVictory
Just as in 2016, Dems have #MSM & #BigTech totally working for them, now more than ever, as observed these last few days. go.shr.lc/3nYzSpC go.shr.lc/34FcSD7

With no sense of irony, Dems/MSM demand that Trump guarantee/1
a "peaceful transfer of power" should he lose, yet hypocritically made it their TOP priority over these last four years to destroy President Donald Trump, & didn't care that all Americans were hurt by their deranged actions/2
So they gave us a phony Russian Collusion hoax, whose purpose was to delegitimize the President; a contrived impeachment built on the previous fake narrative; and cynical, disgraceful exploitation of a terrible virus & awful incidents of injustice/3
The crises were (& can be) an opportunity for Democrats to work with, instead of against, the President. But they CHOOSE instead to politicize them & to BLAME virtually everything on Trump, to BEAT him. They'd rather virtue-signal than give #Trump any wins/4
But as in 2016, despite the forces arrayed against him, #Trump IS winning for America! Pre-covid he built an amazing economy that helped ALL Americans. Even now, 56% of Americans see themselves better off than 4 years ago! Meanwhile, Dems reveal their true/5
intentions. They're willing to blame our President for a pandemic that came from China our Communist foe and play political games in the aftermath of #COVID19. Now, as the President fulfills his Constitutional duty to replace an open SC seat, they're/6
openly threatening America with power grab tactics. And as violence rages in Dem-run cities, Dems pretend it's not happening, justify it, or blame Trump for it. The solution they offer is bigger government, defunding police, higher taxes, lockdowns.../7
This America-killing agenda would be headed by a clearly declining, 47-year establishment crony who enriched himself & his family through public service, while Dems quietly strategize to replace him with an unpopular, radical leftist waiting in the wings/8
Patriots, we're not talking about minor differences in solving the problems we face. We're talking about 2 diametrically opposed visions of our future. Leftists view America as racist & sinful & think government always knows best for your family/9 #KAG
Dems will rob you of freedom in the name of safety & security. The #Trump vision understands life is risky but that America is great because individuals can FREELY pursue their dreams while helping each other along the way! We're a people under God who/10
respect & welcome strangers; brought together by love for America- its way of life, hope & opportunities.

If Dems prefer socialism, they're free to move to Europe! Americans will have freedom & prosperity for ALL! #Trump2020LandslideVictory

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16 Oct
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Here's Why Court Packing is BAD for America!
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#Trump filling an open Supreme Court seat is 100% constitutional & NOT a "power grab."

Joe Biden/Dems threatening to:

🛑Pack the Supreme Court
🛑Add 2 new Dem states
🛑Remove fillibuster 
🛑Remove Electoral College

The Supreme Court provides a "check and balance" to the other branches of government. It's purpose is not, as Dems think, to protect certain decisions or rubberstamp a particular party's agenda, but to enforce existing laws in accordance with the Constitution
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28 Aug
Retired officer David Dorn was a hero in life & death. Murdered in cold blood as he protected a friend's store from looters, his death was livestreamed on FB. MSM/Dems ignored. BLM only cares about black deaths that fit their narrative
President #Trump stands with men like David Dorn & all Americans against anarchists, rioters, looters, violent mobs & flag burners. Biden/Harris appease them for votes.

Stand with #TrumpPence2020 Nov 3 to restore law & order & American pride #MAGA2020
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26 Aug
I'm so sick of seeing Twitter spread their campaign against #HCQ week after week. There are numerous studies confirming positive results for HCQ, not to mention hundreds of doctors and patients testify to its helpfulness.
This positive survey on #HCQ involved over 6000 doctors from 30 countries. I guess these doctors were all just nutjobs intent on killing their patients?
Here's another doctor using an #HCQ protocol successfully and reporting his results.
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10 Aug
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Countering the Fake #BlameTrump Narrative

Friends, please indulge this long thread- Twitter trends have me so pissed I had to respond. May this counter-narrative provide truth about real issues at stake in the Nov election #KAG2020
1. Until Feb the economy under Trump's leadership was breaking records! #Trump seemed unstoppable & en route to certain re-election! By contrast, Dems' apparent sole agenda- removing Trump- had FAILED miserably. They were desperate. Then came a pandemic...
2. You'd think Dems would unite behind the POTUS in the midst of a deadly crisis to help save American lives. You'd be wrong. Their agenda to destroy him remains #1. So when #Trump logically shut down travel to infection hot-spots, Dems called him racist...
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27 Jul
Front-line DOCS treating #COVID19 patients say almost all kids SAFE to go back to school; low-dose #hydroxychloroquine protocol SAVES lives & s/b made widely available based on SCIENCE; remove POLITICS from doc/patient decisions! #KAG
You can see Twitter has decided to censor your info by removing media posted in my earlier tweet. Obviously thousands are interested in #Hydroxychloroquine & want to hear from frontline doctors using it to SUCCESSFULLY to treat #COVID19 patients. That's FACT.
W.H.O. said use of #hydroxychloroquine as a PREVENTATIVE, non-hospital treatment for #COVID19 needs more evidence. The docs in the video give evidence! They're using it successfully to prevent/treat nonhospitalilzed #COVID19 patients.
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17 Jul
The same experts who didn't recommend masks a few months ago now claim wearing a mask is necessary? Even Dr. Fauci is on record saying masks are a placebo to make us "feel good" but aren't super effective. Masks are now the new virtue signal of the hysterical
Masks don't block all airborne particles that can carry a virus, but do block how far they can go. Homemade cloth masks are less effective in this. Masks can give a false sense of protection. Keeping distance and washing hands are more critical than a mask.
I'm not against mask-wearing but against mask-shaming, especially when even experts have been inconclusive & evolving on how much or if they help! Give us more common sense public guidance to explain the scientific benefits & limits of masks for #COVID19.
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