Video from Chapman Square about 10 minutes ago from a source who prefers to remain anonymous

Heading down now
I have talked to one of the people who has taken it upon himself to clear the park

He tells me they found molotov cocktails and needles, and says he'll send proof

I'll keep you posted on that
Antifascist activists have showed up, along with several livestreamers. @Claudio_Report is here streaming

There are rumors that the people clearing the park are armed but I cannot confirm this

I am told they have already taken two vans of possessions away
I don't usually like calling attention to this person but given his history of harassing the houseless community it's relevant that he's here
The gentleman with the orange jacket clearing the park reported to have threatened someone with a shotgun. Exercise caution around this individual, just in case
Eli Richey (Son of Hightower) is here also. He gave me his card and said he's done organization for the IWW. Press X to doubt

The presence of two videographers associated from the far right suggests that this may be a coordinated far right action
This is a very bad situation. It seems certain they will attempt to clear out what's left of the encampment here. The question is whether the activists assembled on behalf of the homeless will give them the fight they're clearly looking for The remnants of the Chapman Square homeless encampment. One
Full on brawls happening out here, there will be footage. Jesus Christ
The first punch. The puncher is one of the people clearing the park
Eli Richey got called out for not working for Willamette Week like be claimed. Got his camera stolen. Attacked someone to try and get it back, got beat up. He's currently stalking around the edges yelling

Meanwhile the cleaners talk about the scourge of needles on the sidewalk
Eli Richey impedes vehicular traffic. Someone doesn't like it

Right after this clip, the van reverses. There is an altercation. Someone shoots paintballs at Richey and he retreats, for now, screaming obscenities
My clip of the Hightower fight is full of faces but here's the important part: Hightower attacks someone from behind for allegedly stealing his camera and gets rocked
A bike cop made a brief appearance, made a phone call, and left

Things calm again for now

The police as constituted are not helpful. It would be nice if we had an actual institution that could help in cases like this
People have already begun to bring tents and water for the community 🖤
I grieve that I missed the first half of this but this guy, who's with the sweepers, has been blowing leaves in random directions for about an hour

He BLEW THE LEAVES OFF THE BERM and is now blowing them up the street

Absolutely the most performative shit I have ever seen
ID: A gentleman in blue hoodie with a man bun and a receding hairline leans on a bicycle and looks at his camera
Things mostly calm. The gentleman who punched the guy in the face earlier is now in a verbal altercation with @Johnnthelefty. Apparently John's decision to bring bear mace means he "came ready to fight"

John remains completely calm and eventually removes the mace
I talked to two people associated with BLM Ribs, both of whom confirmed that they decided to clear the encampment due to drug use and "ungratefulness." Apparently the Chapman homeless camp were also soliciting donations
I got a long interview with J.P. of BLM Ribs that I think is instructive. I'll upload that to YouTube when I get home

I also spoke to @jaredessig, who told me they want to make space for a more political and focused community. Check out his Twitter for more on what he believes
The gentleman who punched the guy in the face is now claiming the guy spit in his face

You can check my footage to see that this is not true

This keeps kind of simmering slowly but I do think the encampment sweep is over, thankfully
Folks I just got some more....absolutely mind-blowing interview footage with BLM Ribs. I know what I'm working on tonight

One very important thing to note: BLM Ribs has declared Jail Support "over" and that they intend to "crash" it should it resume

Please be very careful
I think things are over at the JC but even if they aren't, I'm sure done. I need--and am going to acquire--a VERY stiff drink

Solidarity with everyone still out here

• • •

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Words cannot describe how excited I am not to be coming to you live from 3rd and Alder where perhaps 60 chuds are...well, I walked up and was immediately threatened by a man with an AR-15 so you could say things are tense
The whatever -the-fuck-this-is has moved back to Chapman Square

Is this just how Sundays are now? This is the Lord's day, wonder how he feels about all this
A very heavily-armed crew. Multiple AR-15s, a ton of mace, I've seen sevwr paintball guns

Currently moving down Main St. Looks like they're going home. Good. I don't want to be here I want to be playing video games and feeling guilty about not writing

@suzettesmith is also here
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Or why I was getting horrible headaches when I've never had those before

I didn't know others were going through it too
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