I find it so funny that the same handful of people living in reliably blue states feel the need to announce that they're not voting for Biden because {insert sanctimonious reason} on a near daily basis.

We get it. You're voting for Howard the Duck or whomever. No one cares.
It's just so obnoxious. Not the third party voting from a blue state, mind you.

But the purposeful sanctimony with which people announce their intentions day in and day out in a way designed to make people who don't have that choice feel like shit.

It's such a dick move.
If your politics are to the left of Biden, you shouldn't be made to feel badly about voting for Biden in order to stem the tide of fascism and stop trump.

This is common sense.
If your politics are to the left of Biden and you're living comfortably and will likely survive another 4 years of trump, it's ok to vote for Biden to protect people who might not.

But people are purposefully making folks feel badly about giving a shit about other people. smh
"Well people are already struggling now."

And somehow forcing them to live under 4 more years of trump is going to help them?

How does that work exactly?
Vote for who you want. But the people complaining about being shamed into voting for Biden are shaming people who are voting for Biden. I don't see the point of it.

And some of it, I don't believe is even coming from a good place. It's coming from the need for patreon subs.
And it wouldn't be so annoying if folks had done anything between 2016 and now besides hang their hopes on one man.

You have to build a party from the ground up. That doesn't mean holding a convention two months before the election with 5 speakers most of whom no one cares about
And it doesn't mean spending all day shitposting on twitter for clout.
If Biden wins and Democrats take back the Senate, literally every person on the left needs to immediately pressure Dems to expand the courts. If that doesn’t happen, there isn’t a single progressive policy that will get through the federal judiciary until 2060. Not kidding.
So can someone explain how folks who are sick of the two party system plan to build a third party and raise enough money to go toe to toe with the monied interests on the right and ensure that progressive policies will get passed?

I don’t understand what the realistic goal is.
I honestly look at these people tweeting this mad lib tweets about duopolies and neoliberalism and I just think, what is your plan? How are you going to beat The Federalist Society? The Judicial Crisis Network?

The conservative end game is here. Theocracy is here.
By the end of the month, 1/3 of SCOTUS justices will have been appointed by trump.

What is your plan to fix that after you vote third party?

How do you get what you want if he wins again? I am baffled.
For example, the DACA case last term? Trump lost on process. He screwed up the administrative procedure. He didn’t lose on the merits.

He gets four more years, he fixes his procedural fuck up, SCOTUS gives him the green light and 800,000 DREAMers get deported by 2024.

If trump wins again, he replaces Breyer most likely. So that makes it 7-2. And Alito and Thomas will likely peace out to make way for more Amy Coney Barretts.

So that’s seven 50ish year old Federalist Society justices with lifetime appointments.

What’s your plan for that?
I’m sure some people will think I’m vote shaming. I’m really not. At least that’s not my intention.

I just need people to understand what will happen if trump wins again and what needs to happen if Biden wins.
And here’s one of my big fears and then I will shut up.

Biden wins and folks say ‘phew thank god that’s over’ and they stop fighting. The inclination is understandable. We’re all exhausted from trump trauma.

We don’t have the luxury of being exhausted, unfortunately.

• • •

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