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16 Oct, 17 tweets, 4 min read
every time someone mentions blaseball I'm disappointed it has nothing to do with this image.
I'm gonna have to make my own fantasy baseball league, aren't I?
OK, the story behind this image:
The game is MLBPA Baseball aka Fighting Baseball, specifically the SNES version.
So MLBPA is the Major League Baseball Players Association, so they were allowed to use all the players for the baseball sim, but they couldn't use the teams.
The teams and the leagues are separate licenses, so they got around this by using the actual players but assigning them to renamed generic teams.
Like "Miami" instead of "Florida Marlins", and calling the leagues "A league" and "N league" and "The Series" (for the World Series)
which was fine and great and all except when the game was released in Japan, they still didn't have the rights to the leagues or teams and they didn't have the rights to the players either.
So they got around this by furthering the nonsense and making up players.
So the Japanese release (Fighting Baseball) has the same teams and players as the American MLBPA Baseball release, except they've all been given fake names, and had their stats SLIGHTLY tweaked.
Generally the Japanese versions of them have an extra home run percentage point or stolen base percentage point. So the Japanese versions are slightly better players.
I think they changed them up to prevent the argument that you can figure out which player they're supposed to be by looking up those stats.
It's not hard to figure out which teams are which, and with a book on the 1993 MLB season you can figure out who the players are easily
so they switched up the stats a little to make that harder.
They didn't, however, consider that someone might have access to both the US version and the Japanese version, and could just compare them side by side.
Which is what I did, here:…
And on twitter, here, which you can use to learn the real identity of BOBSON DUGNUTT
anyway this amusing list comes from a tweet by @lrgmnn in 2016:
and I can't locate it at the moment but someone recently figured out where all the names came from. I believe they're slightly mistranslated/mistransliterated names of players from another sports league... hockey, maybe?
Here's a slate article that says they're last names and first names mismatched with single letter changes.
Like Bobson Dugnutt is the hockey goalie Ron Tugnutt.…
ahh, here's the tweet I was looking for:
I should update my wikipage and link it to all the original names.
finally, we'll have all the Bobson Dugnutt trivia in one place
and also you have to hear voice actor @ProZD reading all the names in a sports announcer voice.

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18 Oct
look I may be biased as someone who has historically done a lot of webscraping (I calculated at one time that I was downloading around 4 gigabytes of JUST HTML every day), but...
I think we should have both the death penalty and a special layer of hell for programmers who build sites that return 404/403s/etc as 200.

with summary execution if they do it with HTML.
you have no idea how many times I've had to write code to parse HTML to find out if I got a 404 or not, because sometimes the only way to tell is to see if there's a <div class="message">File Not Found</div> in 40k of tag soup
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18 Oct
Does anyone else vaguely miss that period around 2005 when half the new music you heard was from strange flash animations, because no one had yet worked out a way to auto-detect that particular bit of copyright infringement?
I'm listening to a Dutch fraternity cover Country Roads in a eurodance style and it's all the fault of some 4chan animation from the bush administration
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17 Oct
I once again am listening to an old game grumps let's play and they're talking about astroglide for some reason and Arin mentions it's good because it's water based, not silicon-based.
I think he means silicone.
silicon-based lubricants have historically failed in the market because it turns out sand isn't a good lubricant
maybe it's silicon-based like how silicon-based life is an alternative suggested form of live compared to our carbon-based.
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16 Oct
Another random yard sale nearby seems to be at some kind of recording studio.
Look at this pile of... mixers? processors? I don't know what this is
more of them, extra blurry this time
even more, with a little less blur
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16 Oct
SO remember I complained that Pizza Hut implemented a car-description system but limited it to 20 characters?
Well, today I'm getting Pantera Bread, and they have a similar field. But how many letters does it max out at?
but also 200.

gonna tell them I drive a
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15 Oct
I saw the news that Star Trek: Discovery is coming back this week and I was like "Wow, didn't S1 of Lower Decks just finish?" and thought "we must be living in the golden age of Star Trek!"

then I remembered that twice during my life I've had TWO TREKS airing simultaneously
(and both of those times, one of them was DS9)
The Next Generation ran from 1987-1994, with Deep Space Nine running 1993-1999, and Voyager ran 1995-2001.
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