Mr. Biden, I do not know you personally & forgive me for my harsh tweet, but as a transman, I am terrified at the idea you will be elected president.
@JoeBiden @realDonaldTrump @Transgendertrd
I fear for the youth of this country.
When I listen to your stance on the trans debate, I shiver at your lack of knowledge and your knee jerk reaction to jump on the crazy train of medically transitioning our youth. Hopefully, this tweet might shake you awake.

@HJoyceGender @FredSargeant @FredDeutsch @4th_WaveNow
As a trans, let me explain what we older trans know that politicians don't have the backbone to support. Being trans is a choice, and medical transitioning is kin to plastic surgery. So unless you are going to jump on board for 12yrolds @claudiamclean22
deciding to have facelifts, breast augmentations, I suggest you get your head out of a very dark place it is currently residing.

UK politicians have awakened, and they recently banned children from receiving cross-sex hormones and hormone blockers. Still, @ALLIANCELGB @POTUS
with this evidence, you are unconvinced that pressing the pause button on puberty is not an issue to be concerned with. As a transgender man myself, I believe alarm bells should be screaming every minute of every day until society awakens
@IvankaTrump @EricTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr
Let me explain why we see this massive jump in transgender identifying our youth, and it has nothing to do with love, acceptance, or the LGBT. It has to do with greed.

@AbigailShrier @BarbaraRKay @Baroness_Nichol
As a business salesperson, I have closed many deals
with ratios, numbers, and profit margins. I want to use what I have learned and present to you why I believe the world has jumped on the transgender craze. So sit back and imagine we are in the boardroom, smell the coffee, the donuts and fold your arms tightly as the
the salesperson walks into the room. Put your guard up, and let's see if I can convince you to jump on the transgender phenomenon from a purely fiscal standpoint.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Did you know hormone blockers cost eight times more when we use them on
children than adults? Did you know that we currently have a 4000% increase in children coming out transgender and in need of medical transition?

In 2008 40 kids in the UK were prescribed hormone blockers, fiscally inflationing into the market a dismal $800,000. Then boom;
here comes 2018, and 40 kids multiplied to 1806 kids injecting $36 million, WOWZA!

Holy Cow, right?

If we take those same numbers and calculations and mirror them in the US, the $36 million catapults to 1.7 Billion dollars...YES a BILLION YEARLY, just on blockers, and here
is the kicker! Y'all will be hero's; the LGBT will love you and protect you.

Mr. Biden you have been sold, bought, or conned to have the current stance you have on medically transitioning children.

I suggest you wake up and start to listen to adult trans like myself.
All of these numbers are based on facts.

We are at the beginning of the biggest medical scandal in the history of medicine and now trans are warning politicians, it's best to pay attention. & I haven't even touched on the damage med trans causes.

@jk_rowling @HJoyceGender
I am off on this, not banned, several cases going on, my wording is wrong here. Let's just say they have awaken 150 trillion times more than the US and Canada..

• • •

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15 Oct
Life is curious. As an LGBT member, I never conceived I would be told I am doing the Lord's work.

I never thought I would get an email to slice my neck open & perish from a radical feminist.

Never in my life did I believe a trans person would tell me to bathe in
menstruation blood and suffocate to death.

Never in my life as a transman did I believe I would be labeled as a 'Transphobe.'

Never in my life did I believe I would endure what it felt like to lose everything monetarily.

Never in my life did I think I would be roaring
from the rooftops, 'LBGTQ you have encroached & are targeting the world's children. Stop promoting fetish flags and propelling kids to disfigure themselves; it's perverted and obverse.

Never in my life did I assume any of these things would ever be my invocation or burden.
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15 Oct
It's not mean, close-minded or bigoted to acknowledge biology & gently align trans with reality. Think of it as making your kids eat vegetables. You make kids eat them even though they don't like too because they are good for them.

Same concept here. When you build a
delusion it takes massive amounts of energy to convince others and internally you know the truth, its toxic and a red alert for underlying mental illness.

I believe that this delusion is why trans suicide rates sky rocket 7-10 yrs after surgery because reality hits & its hard
to deal with the fact that you don't fit like you thought you would. You realize that you are still different.

In my opinion if trans truly believes they are the sex they want to create an illusion to present it should be an automatic mental health box check of NO!
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28 Sep
Please pass this thread along to young adults who believe they need to medical transition.

We are set up for survival to react to what we see and hear instantly. If we see and hear a male, we respond differently and visa versa,

and for a good reason, women understand this on a visceral level, a level men will never understand. Asking people to go against what they see and hear to say pronouns that soothe someone's delusion is like asking a right handed person to write a book with their

left hands; it's awkward and selfish.

We are doing now is unhealthy transitioning. People are starting it from an unhealthy place to promote a delusion that will be eradicated when reality hits them, and us older trans know it will crash. It's best to start from a
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28 Sep
I get messages everyday thanking me for standing up for kids and women in the trans radical mess, but its the trans comm, my comm that needs to thank the gender critical warriors because you are the true trans supporters, you are the warriors, you are the ones we need to thank.
Reality is healthy, reality is love, reality is embracing the realness of life and the only way to grow into all someone can be.

Creating an illusion is temporary relief for a longterm problem and no matter how much people chant "Transwomen are women" it doesn't make it true &
the longer the dellusion continues, the longer it will take for these kiddos to find peace & the harder they will fall.

A long term dellusion is harder to recover from than an instant gentle alignment.

So, understand that no matter how hard people come at you, you are
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26 Sep
I know I shouldn't be but I am so bummed 😞. I saw a tweet about law firms looking for trans med mal cases probably due to 🧜‍♀️ Mermaids UK Trans getting booted and I just sobbed.

My life has been cut short, I have a handicapped arm for life, I lost my house, my car, my wife,
my job, my career, my dignity. I've been laughed at in the ER shunned, not able to think with a reoccurring bacteria infection from trans health, no one thought I was sick, even my family, I was alone trying to survive from botched trans health, I've passed out from pain to
awake alone on the bathroom floor, with no one. I moved 1200 miles, packed my house that I lost & drove to be with my kids while having a bacteria infection most would crumble from. I did this alone; no one thought I was sick, the ER doctors; I would hear them laugh at me, "Oh
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25 Sep
@nevereverDave @rogdmum @JohnSwinney
Dave, let me take a big eyes closed stab at this. UR not trans right? UR statement is ignorant, reckless & is responsible 4 butchering a generation of kids. Why don't U ask us older trans who have been transitioned 4 a while. Mermaids 🧜‍♀️
needs to get hands off kids. This gender ideology they have created is fueling a new billion dollar industry & dont tell me "socialized medicine" unless Scotland doesn't have to pay 4 pharmaceuticals their is a problem.

U see some people benefit from med trans, but not
many so they R inventing trans people with kids & let me tell u something mister its a hard life, trans health is experimental & dangerious, it cuts life expectancy by at least 10 yrs, heart, liver, bone damage & a 6x suicide rate after 7 yrs has past with med trans. So
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