This is the correct take. What made sense in January, based on the evidence anons had in January — which was taking up a hyper-aggressive stance to prevent the spread of an *unknown* virus / bio-hazard into the West — makes zero sense now.
The virus is *known* now + frankly not that deadly — certainly not to the younger people *most* affected by the social and economic impact of the measures (we are told) are designed to contain it (which are really about expanding State authority + control further into our lives).
Think about it: The virus “getting out of control” used to = hospitals overrun + running out of ventilators — but then it turned out that sticking people on ventilators was killing them.

So what does “the hospitals getting overrun” actually mean now?
I’m not really sure what “gets out of control means now” — people die + get maimed from all sorts of things but we don’t shut down the country for it.
For example, road accidents happen + people die but we accept these as collateral damage for necessary / convenient transportation / independence.
But the thing that’s happened with Covid, which the State is exploiting, is that it’s become an anchor point as a thing that it’s *unacceptable* to die from — even though it’s apparently less lethal than back in January / February.
This has opened it up being used as a pretext to expand State control — and make incursions into every aspect of our lives, while atomising is further — aka never let a “crisis” go to waste.
If State wasn’t *primarily* aiming to expand control — with any mitigating “impact” of *slowing* the virus merely a second order effect — it would simply heavily subsidise *actually* vulnerable people + enable everyone else to get on with their lives as *normal*.

• • •

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16 Oct
A shift has taken place: The State is using the virus as a wedge to usher in the next phase of atomisation + communism, as we move further than ever towards the hyper-regulation + control of every aspect of our lives.
The State has conjured a New Religion which you must adhere to. The State is moving towards the imposition of negative interest rates designed to lock you in dependency while State Megacorps borrow at low rates + extend their dominion over your lives.
The State no longer cares about *real* economic growth as the whole Western world has settled into an economic rentseeking prison, designed to lock-in + exacerbate contemporary power arrangements + all their generational inequalities.
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12 Oct
The West is moving further and further towards completing a process based system of governance.
Everything will be subsumed into the process. Nothing will work, but this won’t matter. The only thing that will matter is that you are processed *correctly* from cradle to grave.
You have already experienced a microcosm of this — perhaps an insurance helpline with seemingly infinite options, which you patiently listen through, but none of which matches your exact situation.
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9 Oct
Moving out of the cities to escape demographic terraformation may *feel* like an escape, but it is only a deferment.
Just like logging off and shutting your laptop delivers temporary respite the respite only temporary, and dissolves the moment you log back on.
Indeed, if you never logged on again the procession / colonisation would continue unabated, the only thing you are preserving is your ignorance.
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22 Sep
People live too long now and it’s fucked the inter-generational transfer of wealth.
Power begats power and wealth begats wealth.
The State can’t be relied upon to facilitate the inter-generational transfer of wealth because it is powerful and corrupt.
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Moldbug drops a new 20,000 chapter reifying Leviathan.…
Moldbug has revisited and refined his taxonomy, though the Cathedral — the Brain and Voice of the System — remains unchanged.
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