People want to #BlameTrump for what the #Democrats have done. Let's face it. The Democrats have been trying to sabotage Trump the whole time
When #COVID threatened the US, what did they do?
Tried to stop travel bans
Encouraged #Americans to spread #Covid

Next, to insure a high death toll they could #BlameTrump, five #Democrat #Governors sent #COVID patients to nursing homes. And not just elderly patients. This went against everything we know about quarantine! This is the worst thing you can do!…
As if that wasn't bad enough, #Democrat #Governors locked down their states for far longer than necessary. The hospitals operated well under capacity during the #pandemic. They knew it would do more harm than good. They tried to destroy the economy...…
All so the #Democrats could #BlameTrump. They did not care one wit about your family's finances, mental health. During the height people couldn't get, or were afraid to get, healthcare they needed for serious conditions.
#lockdowns are harmful 👇…
Even worse, there is evidence there were very effective treatments for #COVID19, treatments that could have saved lives. But they were kept from knowledge by the #CDC and #Media. Why? So you would be afraid. Fear allows the #Democrats to control you.
To make matters worse for you, then the #Democrats called for protests. In the middle of a #COVID
#Pandemic! There were trying to cause as much destruction and damage as possible. There is video evidence they incited, covered up, and defended #riots…
All so they could #BlameTrump. Then the #Democrats and their paid for cronies made you wear #masks. They knew full well masks don't stop viruses! All so you would continue to fear #COVID. They control their #media to push it, and used #socialmedia...

To censor anyone, including doctors who spoke against their narrative. The #Democrat controlled then smeared any doctors or others who tried to tell you the #truth!…
It was a monumental four year campaign to make you #BlameTrump and fear him as much as they fear him. Why are #Democrats afraid of Trump? He was determined to expose them.
And expose them he did. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. You have no idea of the depths of their corruption. That is why Qanon was formed. To expose every last dirty and heinous act.

Do you ever know the good Trump has done? Of course not. The #Democrats control the #media and #BigTech. They don't want you to have any idea of all the good things he has done. Here is a list.

#BlameTrump was all about hiding the most despicable #CrimesAgainstHumanity and #ChildTrafficking. Do you even know what happened in #Haiti?

Isn't it time you looked past the obviously biased #media and try to research why there have been nonstop attacks against Trump going on for almost five years, when prior to his campaign, the elite loved him, even gave him his own TV show? Why turn on him so suddenly?
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14 Oct
Attention Patriots 🇺🇲
One other important point that need to be made. I retweet a very wide variety of beliefs and viewpoints. Well, except enemy viewpoints. If you want those, you can watch CNN. 😆

I don't believe all of the are true. Well, I view them more in terms of
probabilities. What is important, what I am trying to demonstrate is, I accept you all. You all deserve a voice. You all matter. What unites us, defines us. Our differences just make us unique. Otherwise we'd be pretty boring.

Don't judge others for a difference of opinion.
We all get things wrong. Try offering a gentle offer of a differing opinion
"Here is why I don't think that is correct"
Maybe even
"I understand why you might think that."
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14 Oct
Important Patriots🇺🇲
How do you #FightBack?
You will never win anyone over with anger, hate, and insults.
How does that look?
You look hateful
How does that make them feel?
Angry and hateful.
That's what the enemy wants.
Division is the trap.
So how do you fight then?
Drop facts
Drop videos
Drop memes
Drop proofs
Challenge their view
Learn to have a conversation
Focus on your similarities not differences
Agree with them on certain points
Express genuine concern.
Tell why you feel the way you do
Discredit the media
It is not necessary to win the argument. If you can plant a single seed of unity or truth, that is a victory. If you can get someone to acknowledge a single point through conversation, that is a victory.
Yes it is difficult
Yes it take practice
I am still learning to do this
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6 Oct
I understand the plan now. Completely. Reject all fear. Disregard everything which creates fear, anger, and hate. All of that must go. Don't buy into it. The enemy wants to to believe in anything that creates fear and division. That is the enemy's ONLY real power.
This is information and spiritual warfare. The enemy presents you with anything it can to create fear in you. Fear is control. That has been their method all this time. When you are afraid and angry, you become the victim. You lose the ability to act effectively to change
This world. Only fearlessness can defeat their control. Unity and positivity are the key to defeating the fear they create. That is what cue is trying to teach us. We are the plan, because you are the battlefield. Your mind, your soul. That is why you feel anger, despair
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4 Oct
So. Has the #media telling us to wear #masks done this research? Have the #governors mandating masks shared this research. What happened to the importance of #Science? You see, I know all this information because I was properly trained in PPE. #COVID19
To prevent spread of #coronavirus, there is one effective way to prevent the spread. Isolate yourself if you are sick! If you don't want to get sick, do things which improve your immune system. Exercise, sunshine, healthy food, supplements. There's plenty of advice out there
But most importantly, to boost your immune, you must expose yourself to viruses and bacteria. #Lockdowns, #masks, and isolation impair your immune system. #COVID19 isn't that deadly unless you have comorbidities! Only about 6% of people without pre-existing conditions died Image
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