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The Great Barrington Declaration and the John Snow Memorandum: Is the fate of the globe to be decided by signatures?

First, lets start with what we all agree on:
And, lets remember...
What does the GBD call for?
What are the limitations?
How about the memo instead-- obviously not a declaration, that's silly ;)
What are its limitations?

Doesn't it share the same flaws as Barrington?
Are we living in a Kafka novel?
Can't we find common ground?
Less pompous petitions and more "policy response that engages with people who hold views; which acknowledges the lives lost from the virus and lost through the response; which is nimble and responsive to new data, new facts, and new perspectives..."
I am not taking signatures.

Just hope you all read and realize this divisive battle is not helping the people suffering right now


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16 Oct
Why is it hard to admit that allowing uncontrolled viral spread & halting the entire globe both kill people?

The question is how much of each to permit that minimizes the harm.

This will vary by location, prevalence, age of population, safety net (or lack thereof), whether...
and to what degree vaccines are available, and to what degree you prioritize the harms to the youth vs. older citizens of a nation

This is not science, it is public policy, a domain of values, of politics, of preferences.. it is shifting
constantly changing based on evidence. Some things may be worth it

Public schools for kids <16, but others less so

Bars for 20 years old
Read 5 tweets
10 Oct
A terrific, courageous and data-driven article, but reading the comments is painful.

A few thoughts...

The intervention is Closing Schools. Let's be clear.

And it is not closing all schools, it is closing public schools, while private and charter and day-care run.

I.e. the question is: what is the delta Years of Life gained from closing public schools?
The data on viral spread comes from multiple lines of research; from contract tracing studies to meta-analyses of spread when households are infected

These all suggest that children do not drive massive viral spread. @apsmunro

Detailed here:
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9 Oct
100% correct article by @ProfEmilyOster in @TheAtlantic

This is the only conclusion I reach having reviewed the data... The facts are clear.
Public schools must re-open.
It is public health sanctioned inequality

In prior episodes of @Plenary_Session
we discuss viral spread

and educational impact
My interpretation of those data is the same as Dr. Oster

Keeping public schools closed for poor minority kids, while private schools run for the children of the rich in the name of 'Public Health' is a mockery of public health, a regressive policy imposed by public health
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9 Oct
Agree. My diagnosis is the poison on #medtwitter is not debate, is not arguing, Its mob activity #mobtwitter

Debate is good. Just this AM, we had a lovely chat about the need for extra fellowship in BMT (aka a bespoke debate ;) )

But mob behavior is shameful....

#Mobtwitter occurs when hundreds, literally hundreds of people participate in a ONE SIDED feeding frenzy

Its a 100:1, 1000:1 in a persecution on twitter

Our debate today was 2:5 (ish)

100:1 is not fair, not informative, and a lot of things ensue...
First, often (let me say OFTEN) folks have not read the primary material themselves. What exactly did that 16 page article say?

This is thesis 1 in my recent @medpagetoday post

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8 Oct
Quick series of polls about the current @NEJM
'Dying in a leadership vacuum'

Curious what you think!


#1 Writing it - was it the right thing to do?
#2 Did it have the courage to name Donald J Trump at any point, or did it refer to 'leaders' without name?
#3 Will it change votes in this election, i.e. help Biden win?
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4 Oct
A soul-crushing article
We are watching one of the greatest inequities committed in the name of public health in a generation

I urge, beg my progressive colleagues to reconsider

Beyond this article, here is why [thread]
On a prior episode of @Plenary_Session we explore the consequences to children (poor, minority, vulnerable kids) from closed schools

Those consequences include...

Impact on wealth
upward mobility
nutrition (this is where they are eating)
detection of physical abuse
detection of sexual abuse
psychological well-being
civic engagement
education/ knowledge
a path out of poverity
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