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16 Oct, 8 tweets, 3 min read
It all makes sense now. Remember back a month ago when reports were saying that "Chinese Nationals" were fleeing to America to tell the truth about C19. They didn't just come to tell their story. They brought peace offerings too. This China/3 Server story is verified. Buckle up!
Was asked to expand so I will. We saw the Chinese whistleblower virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan give her story about the origins of C19 although the MSM buried it. There is now a pic (I posted) on my timeline that shows she is with Rudy G and Steve B. Not only was she one of the (👇)
Nationals that fled China to tell the true story. This gentleman was one as well. He goes on to say that whistleblowers from China who defected have delivered to the DOJ & Trump 3 servers that contain plans to overthrow the U.S. from the inside, dirt on D politicians, and (👇)
Crimes Against humanity that I will not list here so that I don't get in trouble. The crimes involve a political parties son that we all know). The reason this is big is because earlier there were many who doubted the authenticity of the Whistleblower story. Well Patriots (👇)
We have found PROOF that Rudy G met with BOTH these whistleblowers, ALSO Steve Bannon associate MILES GUA confirmed 2 weeks ago that the 3 servers do indeed exist and have been handed over to the DOJ + 45. Now how does this tie into the Hunter Biden story? Well (👇)
The Whistleblower who appeared in @All50News thread is the same one in the picture with virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan/Rudy G/Steve B. Also it gives even more credibility to Steve Bannons associate when he is now pictured giving the sly grin like they just struck gold. THEY DID! (👇)
If you are not familiar with this story then I will attach @All50News tweet and you can catch up! Patriots truly have it all frens! What a time to be alive. Also I will attach again the newly discoverd picture we just found so this thread makes sense. /END
Here is the picture linking ALL of them together.

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17 Sep
I'm going to talk to all of you about a secret weapon that the Trump administration has. It's called the '14th amendment'. Written perfectly for times that we are now going through. Follow along! 👇🏼
The Fourteenth Amendment speaks directly to the powers of the FEDERAL gov in dealing with officials, individuals & states that are engaged in “open rebellion” against the United States of America.
Specifically, the Fourteenth Amendment grants the U.S. President the power to:
-Arrest and hold all public officials including mayors, governors, state legislators, federal judges & law enforcement officials who support “rebellion” against the United States
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29 Aug
Laying on the grass watching a Thunder Storm ⚡️❤️ crazy visuals
1.17 ⚡️ Image
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August 👇🏼
8/2 Melbourne 🔥
8/2 California 🔥
8/4 Beruit 💥
8/4 Iran 🔥
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8/4 St. Paul 🔥
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12 Jul

It’s been right in front of us the entire time! Trump is setting the stage to activate ]]NESARA[[!!!

I’m going to thread together what NESARA is & how (IMO) this has been the end game! ✨

(All views my own, lil long but worth the read!) 👍🏼


NESARA/GESARA is abbreviated for (National/Global Economic Security & Reformation Act).

Passed in 2000 by Congress, it enacts the U.S. corporation to return to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

I will break down the Act by its subsections along with current habbenings now...👇🏼

Is #NESARA even real?

Passed in 2000 but never enacted, then suppressed by the NWO & George Bush to continue on with the NWO agenda. The following year one of the greatest false flags occurred leaving it set aside. A Deep cleaning was needed to enact this bill.. 👇🏼
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14 Jun
🚨 #ObamaGate hearings thread 🚨

@LindseyGrahamSC’s 53 subpeanoas he has now authorized through the Senate Judiciary Committee entitles the committee to the following; Documents, testimony, communications, reports, memos, etc from the following ppl below 👇🏼

-Special FBI agent Jennifer Boone
-Ex 🤡 Director John Brennan
-Ex DNI Director James Clapper
-Ex FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith
-Ex FBI Director James Corney
-OIA Director Patrick Conlon
-Ex DNI Deputy Dir Michae Dempsey
-Ex FBI lawyer Stuart Evans
-NS Deputy AG Tashina Gauhar

-Ex FBI Asst Director Carl Ghattas
-FBI Agent Curtis Heide
-State Dpt Ambass Kathleen Kavalec
-Ex DOJ lawyer David Laufman
-FBI Special agent Stephen Laycock
-Ex Treasury Sec Jacob Lew
-Ex Attorney General Loretta Lynch
-Ex asst AG Mary McCord
-Ex FBI Deputy AG Andrew McCabe

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