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16 Oct, 30 tweets, 11 min read
#jZeni alas he doesnt look much like zeni (wheres the sideburns!! yall gotta stop forgetting the sideburns!!!!) but i'll take all that i can get
#jZeni hes like hehe yeah
#jZeni "this rouge is using lupins name!! we cant let him get away with that!!!" sounds like hes protecting his boyfriends reputation aufhdsfhdsf
#jZeni i... lupin narrates the intro and i think this is the only time ive ever heard him say "kouichi" its giving me heart palpitations
#jZeni LUPIN CALLS HIM LOVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AISUBEKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM GONNA FAINT
#jZeni i adore them finally showing how zeni still has a job: by fucking up imposters and criminals he comes across along the way so bad
#jZeni zeni destressing via judo... and absolutely tossing people.... hi
#jZeni zeni is tall!! and looks cool!!!!
#jZeni alas this is huuuuuuge copaganda ... im just here to see zenigata toss people ..............
#jZeni this dude trying to explain stocks to zeni and hes like I DONT GET IT AT ALL
#jZeni i feel like sometimes zeni has eyebrows and sometimes he does not
#jZeni ZENIGATA HOLD KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#jZeni im glad the cat miraculously survived an explosion. thank god
#jZeni i feel like thats a slightly unsatisfying deus ex machina zeni found
#jZeni tryin to say "the lives of even the "worst" criminals are still significant and worth preserving" and "cops are the best!!" in the same episode is a. lot
#jZeni man the first actual episode starts Darkly
#jZeni aww 🥺 me too zeni
#jZeni HES BAD WITH NEEDLES N GIVING BLOOD TOO... even tho hes probably been hit with so much worse shit by lupin..... hes so cute
#jZeni he gets teary eyed 🥺
#jZeni "im not crying!! its.... sweat from the heart!!!" ur so goofy ily
#jZeni zeni just deducing shit on the floor on what i assume to be an office building or something
#jZeni "they took all our credit!!" "it doesnt matter ... the case is solved... thats good enough for me" so hammy....
#jZeni zeni pretending the gyoza his partner gave him was bad and then being like "just kidding its delicious :)" what a fucking dad
#jZeni if zenis partner lady doesnt stop trying to confront dangerous people without backup i swear to god
#jZeni AUFHDSFD i love him hes simultaneously an old man and a child ... my puppy
#jZeni his work Is his romance
#jZeni 👁️👁️
#jZeni "zenigata is too direct and straightforward" ironic bc hes not straightforward about his gay feelings for lupin .......................
#jZeni i want to go on a ramen date with zeni im so jealous i could cry

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16 Oct
#jLpnx wahoo goemon's bloodspray
i think i'll like this one more than jigen's gravestone i've heard good things
#jLpnx black jacket lupin i...... (foams at the mouth)
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16 Oct
#jLpnx italian game!! wooo im glad we got one special with rebecca in it
#jLpnx not going to think about this frame i accidentally paused on where you could kinda see lupins nuts. i wont
#jLpnx obsessed, i am
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13 Oct
#jLpn4 gyuhuhuuuuu part 4 time!!! i thought i'd never get here!!!!!!! audshfdsfjsdjfdsj Image
#jLpn4 this cant happen. lupin cant get married without ME
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13 Oct
#jLpnx now that i got the movie out of the way its time for REAL quality live action lupin . thats right baby takarazuka time!!!!!! so fucking pumped
#jLpnx this is the peak of all gender. it doesnt get better than this. the hottest jigen of them all.
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13 Oct
#jLpnx and now the live action movie, which is going to be very weird, but at least not as weird as strange psychokinetic energy
#jLpnx oh god this is two hours long come on
#jLpnx theres no reason for this except to show off their ~cool effects~ aufhdsfh
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13 Oct
#jLpnx were back to sleep paralysis demon hours but damn its gonna be stylish and sexy sleep paralysis demon hours
#jLpnx its SEXIE lupin hours specifically
#jLpnx this is a look and a half....
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