Super thread of threads on the impotence of liberalism & it’s unfortunate influence on leftism.
A thread I just did on legalism & so on. It’s relatively lengthy, but if you don’t need examples the first few tweets should suffice
I link to this thread in the other one. I discuss how legitimate concepts in settler colonial studies end up bowdlerized by liberalism & a certain kind of leftist
A more in depth play by play write up of the above
On the replacement of old school academic or ‘organic intellectual’ leftist ‘public intellectuals ‘ by journalists, pundits, media celebs & professional activists
This is the first recent super thread I did on this same topic. As such it contains many of the links i will list here too but it’s also an argument rather than a reference
On the self importance & convenience for power of the narrative that academic & cultural boycott ended apartheid in South Africa
This thread is focused on the myth of a ‘sex trafficking epidemic’, discusses its declining rate, the reality of labor trafficking before finally delving into the idea of moral panics in general
On legitimate rebuttals to my critique of the ‘left’ label & why I do not think they save it
On revolution, abstraction & bloodthirst
On the failures of carceralism, retributivism & their Utopianism

• • •

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17 Oct
Watching a mockumentary called ‘No Men Beyond this Point’ where asexual reproduction thru parthenogenesis becomes the norm & it’s funny but it Unsettling Bc it shows how many people who are otherwise feminist hold a sex deterministic view of gender ideology
They unify the governments of the world, replace all religions with an ecofeminist cults, put most of the men on reservations, while those that remain are forced to work menial jobs & cant hang out in more than groups of 2.
Also they imply that because women are less war like, they slash all the military & related budgets so there’s no internet or space program or other technologies that depended on it.
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17 Oct
There is NOT ONE ‘democracy’ in history that has not defined itself by the structural exclusion of some group of people, both ideologically & in actual concrete humans. Not one. Name it
and don’t pull semantic games lol
There is not one state in history that has not followed the basic logic of international affairs, neo realism & geopolitics. And i promise any pseudo exception you name is one predicted by the theory re: the substantive limits of the immanent dynamics of state power
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16 Oct
You can tell someone has fundamentally liberal & idealist premises when they criticize a state for violating ‘international law’ or its own laws, as though these have any meaning outside the context of states & power.
This is barring the obvious exception of people asserting juridical defenses against the state in which they live or by which they are oppressed, such as when the American free speech movement asserted anti censorship the way it did
But anyway, you see it a lot. In fact, id reckon all of us communists or anarchists or leftists or whatever have used said arguments in the past. Notice how many people invoke the constitution to make political arguments.
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16 Oct
The Indian Ocean, North African & Eurasian African Slave trade recorded some 9-14 million slaves sold—an underestimate due to deaths & given that the trade continued into the 20th century—over at least 800 years (but up to 1.5 that, hence the calculation issues).
The Atlantic slave trade represented some 12 million people kidnapped from Africa in a 400 year span. Again, under represented because of deaths & record keeping.
This doesn’t account for the 2 million European & 1 million North African slaves captured by both sides between 1500-1800. Jews & black Africans were especially targeted by both sides.
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16 Oct
There’s a bunch of books on this website I want to force people to read before they talk about some topics. So this is a thread dedicated to those about you know where (left twitters second main sacred evil.)
The problem is that very few people on left twitter understand either the history of the region, or of the left, or of settler colonialism, or of any of the other issues involved. Which is embarrassing because this information isn’t exactly hard to find.
I’m reticent to even send this list—even though literally every author is a scholar & a ‘leftist’ (except one i think) in the broad ecuwomenical sense—because all y’all are unable to read anything other than memes before sounding off your settler colonial apologia
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15 Oct
Gaddaffi’s Libya, Mubarak’s Iraq, and Mohammad VI’s Morocco were all main participants in the US torture program, and extraordinary renditions. Iran was a US partner in the invasions of Iraq & Afghanistan & the attacks against ISIS.
Jordan has always been a british imperially created state & behind closed doors a good friend of Israel. Israel has never refused a peace deal the US told them to make.
Netanyahu literally campaigned in the 90s against a peace deal with Arafat. When he won, after he gloated, Clinton told him he had to sign the deal and soon sure enough there’s photos of Netanyahu shaking Arafat’s hand. Ditto recent normalization efforts with Gulf States.
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