@iamsojinxy The USA gives Israel $3.8bil per year. Americans should have the right to know that, unlike all other foreign aid, US aid to Israel is in fact ‘Law’ passed by Senate. It doesn’t stop there, American tax dollars are given to Israel in a way that is also different to all other ../2
@iamsojinxy aid in a peculiar way giving Israel priority over America itself. Let me explain:

All aid given by the US to other countries is divided into 4 payments paid quarterly, except for aid to Israel. The entire $4bil is paid to Israel in one lump sum at the beginning of every year../3
@iamsojinxy Israel, often, does not require to spend the money immediately, so, they keep the money in US banks with interest paid on the money, yet, another payment from the US economy to Israel at the expense of Americans themselves. Imagine me asking you for $100 then charging you ../4
@iamsojinxy interest for holding it for me for a week even though it was a gift from you to me.

Recently, and during a deadly pandemic, Israel requested a further $3.2bil to help its economy during the pandemic, and, while the USA itself was suffering from medical equipment ../5
@iamsojinxy equipment shortages, the economy collapsing, jobs lost and people not paid assistance, your congress approved the payment to Israel. In the last 14 months, USA paid $7bil to Israel.. .. Now let me ask you Americans, what have you gotten from Israel in return? ../6
@iamsojinxy Not only that Israel doesn’t give a damn about you, but they have been caught red handed selling your technology to China for money. Don’t take my word for it.. Check out this American report.. /7 military.com/defensetech/20…
@iamsojinxy If any of your followers wonders why & how Israel does this, it is the level of corruption in your political establishment. A large number of your politicians are actually dual citizens of Israel and have given their allegiance to Israel as first priority even before America ../8
@iamsojinxy The other portion are in Israel’s grip with AIPAC money given to their campaigns only if they promise to put Israel before you as American citizens.. Yet, Americans are totally oblivion to this and we, non-Americans, are baffled by the level of ignorance in American society../9
@iamsojinxy Will you ever get angry? You have no healthcare, jobless, high levels of poverty, enslaved by debts and yet, your money is being funnelled through to Israel.. You are doomed.. Every American who claims to care about their country should watch this to see how it all happens../9
@iamsojinxy This is not a documentary, it is secretly recorded conversations that expose the inner working of Israel’s lobby in your establishment.. If you are American, you should be infuriated.

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28 Sep
@iamsojinxy @JillWineBanks @ericgarland Many of your Members of Congress, Senate & Policy Advisors are dual citizens with more loyalty to Israel than the USA. AIPAC & Israel interfere in EVERY election you hold. Israel, through AIPAC, strike deals to fund campaigns for politicians who pledge loyalty & benefit to../2
@iamsojinxy @JillWineBanks @ericgarland Israel even at the expense of American citizens. Over $7 billion was handed to Israel recently while your people are dying from shortage of medical supplies at home. AIPAC hands campaign contributions to your politicians by dividing them in smaller portions under fake../3
@iamsojinxy @JillWineBanks @ericgarland donour name to avoid declaration rules of anything over $2,600. Several of your state governments tried to make it compulsory for staff & contractors to pledge allegiance to Israel if they are to keep their jobs and contracts. Anyone who thinks Russia or China has more ../4
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