@CGreenUK Dear Chris, I’m Dr Mike Yeadon & I, with a handful of others, now fully understand what’s happening.

Please: you must allow me to message you. You’ve got messaging turned off.

I can accurately describe the what & how. I’m fairly sure of some of the who. I don’t know why.
@CGreenUK Chris: I absolutely hate sounding like a conspiracy nut. I’m not that.
But have you read my latest paper? PLEASE DO.
Please check my mini bio on the first page. Then this very flattering piece from the former world wide head of R&D at the then biggest...
@CGreenUK ...pharmaceutical company:
This should establish in your mind that I’m level headed and good at what I did (still do as consultant).

In addition to my most recent paper, in which I explain that it’s no longer possible for what SAGE & Govt says is...
@CGreenUK ...happening, there are some horrible facts people have sent me.
-there have been NO excess deaths since June. This is utterly inconsistent with the narrative that there’s a lethal pandemic stalking the land, killing nearly 1% of those it infects.
You should immediately be... Image
@CGreenUK ...very suspicious. I do hope so.

Next, you’re hearing huge numbers of people being hospitalised. That’s not true.

There’s the normal numbers being admitted. Normal in autumn is an upward trend for respiratory admissions. What they’re not telling you is that DISCHARGE rates...
@CGreenUK ...are unusually high. People are being admitted for fear of covid19 but many get sent home a day or two later, because they’re not ill enough to be in hospital.

General, oxygen & intensive care bed occupancy is fine at national level. Tight in a couple of main hospitals only.
@CGreenUK Ok, but what about all these ‘cases’? You’ve surely noticed that most of the increases in Northern areas are in University towns. Thousands of scared & captive undergrads are being swabbed. The PCR is wholly unsuitable for the task asked of it. You’ll recall the furore about...
@CGreenUK ...the issue of false positives? As the amount of testing climbs to ridiculous numbers, there are not enough experienced staff to do the tech work. Their sample processing is being done under conditions we’d never allow if doing forensic DNA work for court. And the PCR test...
@CGreenUK ...has much in common with forensic molecular biology. And like that, ANY amount of cross contamination drives up the false positive rate.
Two senior scientists resigned yesterday from a Lighthouse Lab:
—shocked to find just the BBC1 10pm news Thursday isn’t available.
@CGreenUK Anyway, they cited safety & hopelessly unsuitable working conditions. Huge uplift in false positives.

I also had confirmation today from a U.K. Professor that some PCR kits cross-react with common cold-causing coronaviruses, which 3% of us carry in autumn.

Another uplift in...
@CGreenUK ...false positives. I contend that almost all Pillar 2 Community testing is returning positives, a substantial proportion of which are false positives.

**THIS IS THE HOW** mass testing done deliberately badly results in lots of “cases”.

These are used to frighten people,
@CGreenUK ..including MPs into believing an active & growing pandemic in amongst us. It is not. A pathologist friend & I often run the thought experiment “if the virus was no longer in circulation, how would we know?”. Not easy if the testing is unreliable. But one clue would be that...
@CGreenUK ...there’d be no excess deaths. And there aren’t.

What else? Well, the deaths that do occur, labelled “covid19 deaths” would no longer be happening in the same kind of patient (as its random positives & mostly without respiratory symptoms but incidentally died of something...
@CGreenUK ...else). And this is EXACTLY what is happening. Super thread by a pathologist.
@CGreenUK What else to look for if almost all “covid19 deaths” in recent months are really “false positive covid19 deaths”?
Note in Clare’s piece, the average age of those dying is under 60. Sad they’re 50:50 men/woman. Both of these tell us with certainty that THESE ARE NOT COVID19 DEATHS
@CGreenUK Dr Craig shows that the increase in “Covid19 deaths” recently is entirely accounted for by the amount of testing done 28d before the death in question. False diagnoses.

A few other pieces:
-often we see areas with extraordinary levels of claimed “cases” right next to an area...
@CGreenUK ...with very few cases. Biology doesn’t allow that. I’m quite secure in asserting this is by human hand.

-claims that “cases” are rising everywhere are unsupported by the testing data. To manufacture a ‘spike’, simply ramp up testing over a couple of weeks. Since we’re only...
@CGreenUK ...ever told the absolute number of cases, it looks like an outbreak.

Anyway, enough of that. It’s completely clear to me that, were this to be a case of criminal evidence then, I hope, like me, you see that indeed a great crime is being committed as we speak.

I doubt that...
@CGreenUK ...this was planned. Earlier in the year, a novel virus swept through the country & took the lives of around 42,000 people. Their median age was over 82, slightly greater than life expectancy in that cohort. Arguably it was the slightly tougher it luckier people, who survived...
@CGreenUK ..the last two ‘flu seasons (& got a statistically lucky extra year or so) who were carried off by covid19.

I can’t be the only person who finds that the killer virus is associated with slightly older age at death than normal?

By mid summer, daily deaths were falling steadily..
@CGreenUK ...and we were nearing the end.

We are out the end. Most of the country has too few people who remain susceptible. That’s why excess deaths stopped.


And that’s the long & short if it.

I’d be happy to speak tomorrow. This has to stop.
@CGreenUK The charge sheet against persons unknown include actions:

-leading to the AVOIDABLE deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people, aged much younger than those genuinely dying of covid19.

-nearly if not actually collapsing the economy of a mid sized nation, which will have...
@CGreenUK ...social, mental, economic & lethal consequences for millions of people.

-causing paralysing fear into so many hearts & families.

Chris: my first concern is to stop this. I can help but I cannot do it without senior political buy-in.

Obviously it will help when we obtain...
@CGreenUK ...a confession to conspiracy by one of the central actors. I expect that they’ll fold when confronted across a steel desk at Scotland Yard. These people are criminals but I doubt they’re murders & hardened criminals.

One confession that PCR testing is now wildly unreliable,
@CGreenUK ...is all that’s needed. All the evidence that’s there’s conspiracy exists without knowing anything about PCR. But as that’s the central, technical tool, it should be “bagged as evidence” & STOPPED the very next day.

The illness profile in U.K. right now is normal for autumn.
@CGreenUK Every “measure” that’s currently in place can safely be lifted, in my view, but we will want to do it progressively, to build back confidence.

I recommend losing mask mandates immediately. We know they don’t prevent respiratory virus transmission. The best evidence comes from...
@CGreenUK ...a randomised clinical trial. This is the penultimate level in the hierarchy of evidence:

Although I’m the one who’s ended up wielding the axe, I’ve worked for months directly with or by following the evidence & ideas of Prof Carl Heneghan,
@CGreenUK ...ClareCraigFRCP, RuminatorDan, Prof Paul Kirkham, Barry Thomas, Prof Sunetra Gupta, Ivor Cummings & numerous others.

There is more to discuss tomorrow, but I suggest you get a good lawyer (I’ve already got one) & if you personally know a very senior police officer, I...
@CGreenUK ...recommend you ThreadReaderApp unroll this & send it to them.

This cannot be buried. I expect by the time I wake up, either Twitter will have banned me, or this will be trending.

This criminal enterprise cannot be permitted to run another week.

Oh: I knew there was...
@CGreenUK ...something else. OFCOM has in effect a particularly unpleasant set of broadcasting guidelines which were introduced on the day of lockdown in March.

“However, we remind all broadcasters of the significant potential harm that can be caused by material relating to the...
@CGreenUK ... Coronavirus. This could include:
• Health claims related to the virus which may be harmful.
• Medical advice which may be harmful.
• Accuracy or material misleadingness in programmes in relation to the virus or public policy regarding it.
We will be prioritising...
@CGreenUK ... our enforcement of broadcast standards in relation to the above issues”.
Link: ofcom.org.uk/__data/assets/…

That guidance must be immediately withdraw & after that it will be wall to wall “Pandemic is Over” headlines. So I trust.

Good night.

Dr Mike Yeadon
@CGreenUK Beds data earlier this week from someone with up to date info. Image
@CGreenUK It occurred to me way too late that the media blackout was planned well before Mar 23 2020.

The big beasts of “the fourth estate” don’t tolerate being shoved around.

Surely this detailed document required negotiation?

POLICE: investigate this, I expect much is discoverable.

• • •

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It’s a now-classic ‘PCR false positive pseudo epidemic’.

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These technical staff were not even under the kind of time pressure the poor lab techs in U.K., yet the false...
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I’ve previously shown that U.K. is over the herd immunity threshold. That’s why London isn’t experiencing 500 deaths per day from Covid19.
In summer, I & others deduced a false positive rate in Pillar 2 of around 1%. Julia Hartley-Brewer forced Hancock to confess “it’s just under 1%”, accounting for substantially all the “cases”.
Once you accept there is a FPR, don’t you need to know the %? It varies. It’s much...
...worse as number of tests per day soars, as all sample preparation is done MANUALLY, by underpaid & often inexperienced, recently hired staff.
I contend no more than that the FPR now is perhaps 5%. If so, then there ARE NO CASES.
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...other news items, usually fronted by the horribly under qualified ‘medical correspondent’, Fergus Walsh, which got my attention. Followers will note I discussed the impact of inexperience on error induced false positives. I am more sure of this now. It may be that there is...
...no cross reactivity whatsoever with even partial sequence identity between certain PCR primers & sequences in common cold-producing coronaviruses (there are four which are endemic & apparently around 3% of us has one of these colds at any time from now on. But it’s not....
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'No sign of second wave' as ONS data shows normal level of deaths for time of year

What you’d expect to see if SARS-COV-2 had pretty much stopped circulating. I’m not yet ready to say that’s where we are, though if I get info on FPR at 5%, I would. telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/10/2…
I had an interesting exchange today through Twitter messages. I can now see why public figures disable this feature. A person from a major sports club told me that it was their club policy to have players, coaches, physios, anyone who might travel to & from other clubs, tested...
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