I was gonna make this in my Vampire Podfic coming in 2021 but @_ebea made an awesome Zombie AU of #RWBY so I figured I would show you how Oscar Ozpin Qrow Marrow Harriet and Ruby fit in my Vampire AU (1/?)

Was turned into a Vampire in th mid 1500s Mistral by Salem

He eventually was freed from her by a Vampire Huntress with Silver Eyes.

He travelled the world feasting on small amounts of Blood.

He first transformed someone into a Vampire in the mid 1840s and that was one
Qrow Branwen

He was transformed into a Vampire, after sharing a relationship with Ozpin for some time,

Before becoming one, Qrow was a bandit that robbed many of Atlas Trains. He gave up that life once Ozpin helped him

After Transformation, Qrow felt like himself with Ozpin.
Oscar Pine

Was transformed into a Vampire by Ozpin in the 1930's Mistral Dust bowl

his first few years as a Vampire were miserable, seeing his friends grow up. But with Ozpin and Qrow at his side he felt at ease, like having two dads
Oscar had Vampiric powers of Empathy, He cared for people too much and when he used them, People told him everything without hesitation.

Because Oscar is stuck as a 15 year old he still feels puppy love emotions.

He helped Ozpin and Qrow get married in a secret wedding
Marrow Amin

Was transformed into a Vampire by James Ironwood, along with Harriet Bree

He and Harriet are one of the few Faunus Vampires in existence still alive after nearly being wiped out by the Traitorous Adam Taurus for not meeting his definition of Vampire.
James hid Marrow and Harriet from Adam, at the risk of his own life, knowing Adam's rage against those Faunus Vampires he feels 'Doesn't pass'.

Once Marrow and Harriet's Powers Matured they were able to find more Vampire allies including Clover Ebi (More on him in a bit)
Harriet Bree

Like Marrow was transformed intoVampire by Ironwood.

She has the power of Super Speed even before her transformation, and her Vampire abilities only enhance that speed tenfold.

She can be very Stubborn to a fault, but is loyal until the end
Depite her demeanor towards Marrow, she truly cares about him and will destroy anyone who tries to harm him.

She has a burning Hatred for Adam, and wants to find and end him, for all the trouble he has caused for Faunus Vampires everywhere with his Supremacist actions
Blake Belladonna

Was transformed into a Vampire by Adam Taurus.

She was taught many of Adam's supremacist views from the very start and for a while she actually believed them.

Until her birth parents helped her see that what Adam was trying to tell her was a crock of shit.
When she tried to leave Adam manipulated her into staying, but he also heavily abused her if she dared to speak up about anything he did

She was trapped for a while, until she met Yang Xiao Long, a human who captures her heart.
Yang Xiao Long

Was Transformed into a Vampire by Blake Belladonna.

She was transformed after losing her Arm trying to protect Blake from Adam.

For a while she remained at Taiyangs House, trying to get used to life with one arm. and feeding on small amounts of Taiyangs blood
When Blake tried to come Back, Adam attacks her again, but this time Yang comes back and helps Blake fight Adam off. But instead of dying he escapes.

The two run off together to eventually create Jaune Pyrrha Ren and Nora as Vampires, creating their own Vampire Coven.
Ruby Rose

Will be transformed into a Vampire by Oscar at the end of Podfic 2.

Ruby and Oscar share a close bond with one another, especially since Ozpin and Qrow have adopted her after finding Taiyang dead from Adam's attack.

It is a divisive topic on whether to Change Ruby.
Qrow and Oscar want to change her, but they also want to leave it up to her.

Ozpin on the other hand is vehemently against it. He fears doing so would rob her of living a normal life, While also stating that Oscar and Qrow were on the verge of death when he turned them.
Oscar, falls in love with Ruby, but he doesn't want to show it, mostly because he fears he would change her without her permission and Ruby Ozpin and Qrow wouldn't love him anymore.

He does turn her when a tragic twist of fate, leaves him with little choice but to protect her.
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17 Oct
Back with my #RWBY #VampireAU with some facts about the Vampire lore in this AU

Vampires can eat human food, however they must chase it down with blood so it can digest properly. Then the next day, they must head into the sun rays to get rid of the digested food
#RWBY #VampireAU

How they do it, once the sunrays of the new morning touch Vampire skin the digested food is vaporized and the Vampire emits a Mist cloud from their bodies. They must do this, since their normal Human Endocrine and Excretorial functions ceased when they turned.
#RWBY #VampireAU

Vampires can Sleep anytime they want, but instead of waiting for it to come, they simpy close their eyes and away to dreamland they go.

Vampires can drink small amounts of Human blood without turning their donors into Vampires usually from the donors arms
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