Going about gloating that "we don't have leaders" show naivety by some of these protesters. Protest is merely a door opener. Detailed policy formulation, coordination & direction is needed to get change. That cannot happen without some leadership. Consensus need leadership input
Even as a nation, we practice "Representative democracy" since we ALL cannot be making decisions directly for the nation. I will advise the protesters to assemble a Leadership Team that will take all the grievances to Govt, with the choice of coming out again if no progress
The govt cannot negotiate with hundreds of protesters who may have hundreds of responses to the same question. A leadership team is needed for coordination and direction. Progress can then be measured over time with future protests possible if govt does not play ball.
If this is not done soon; public support will evaporate as daily lives and livelihoods are destroyed by blockades of the protesters. This is patently self-defeating and undesirable.

• • •

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11 Oct
Rooting out abuse and brutality in the police tactical squads

The various allegations of brutality and extortion against the SARS squad of the police is symptomatic of a wider problem with the entire NPF personnel as a whole.
Scrapping SARS will not stop the menace as it is merely a fruit of a poisonous tree. All other fruits will be equally poisonous. A more fundamental reform of the police paradigm is needed.
What many Nigerians do not know is the extent of the corruption economy within the police.
The entire force is a cesspit of intertwined corruption-provoking practices and operational culture. Allow me to give some examples.

In the past, it was common to see DPOs frequently levied by some CPs to find Money to host visits of IGPs. Not sure if this still goes on.
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5 Sep
Resumption of Int’l Flight

This is a welcomed development. But why is exploitation perceived in the PTF COVID-19 protocol. While most African countries charge $20 for Coronavirus test, Nigeria is charging $150. This has increased the cost of travel & offer little protection.
Imagine travelling to Accra you pay $150 for test and when you return you pay another $150. You would have also additionally paid the reduced charge for COVID test in Accra. Then you pay the cost of the flight itself. That is outrageous.
The PCR test favoured by Nigeria has been found to be problematic bcos of its high sensitivity which does not give clarity nor certainty on infectivity. That is why most countries have opted for the quick and cheaper Antigen test which gives result in about 15mins.
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4 Sep
The application by Nigeria in the PI&D enforcement has succeeded with a decision Today to delay it. Nigeria have also established a prima facie case of Fraud including the doubt about the capacity of PI&D to deliver the contract that is the basis of the claim.
The Judge concluded: “In my view, Nigeria has established a strong prima facie case that the GSPA was procured by bribes paid to insiders as part of a larger scheme to defraud Nigeria. In summary, this does not seem to me a case where Nigeria knew, believed or had...
... grounds to suspect so as to have taken further steps as regards the fraud now alleged”.

The Court has taken the extraordinary step of allowing Nigeria's challenge to the award (to PI &D) after the expiry of the statutory period of appeal.
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31 Aug
I am for a new Electoral Act in Nigeria. But we need to be clear about the challenges. Changing the law will not fix our electoral problems if the players are not changed as well. Introduction of Electronic voting/collation in Kenya has made no difference to election fraud.
The nature of the fraud simply changed from analogue to digital. Yet in the UK, elections are still done by paper and pencil, yet there is hardly any fraud. Electronics is not a panacea for credible elections when the players are irredeemably dishonest and bent on evil.
The discussion in Nigeria need to move beyond the headlines & sound bites of electronic voting & transmission alone; but focus should also be on d players in d arena. Global studies has shown that digital electoral systems can be more prone to manipulation than pen & paper voting
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21 Aug
Community Policing is a policing system that proactively involves & engages d local communities in policing activities, from crime prevention to intelligence gathering. It is a paradigm that can be implemented differently in different communities...
...cities and nations as long as the community centric approach is adopted in its overarching design.

This adaptability and flexibility of Community Policing has made its implementation difficult to comparatively capture since different nations will be doing different things...
...all in the name of Community Policing. This factor has also made it easier for lip service to be paid to implementation when in fact nothing happens in reality.
Since 1999 return to democratic rule; Nigerian Police has been discussing the implementation of Community Policing.
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17 Aug
The controversy over the new CAMA law is unnecessary as most of the provisions are standard practice in many nations. But the lack of TRUST in Govt has made folks suspicious of anything that seems to give Govt more powers; due to the culture of Abuse & overreach by Govts.
NGOs & Societies enjoy Tax-Free status on their income & that is predicated on d fact that they deliver Public good or create Charitable benefit. It is not uncommon for Govt to seek to intervene if there is abuse or fraud. That is d law in d UK Charitable sector for instance.
Also d ultimate power of Judicial review & oversight is maintained in d new CAMA. If I want to be pedantic, I will fault a couple of provisions; but by & large the new CAMA law is good for the country in my view. We must stop criticising just for its own sake. Nothing is perfect.
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