the white supremacy baked into the entire aesthetic of classical ballet - an art form which fanatically reveres symmetry, homogenity and the purity of whiteness - does not get interrogated in mainstream arts journalism anywhere near as much as it should.
If you define perfect beauty as 12 pairs of identical white legs moving in precise unison to resemble swans, it’s not hard to understand how Black and brown women end up relegated to random soloist interludes (many of which are just. so racist. and have aged. so badly)
If I never have to watch the questionable ethnic caricatures in Act II of the Balanchine Nutcracker it will be too soon

I worked for a ballet company for 5 years, I had to watch so many women of color put those cringey costumes on
anyway ballet dancers are amazing and they can do things that seem impossible for the human body and they’re some of my favorite people in the world but the system is fucked in ways that leaders refuse to interrogate because they worship The Greats™️ at a level beyond questioning

• • •

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17 Oct
A very grim thing I am realizing from this new Biden emails story is how many men are responding to the concept of fathers saying “I love you” to their sons as though it’s alien to their experience

not just shitty right-wingers mocking it, but men expressing such longing for it
toxic masculinity hurts men and boys so much
I just, like. My dad and brothers say it all the time

Everyone deserves to be able to say it and hear it all the time

I know that there are some parents that are just pure shit but this isn’t even about that, this is about even men who WANT TO SAY IT feeling like they can’t
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17 Oct
the venomous “Discovery” haters desperate for the show to be canceled are just so mad all the time that a Black woman is both the lead of a show and the defining relationship of Spock’s life that made him who he is, and I revel in seeing them thwarted

it’s such a good show
after s1: “lol no one is gonna watch this SJW Star Trek, it’s not getting picked up for a 2nd season”

after s2 announced: “okay that was a formality but it’s dead now”

after s3 announced: “it’s public knowledge that there is ZERO chance of a 4th season”

after s4 announced:
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16 Oct
I have new West Wing AND new Star Trek to watch tonight, and I did not put a single second of Trump into my eye- or earballs, this is a good day
Ainsley Hayes reading stage directions, I’m already crying

also I’m so emotional to see the journalists again????
Sterling K. Brown is perfect for this
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15 Oct
I cannot stop thinking about the same people who mocked women like Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton for being overprepared nerdy Hermione Granger wonks now lauding Amy Coney Barrett for neither bringing nor taking notes. Like damn you really don't like women to know things
really saying the quiet part loud about how what they define as a "brilliant woman" is one who will never threaten male superiority

it's like men who say they like women with a sense of humor but they really just mean "laugh at MY jokes, don't make your own"
p.s. I'm a white Catholic woman who used to be a youth minister, my mom was board chair of Catholic Charities and Mount Angel Abbey, my parents are members of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, and my sister worked for the Archbishop

NO ONE is more qualified to roast this woman
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15 Oct
re-enfranchising felons is only controversial because we incarcerate way higher numbers of people of color than white people AND major correctional facilities are often located in deep red districts

there are probably places where you could flip a whole House seat that way
it's also one of the forms of deeply racist voter restrictions that is easiest to sell to Nice White People with very little pushback, because "if you committed a crime then you lose your rights, that's just the deal, you knew that before you sold drugs" plays well in the 'burbs
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13 Oct
I have GBBO on in the background while I work on grant budgets and honestly the only thing more upsetting than what Paul Hollywood thinks a bagel looks like is this hetero appropriation of rainbow symbols
he is always an unequivocal reality show villain during Bread Week, just strutting around the tent demanding that everyone tremble before him in awe of his bread prowess, but somehow he's even worse in this one
Jewish queers I'm so sorry you do not deserve this toxicity
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