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16 Oct, 6 tweets, 2 min read
"Hutcheson refuses to eat food originally from nonwhite countries, such as ketchup, whose origins are in China"
Hutcheson told his girlfriend (Lauren Southern) that "motherhood is to women as war is to men". He then signaled for her to pay for their dinner. His girlfriend claims he relies on her financially.
Lauren Southern travelled to Russia with the aim of making videos and doing interviews to portray Russia positively to Americans. Unfortunately she found the country alienating and disliked the food. She spent the majority of her time in her hotel room.
Southern expressed fear and disgust towards the men drawn to her.

Her male following often attacked her for being a "tradthot", who promoted "traditional" values but refused to live them, and sexually harassed her as well even created faked pornographic videos of her.
Sexual advances and harassment from alt-right figures was such an issue for Southern, she only attended alt-right events if she had a chaperone.
Southern has since retired as an alt-right media personality. She is pregnant with her nonwhite boyfriend's child and they then got married. Her new friends are unaware of her past career.

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17 Oct
The BIG-5 personality dimensions are a WEIRD (Western phenomenon).

In Hong Kong and Japan only 4 dimensions emerge. Among one South American tribe only 2 dimensions emerged, and it didn't fit with any of the BIG-5 ones cleanly. Image
One possible explanation is the greater flexibility in career and relationships in modern/Western societies allow for greater differentiation of personality. Traditional societies require more social conformity and emphasize 'jack of all trades' over specialization.
It doesn't matter if you don't like working with your hands you still need to know how to carve a canoe. It doesn't matter if you're an introvert you still need to maintain your expanded kinship network to survive and remain a part of the group.
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12 Oct
There is no viable reactionary or traditionalist movement anywhere in the world. I don't see Hindutva or any of the political Islamic movements in the world as contenders for creating a successful alternative to the West's liberal-capitalist system.
In order to do this, the system would needs to hold its own against the successes of the Western system. This comes in the form of human development and scientific innovation. Only China may have created an semi-alternative but it's too early to tell.
As for the West I see many European and South American authoritarians use religion and tradition as a pillar to maintain their own power, not as the ends. Oligarchies, fads, and pseudo-conservatism masking typical free market capitalist consumer society.
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11 Oct
THREAD: How Capitalism Promotes Cooperation

Those who know me, know I'm not a fan of modern consumer-capitalism, but credit where credit's due capitalism is great at promoting cooperation between strangers. Because for most of our history we were very distrustful of strangers.
In the era before modern capitalist markets trade could happen even across 1000s of kilometers via kinship networks. This wasn't limited to hunter-gatherers it could work even in complex pre-industrial states like 12th century China.

But at its core it relied on kinship.
Capitalist thinking (nothing personal, just business) is not inherent. People not used to market thinking make decisions that strike us ridiculous. Like buying from the expensive stall because the cheaper stall selling identical goods is run by a family you're not connected too.
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10 Oct
I'm seeing many threads by "trad" types from different religions making threads on 'how to protect your children from degeneracy' and it all seems to be don't let them consume media.

You don't need a thread on that, it's the first idea that pops into anyone's mind.
Of course I am in support of parents monitoring their children's media consumption the whole smartphone/PC with internet to a 7 year old is crazy, but this alone won't work, though it may help.
It fails to recognize that media is a product of the values of a society. A society which you like it or not, live in. Your children will integrate socially and economically into that society one day. So you've only built 1/2 a bridge here.
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10 Oct

The Catholic Church is responsible for making the once fringe practice of monogamy mainstream globally.

Monogamy was a superior to polygamy which is why I'm so skeptical of some claims that polygamy could fix certain social problems.
Historically, polygamy was prevalent throughout the world with monogamy becoming mainstream only in the last century.

Social tolerance of polygamy leads to rapid wife accumulation by elites who disregard monogamy and limits on the number of wives a man may have.
Even in a modern, first world, Western society with modern institutions and where dating and boyfriend/girlfriend relationships are permitted polygamy leads to aggressive competition for women.

Ex. Policeman in a Mormon town threatens to arrest teenage boys who refuse to leave.
Read 14 tweets

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