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16 Oct, 27 tweets, 9 min read
Trump, speaking in Macon, has made amplifying a Russian disinformation campaign against the Bidens a centerpiece of his reelection rallies
Trump basks in big "CNN sucks!" chants. Not very many people in Trump's crowd in Macon, Georgia, are wearing masks.
"She's like, disappeared. Everybody thought it was so inappropriate ... it was like, her face, the anger, the craziness" -- for the second time today, Trump alludes to a weird conspiracy theory that Savannah Guthrie is in hiding after the NBC town hall
"Lock them up. You should lock them up. Look up the Bidens. Lock up Hillary." -- Trump, as "lock them up!" chants right out
"Maxine Waters, you ever seen her house? Maxine. What a beautiful house she lives in. I wonder how that happened." -- Trump
Trump on the US coronavirus death toll, which is the worst in the world by far: "We're at over 200,000. That's terrible. But compared to other nations, it's amazing what we've been able to do."
Trump is out here doing a standup routine making fun of being presidential
"In Maine, Obama took away 5,000 square miles of ocean. Can you believe it? I gave it back to the people of Maine." -- Trump, making stuff up
"Wise guys, these are wise guy. You know, you had that one guy who killed somebody in the street [in Portland]. Took 'em 3 days to arrest. I sent in the US Marshals, you know? 15 minutes later, it was over" -- Trump
Trump lies about Mexico paying for his border wall. This one is as egregious as it gets and it has become a staple of his rallies.
"They automatically win California. I don't know why, California is doing so badly. The forest fires, no water, no this, no that. You know, minor little problems. They automatically win Illinois." -- Trump
Trump asks his staffers to move the media members back at future rallies so his fans aren't "looking at the cameraman's ass." His audience responds by chanting, "move them back!"
"Now she's blaming me because people were -- whatever, I don't know what's going on. I don't know, I wasn't invo-- and it was our people that caught them, right? It's Trump's fault." -- Trump on Gretchen Whitmer, the victim of a kidnapping plot hatched by his supporters
Trump mocks people for wanting to mail in their ballot during an ongoing ballot
"If you see anything, law enforcement is watching. US Marshals are watching ... One thing I will say: law enforcement, they're on our side" -- Trump on worries about voter fraud on Election Day
Trump claims that Democrats want to "blow Mount Rushmore up" because of cancel culture, or something
Trump claims that AOC "knows nothing about the environment" but "has a great line of bullshit," then adds: "AOC plus three. These are not great academics. How about Ilhan Omar? ... she hates our country."
"These people are crazy" -- Trump mocks @velshi for getting hit by rubber bullet while covering George Floyd protests in Minneapolis
Trump, who was hospitalized with coronavirus two weeks ago, mocks Joe Biden for taking basic public health precautions at his campaign events and for wearing a mask
"Maybe I'll have to leave the country. I don't know." -- Trump on what could happen if he loses to Biden
"And then you're immune" -- Trump falsely advises his fans that they'll be immune from coronavirus if they get it and recover. (In fact there are documented cases of reinfection.)
"He actually said the other day he'll follow science. So that means if Fauci says 'close up the country,' he's gonna close up the country?" -- Trump admits his approach to the coronavirus isn't led by science
Trump takes credit for VA Choice legislation that was actually signed into law by President Obama in 2014
Trump has now been speaking for more than 90 minutes in Georgia. This is his third lengthy speech of the day.
"Blood all over the sand" -- drink!
Trump wraps up his speech in Macon with some Yeltsin-style dancing

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18 Oct
Trump begins his speech in Janesville, Wisconsin, by urging the governor to "open your state up," even though coronavirus cases in the state have been spiking
"I've saved your way of life. I've saved the American dream" -- Trump
"She's extraordinarily unfair" -- Trump preemptively attacks the moderator of the next presidential debate, Kristen Welker, then pushes a conspiracy theory about Savannah Guthrie going into hiding following Thursday's NBC town hall
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17 Oct
The crowd for Trump's rally in Muskegon, Michigan. Image
Trump lies & says the media is predicting a "red wave" during next month's elections. He then lies about leading in early voting in Michigan. He then lies about winning a nonexistent Michigan "man of the year" award. It's getting to the point where it's news when he doesn't lie
Trump says "lock them all up" as his fans direct "lock her up!" chants toward Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who was the victim of a kidnapping/assassination plot recently hatched by Trump supporters
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16 Oct
The Trump Superspreader Tour 2020 is currently in Ocala, Florida, for a matinee performance
"She's like, disappeared. Nobody can find her. She's not too popular right now" -- Trump on Savannah Guthrie after last night's NBC town hall
"corrupt political crass"
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16 Oct
Trump's message to seniors on the coronavirus is a bunch of lies
Trump is so close to finally figuring out that the 1918 flu pandemic didn't happen in 1917
Trump's coronavirus plan, in one 9 second clip
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16 Oct
GUTHRIE: When was your last negative coronavirus test?

TRUMP: "Well, I test quite a bit."

GUTHRIE: Did you test the day of the debate?

TRUMP: "I don't know. I don't even remember."

G: Did you take a test the day of the debate?

T: "I probably did."
"Possibly I did. Possibly I didn't." -- Trump on if he took a coronavirus test the day of the first presidential debate
TRUMP: "Just the other day they came out with a statement that 85 percent of the people that wear masks catch [coronavirus]."

GUTHRIE: "They didn't say that. I know that study."

TRUMP: "That's what I heard and that's what I saw."
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15 Oct
Trump is about to have another superspreader rally in Greenville, North Carolina. Follow for a video thread.
if you recognize these ladies, encourage them to get tested
Trump begins his speech in Greenville, North Carolina, with an anti-Semitic dogwhistle, claiming Biden is "a servant of the globalists"
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