You can't forgive people who never asked forgiveness
Which my father has not done
This is like a thing, folks. You can't forgive your bigoted/Trumpist/neglectful/etc family without them acknowledging those things are wrong, or you deciding they're not.

If the person would definitely 100% do the thing again, if they are still doing the thing, you can't forgive
Like, this is definitional. You can *decide to ignore* it or *decide it's not that big a deal* and those things are your choice, but you can only offer forgiveness where there's actual regret
I mean if I forgave Trump for implementing various policies harmful to me, it's an utterly meaningless gesture regardless of how you view me,Trump,or the policies, bc as long as he still implements them,unless I have supernatural powers of grace and souls are real it's irrelevant
I guess we could semantically debate whether you can forgive something that happened in the past and a person doesn't regret, but I feel like all that is is just like, a large personal flaw you decided to overlook
Like you can absolutely maintain a relationship with your dad, even though he ate your french fries. You might be able to maintain a relationship with your dad if he did something much worse and still thinks it's fine. You might not. But it's not "forgiveness," just overlooking
Marceline doesn't "forgive" Ice King for being Ice King, she just overlooks his Ice King-iness bc of what remains of Simon

(And Simon eventually gets to disclaim Ice King forever, but Marcy puts up with Ice King before that. Doesn't mean she approves)
Betcha thought I was gonna go for Joel and Ellie there! But ha! I know more than one set of surrogate father/daughter where the daughter is a sapphic undead with unique disease characteristics and the dad is terrible and they relate to each other with guitar! I know BOTH!

• • •

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17 Oct
Marceline really had a worse time than Ellie all things considered. Both of them experienced the loss of their surrogate father-who-was-also-a-monster, but for Ellie Joel was it, one role model who was a monster. Basically everyone Marcy knew was or became a monster
And, I mean, they both end up in self destructive murder spirals, Marcy's is just somewhat more productive (but also, reinforces that she's inherently monstrous, unlike Ellie's eventual destination)
But seriously, imagine

You have a dad

That dad is Satan

Your mom dies, you get adopted by a kindly, gentle stranger who becomes a father figure to you...

..and then turns into a monstrous villain bc he thinks it's the only way to protect YOU

so now you have two villain dads
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16 Oct
I wish this was the case. For me it’s more like, I was born, I existed in this warm coastal utopia for what felt like 10 years, then lived in nowhere for what felt like 20, 15 of which was still early-ish childhood, then I was an adult then the world ended in like 2 years
How my brain works:
1990, when we left California and I was 2 <- 50 years ago
1993, when I had my first traumatic OCD episode <- 45 years ago
1996, when I saw Star Wars <- 43 years ago
1999, when my OCD became disabling <- 41 years ago
9/11 <- 40 years ago, also 2 yrs ago max
2002, when I started high school: 35 years ago
2006, when I finished high school: 25 years ago
2010, when I finished college: 10 years ago
2015, when I got a PhD: 1 year ago
2016, Trump elected: 5 mos ago
2018, when I left my job: 3 mos ago
2019,when I had SRS: 1 week ago
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16 Oct
I will say AWS isn’t so bad once I learned how to use it. I think its console is an abomination (the fact that you can’t get a list of every *thing* you control on AWS is absurd, they obviously have that list since they bill you for it) but the actual services are nifty
Like I really enjoy that I can set up a S2 instance (basically like my beloved Virtual Private Servers of old, only they bill by the hour)and the path is automatically populated with the AWS command line credentials so I can integrate immediate w other services
I’m still not convinced that this is any *better* than just ranting a f*cking private server and installing the things I want to run remotely in it
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15 Oct
I think the biggest legit pushback someone could do about The Last of Us Part II in terms of how the marketing was done versus what was delivered is that the extent to which Ellie’s character was going to diverge from normal character arcs was not really foreshadowed
I think Naughty Dog’s folks would counter, and they’d be on pretty solid ground IMO, that TLoU1 didn’t provide a straight up traditional arc for Joel, and that we shouldn’t have expected one for Ellie
But I do think the trailers sold us an expected arc, which was “broken” not just or even primarily by shaking up our expectations of who was going to die and who the enemy was, but by completely removing Ellie’s actions from the “dark avenger hero” context
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14 Oct
So I just thought of a frustrating thing about TLOU1 and how its game mechanics impact TLOU2

Somebody who's playing 2 for the first time mentioned to me yesterday about the emotional impact of the scene where Ellie goes to Joel's house, and it is a doozy
But,it's not nearly as impactful to me, a person who played the first game enough times to remember minor details, as I think it would be to someone who remembered a very broad brush outline of the first game
Short version is they missed an opportunity to make Ellie take only the last physical reminders of Joel's old home in Texas, but I'm pretty sure that's still what was intended

See, the revolver is Joel's signature weapon, obviously, and he has the watch from Texas
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18 Sep
Ok look here’s the deal with the particular wizard books

Personally,I am not in an uncomfortable situation with them because it’s fairly easy for me to swear off the author and her works,&because the author plainly holds animus toward me personally in the abstract, I want to.But
I understand that a lot of media, including stuff I like, is created by Problematic People who have said Bad Things. I do feel as if this is somewhat of a “special situation”where even people who really like the property should consider disavowing it for several reasons:
1.This is fairly plainly a case where a huge number of people are being actively harmed by the actions of the author. It’s true that we won’t make a difference in how much money she has and basically nothing can,but her stature and prominence depends on her property being visible
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