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17 Oct, 10 tweets, 7 min read
2) I knew this would happen but I didn’t expect it to happen this quickly.

Earlier today Mitch McConnell said that the vote for ACB will occur on October 23rd. Meaning ACB will join the court on the 24th. That is 9 days before Election Day. Leaving enough time to settle states
3) like NC (4th Circuit), OH (6th Circuit), MN (8th Circuit) and PA (3rd Circuit). The 6th Circuit is favorable to Republicans (11R vs. 5D). The same for the 7th (10R vs. 1D) and 8th Circuit (9R vs. 2D) The 3rd Circuit (8R vs. D6) where PA is located has a smaller Republican
4) advantage. The Democrats only have a small advantage in the 4th Circuit (8D vs. 7R) where NC is located.

All their plans are going up in smoke! Given the current TargetSmart Data in Michigan, Democrats are screwed! They did it to themselves. Closed the colleges. Tried to
5) stop the Big Ten from playing football. Problem for them is that PDJT got the Big Ten to play again starting next Saturday. Our President will flood the airwaves saying he brought it back.

People will have their football on Friday (HS), Saturday (College) and Sunday (NFL).
6) The get out the vote won’t be happening on the weekends.

From the article linked above:

What they're saying: In its 3-0 opinion, the court of appeals said the decision to change the law, which states that absentee ballots must be delivered by election night, "is the
7) responsibility of our elected policy makers, not the judiciary,"

Justice Kavanaugh set a precedent that appeal courts are rightfully using. The state legislature needs to make these changes not a damn judge. Problem for Democrats is that the legislatures are either majority
8) Republican in the House and Senate or in one of the two branches. That is a killer for Democrat Governors.

The Election will be called early Wednesday morning on November 4th. Our President will win ME-2, FL, NC, IA, OH, GA, TX & AZ. Leaving Michigan to put him over the top.
9) Regardless of what happens in PA, NH, NV, MN, WI and NE-2.
10) ADDENDUM #1 @JohnJamesMI is smiling tonight! He will flip that seat in the State of Michigan! We will either have the same advantage in the Senate (losing CO and AZ but winning AL and MI) or we will increase our advantage by 1 to 54 seats (just losing CO and hanging on to AZ)

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17 Oct
2) wrote makes absolute sense. I remember Richard saying on his show that he saw the President at rock bottom in PA at the time he took the poll. That correlates with Ralph’s assessment.

If I were the Democrats, I would be scared out of my mind with the Early Voting data so far
3) out of PA. The percentage that have voted so far is not good enough. Especially since nearly 70% of their voters said they would vote early. Nearly 70% of Trump voters said they were waiting until Election Day.

What may end up killing the Democrats in PA is the fact that they
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16 Oct
2) and others have to say. This article could have been written by Robert. What I enjoyed the most about the show he and @Peoples_Pundit had on Monday was when Robert talked about watching the voter registration trends over the last 6 months of a campaign.

Those trends blew up
3) in states like PA, FL, NC & to a smaller extent AZ (we basically closed the gap that Ds gained over 3+ years). Robert also spoke about Nevada and the big shift of the 65+ voter to register as Rs.

The article also rightfully points out what Larry was 1st to see happening.
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14 Oct
2) takeaway from the poll that has Biden up 2.4% in PA is that I am really surprised by the crossover vote. PDJT was only getting 9.1% while Biden was getting 9%. The last time Richard polled the state the crossover was 14.9% for PDJT to 7% for Biden.

The Imdependents margin
3) remained the same with PDJT winning by ~ 5%. Richard also had a D+5 margin.

In 2016 according to CNN’s exit poll it was D+3. Richard believes it was more like D+4 or D+5.

The Republicans gained nearly 200,000 more registered voters since 2016. Many came over from
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12 Oct
2) it the link is below:

Final data will be different than raw and preliminary data. So far about 1,001 responses have been recorded

Erie and Beaver County were light. Going back out this evening to get more responses

As well as Bucks Richard reached
3) more Independents around the state than the Sienna/NYTs poll which only did certain regions favorable to Democrats

Raw data was D+9-D+10, 2016 was D+3 and 2018 was D+5

Independents are dead even. Once the poll is weighted for Independents it will most likely be PDJT +3
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9 Oct
2) petrified that starting on Monday, the entire focus will be on the Supreme Court and the ACB hearings. The 15th is the 3rd day of the hearings. They would love to have the debate take it off the news.

They also are petrified that Biden’s refusal to say whether he is for
3) packing the courts will remain at the forefront. Especially his BS answer from a few days ago. They can’t control the Moron from Hawaii, Kamala and Booker making a spectacle out of the hearings. Going after ACB’s religious beliefs while her 7 kids are sitting right behind her
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9 Oct
2) good handle on the state.

Look what he shared on a Pew Poll that came out in August about how voters intend to vote in MN.

Democrats need to really be concerned with the VBM totals. PDJT was smart to pull ad funding and to save it as we get closer to Election Day when his
3) voters plan to vote.

Once again the youth vote that @Nate_Cohn @NateSilver538 swear by is not there in Minnesota. Larry called this over a month ago and all the data is pointing to him being absolutely right!
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