This made me tear up. So not obvious.

One of the most direct impacts of stigma is self loathing.

Many parents were taught that 'tough love' and 'hitting rock bottom' are necessary.

For +70,000 people a year rock bottom is death.

This is what facilitating recovery looks like.
I assume that almost every person who ever overdosed, overamped, or was on a bender knows the feeling of coming down and having a wave of self loathing. Imagining what the respectability characters in your life would think of you. Why is it you, always you, that does this?
Your dad is former VP and thinking of WH run.

You are in rehab for stimulants - which medicine has so little evidence based treatment to offer.

You feel like shit.

Everyone signed NDAs probably but you still fear a leak.

But your dad loves you. You're his son. That's it.
I don't want to overshare so I'll stop here because this text from Joe Biden made me emotional.

I pray that this radical love & acceptance will translate to its logical policy conclusion -- endorsing harm reduction as both an approach & a set of practical measures to save lives.
Last thing I'll say:

We don't talk enough about stimulants. They are killing more and more people every year.

We have to be honest about the reasons behind the silence -- we invest $$ into research / treatment and give air time when white suburban kids start dying.
Ok last last last thing: tension between Biden's policies as a senator, Biden's current proposals, and Biden's text to his son could be a lede of a book on the evolution of the war on drugs to its current "liberal" form.

Lord, give me guidance & strength to write this proposal.

• • •

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17 Oct
Study finds TWICE the risk of eating French fries when eating a burger

Study finds TWICE the risk of eating popcorn when going to the movies

Study finds TWICE the risk of having a cocktail when having wine in a meal.
There is a type of study that makes it so painfully clear that the researchers never had any meaningful engagement, or serious attempt to listen to, the population they are studying — and no your survey instrument doesn’t count. Happens with drug users all the time.
At least half of published studies on drug use — from joint marijuana and opioid use to moral hazard of syringe exchange / naloxone — would have been done much quicker and much more reliably by just ASKING PEOPLE WHO USE DRUGS. But then how will we get that sweet grant money?!
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16 Oct
Starting soon: The second day of #IHLRSymposium2020 on the intersection of housing and healthy. Day 1 was amazing and there are so so many incredible videos coming up today between 11am-2pm. It's FREE and you can still sign up. Join us!…
Professor Courtney Anderson started her keynote address Surviving Gentrification and Segregation.

"Try to think of the effect of generational poverty if we are not able to own homes." #IHLRSymposium2020
Professor Courtney Anderson @GeorgiaStateLaw: "Even though redlining, and restrictive convents, were deemed illegal long ago we still live with their effects." #IHLRSymposium2020
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15 Oct
Starting now: @emilyabenfer's keynote address on housing and #HealthJustice in America.

"No state in the United States has an adequate supply of affordable housing for its low income tenants." #IHLRSymposium2020
.@emilyabenfer: "COVID-19 struck when the United States has been experiencing a sever housing affordability crisis."

Many renters entered the pandemic housing unstable and facing eviction. That was when unemployment was at 4%. #IHLRSymposium2020
The pandemic, like everything in America, does not hit everyone equally. For anyone who needs that reminder. Slide from @emilyabenfer. #IHLRSymposium2020
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14 Oct
What Amy Coney Barrett is doing right now is dangerous.

She is defining things as debatable (notions or precedent) based on whether there is 100% consensus. Everything else is "contentious." That's exactly what Trump does -- and did with Masks, for example.

That's gaslighting.
This was also the strategy of Republicans during impeachment: only a bipartisan impeachment is legitimate, and I won't participate in this impeachment because it is not bipartisan, which it would be if I participated.
If it is 70 degrees outside, but you say its 32, the current temperature outside is not debatable or contentious -- you are just wrong.

Stating otherwise gives *anyone* power to literally politicize anything as debatable and contentious (again what Trump did with masks).
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26 Aug
Ok this is a complicated moment. Melania is not wrong. We don’t talk enough about the overdose crisis and more generally deaths of despair. In the DNC, I’m not sure it was ever mentioned. We need to remove stigma. But the RNC so far demonize drug use and addiction SO MUCH.
Remember this moment from Trump’s first SOTU? Melania with a cop who adopted the baby of a women whose overdose he responded to? This is not an inspiring story. It’s a dehumaning tale that erases the humanity of the mother. If this is talking about addiction openly, let’s not.
How many speakers in the RNC so far mentioned the HEROIN EVERYWHERE in Democtatically led cities? That’s stigma. That’s dehumanization of people using drugs. That’s framing addiction as a risk to “the community” and not to people experiencing it.
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13 Aug
"Poverty = bullets" sounds progressive on the surface but it is not. It actually demonizes people living in poverty.

Using "0.5% of population responsible for 60% of shootings," that's 7,500 people in Philly.

There are nearly 400,000 Philadelphians living in poverty.
The vast majority of people living in poverty will never pick up a gun let alone shoot it.

Casting all people living in poverty as prone to violence, instead of as stuck in neighborhoods where violence -- among other problems -- is allowed to concentrate is a big problem.
We need to be much more specific in our analysis of poverty and crime.

What is unique about the tiny fraction of people living in poverty who *do* engage in gun violence? Let's talk about trauma. Let's talk about victimization. Let's talk about toxic masculinity.
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