Interesting that Stan Nze is diversifying his roles and now also doing 'Old Nollywood' style movies. Not just about life in gaited townhouses on Banana Island. Good for the future of the genre. Well done! @Stan_Nze
There is a natural humanism in these movies which is really about a New Nigeria. New era
'Love and Tradition.' A good quality well-acted movie with a timely plot for the New Nigeria on @irokotv Well done! @JasonNjoku @MrsMaryNjoku
The movie is about the tragic struggle of a young couple against unjust traditions. A love breaking the barriers of Osu 'outcaste' status. In other words about the struggle for a New Nigeria
Strangely it made me think of how the famous novel 'Americanah' ends. Ifemulu and Obinze (the protagonists) find contentment at the end in their private lives together. To me the implication has always been a quietist one: contradictions can be resolved at the private level
But what the events of these last weeks show is that a purely personal resolution of what seems to be personal issues is not possible. Mass collective public action is essential. The only way
'Love and Tradition' also resolves the issue of Osu at the personal level. Powerful performances by Mary Igwe and Stan Nze

• • •

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16 Oct
PNP and their Drumblair-minded supporters are their own worst enemies. Doing their level best to move me over to your side. But they will fail in Jesus name! 😂🤣🤓@trevorforrest @lizzielevy
The JLP publishes a long detailed program for the economic and social development of the country but apparently the PNP doesn't need one. Are these people serious? No, they aren't
This JLP program is something you can sink your teeth into and agree or disagree. I disagree with some but agree with others. I don't agree with the overall top down conservative thrust. But no one can say the JLP hasn't set out their stall very fully.
Read 4 tweets
16 Oct
The rise of China is what Hegel would have called a 'world historical' event. Not only because of the sheer size of China. But, most importantly, because it's not just about the rise of China. It's really about the Rise of Asia, including India of course
Further, this means that it's about reversing the Atlantic trajectory of global history, at least since the British take over of India in 1763 and then Hong Kong in 1841. Even earlier and deeper: one could say a reversal of Vasco da Gama and the Dutch traders from 15thC. HUGE!!
It's also about the rise of state or 'political' capitalism and by no means only in China as @BrankoMilan has pointed out in C, A.. The rise of this model of capitalism as opposed to the reigning neoliberalism is of the greatest historical importance China or no
Read 9 tweets
16 Oct
Zero public statements on the Nigerian events from the Great Powers. Nothing from UK/US; Silence from Germany/EU. And of course, zilch from China. The reason: they have worked out how to deal with the old corrupt Nigeria and not sure about this new one struggling to be born
So, better to stick with the devil you know. These are their cynical and short-sighted calculations. One thing is certain: they are watching VERY closely. They understand this is bigger than Nigeria. About Africa and its place in the world. Really big. But prefer to watch/wait
Some rather naïve views expecting open Western statements of support have been expressed here. Understandable, but extraordinarily naïve, sorry to say. Not how power politics operates. About power not truth and rights.
Read 5 tweets
16 Oct
Here are a few of our core problems in development @jminto_ @WesleyGHughes Our domestic market is tiny; labor productivity low; labor costs high. Not a good combo. In fact very bad news
That's why neither the Growth Council nor the DFC/Chinese investment approach fail: what's there to invest in?
Billions poured into tourism under the PNP but little growth. Chinese poured hundreds of millions into sugar again disaster; large expansion of call centers but same tiny growth outcome. Does this not suggest something fundamentally wrong?
Read 9 tweets
16 Sep
In 'China's Gilded Age' Yuen Yuen Ang turns Weber's analysis of bureaucratic rationality on it's head. Highly relevant to all developing countries especially in Africa where Weberian concepts like 'patrimonialism' rule the pol lit @cchukudebelu
Yuen argues China shows Weber's critique of 'prebendiarism' (and by implication) of 'patrimonialism' as non-rational too formulaic/formalistic. In fact 'profit-sharing' by bureaucrats is a highly rational incentive system which increases both productivity and development
Yuen treats profit-sharing incentives for bureaucrats as a modern form of prebendiarism in which employees generate the lion's share of their total remuneration. How to regulate and ensure that this serves SOCIAL not individual goals? Or that they coincide?
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17 Jun
An interesting question: why did a small country like JA have this outsized global cultural impact. Some thoughts: a) JA had most extensive oppressive large slave plantation regime; b) long history of frequent revolts hence the 'rebel' tradition;
c) preservation of Black cultural links via arrivals from Africa pre-post abolition slave trade; d) harsh post-emancipation economic regime leading to severe rural immiseration and rural-urban/external migration; d) early growth of inner city communities around railway terminals
In sum: in JA the confrontation with White colonial oppression took a particularly acute form and led to cultural expressions which resonated universally.
Read 17 tweets

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