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17 Oct, 23 tweets, 4 min read
Ok ok, it’s #kirishima day so you know I HAVE TO write him something.
In this house we only have kirideku though, that’s what we have today 🥰

Happy birthday to the sunshine baby!
Izuku closed the door as quietly as possible, cringing when it creaked anyway.

He was way later than he wished to be, his watch telling him he had less than one hour before the countdown was over.
Letting out a sigh, he turned to the kitchen to start preparing, he really doubted he would be able to finish but trying was the least he could do.

Especially since he was not going to be there for the big day.
He removed a few things from the fridge to let it warm before using and went to the bathroom to change, there was no time to actually shower but he wanted to remove his suit if nothing else.
Izuku had been waiting for this weekend for months now, he had requested the days off, ordered the gift weeks in advance.

Even made sure to have it delivered to where he was supposed to be now.
But work called on the last minute and if Hero Deku was being called on a day off it was definitely an emergency.

He had been on patrol for 14 hours straight but luckily he managed to catch the villains.
No civilians harmed, no - major - property damaged.

He would be overjoyed on any other occasion, just... Today he wished other heroes could have taken his place instead.
Shaking his head, Izuku shrugged his suit off, grimacing at the trail of rubbles it left on the floor.

He cleaned his face and brushed his hair as best as possible and changed to one of his spare sweats, always present on his gym bag.
He knew if he entered the bedroom he would fall face first on the bed.
He left the bathroom to noises on the kitchen and instantly his mind was on alert once more.

”What are you going to bake so late into the night?”
It took him a good minute to connect the voice to the man standing in front of him solely on his pyjamas pants.

”What... What are you doing here?”
”I live here silly, I was dozing off when I heard you coming in”

Izuku smiled and approached him.
”Not that, what are you doing here right now? You were supposed to be home with your mothers”

Kirishima opened his arms, welcoming him on the warm of a thousand blinding suns as he always did when he smiled.
”No, home is here, with you. Moms understood that. They came for lunch, gave me a very suspicious box and left a few hours ago”

Izuku couldn’t do much more than bask in the happiness he was feeling from having his boyfriend home.
”I was going to bake you a cake to call you at midnight”

He felt his body shook with the Kirishima’s giggles.

”Don’t laugh, it was the least I could do. I'm sorry we missed our free weekend”

Kirishima pushed him from their embrace by the shoulders.

”We still have tomorrow, together. You can’t dismiss work, we both know that.”

Izuku nodded, feeling the tears prickling his eyes already.
”Don't cry, you have a cake to bake”

Izuku laughed, draping his arms around his boyfriend once more.

”No, you are here now, I can bake it tomorrow. Or buy a much better and probably not burnt one. Let me just cuddle you”
”Yeah, I like cuddles. And I love you but your cooking could have improved by now”

He got a light slap on his ass from the comment.

”Hey mister instant ramen, you are one to talk”
They stayed wrapped on each other for a while more, until sleep dragged them both to the bedroom.

”You should shower”

”I can change the sheets tomorrow”
”You stink”

”You love me anyway”

Kirishima answered by wrapping his whole body around Izuku.

”I love you too”
The bedside clock shined four bright zeroes just as Izuku was allowing sleep to take him away.

”Hey, Ei”


”Happy birthday, I love you”
”Thanks Zu, love you too”

~ end
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16 Oct
I swear is not that big of a story is just that for threads it gets really long and I don’t trust twitter 🤷🏻‍♀️

Is on AO3 as well! Everything posted here goes there soon after!…

Ok let’s go!
"Do you guys really understand what you're agreeing to?"

Katsuki had asked the same thing at least three times the last hour. His bandmates groaned.
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31 Jul
I’m so late but here we go!
#twinstarsweek #TwinStarsWeek2020 #bkdk Day Four!
Summer Storms [Australia inspired]

Izuku stopped walking for a moment, to finally took in the view. It had been so long since he was home but the amazing green surrounding it never left his memory.
It was summer now, the flowers had already retreated, the colours now monochromatic, beautiful nonetheless.

One of the windows on the second floor was open, the white curtain flowing with the wind.
It seemed like a scene from a movie and if Izuku wasn't the one living it he would certainly believe it to be.

He started the path again, forcing his bad knees to climb the steep way faster, his feet having done the same route so many times before.
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28 Jul
#twinstarsweek #TwinStarsWeek2020 #bkdk Day Three! (a bit late)
Road Trip || Quirkless AU

Inspired by @KyuukaKoinu amazing Work ’Kacchan’! If you read it you will definitely recongnize some scenes, if not, go read it!!!

”Look here”
Izuku looked back from the water and smiled at the camera.

Surprised not to hear any silly or derogatory nicknames clear on his face.

Katsuki took one picture before setting the camera on timer and taking his place by his side.
Izuku was sporting that megawatt smile that did things to Katsuki’s heart he would never admit.

He was sure he could provide for the whole hydroelectric station just looking at it like that.

”Say cheese”

”Say murder!”
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26 Jul
#TwinStarsWeek #TwinStarsWeek2020 #bkdk
Day Two! Vacations || Future Pro Heroes
(I’m always mixing all the themes so let’s continue)

“I’m sorry Kacchan”

Katsuki looked up from the car engine with a glare.
The same one he was giving the collection of tubes and metal shapes he had no idea how to fix for the last half an hour.

”What your sorry gonna do?”

Izuku shrugged, it was at least the tenth time he apologized but he also had no idea how to mend their situation.
”I could fly to the next town and ask for help?”

”I don't need help! I need you to stop destroying things! If it's not a bone you break is our car, or the front door, or the back window!”

As big as he was now as a pro hero, Izuku felt like his tiny middle school self.
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26 Jul
#twinstarsweek #bkdk #day1
Catching Fireflies || Fantasy AU

“Kacchan wait up!”

Katsuki looked back to find Izuku a good 30 meters behind him. He sighs but stops walking, crossing his arms to wait for his... Friend?

”For a stable boy, you have no stamina”
Izuku rolls his eyes and waits till he is close enough to answer.

“For a noble boy you have too much”

Katsuki glares at him and restarts his walking, granted a bit slower this time.
“I’m not a noble boy. I’m a future knight and I must have enough strength if I want to be the best!”

Izuku kicked a rock on their path, choosing his words. Katsuki was his best friend but that didn’t mean he was any less difficult to deal with.
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25 Jul
Ok so it’s #twinstarsweek and this time I have a thousand prompts to work on and it’s not one continuing story, so yeah! Let’s do this!

#day0 #freeday #groundzero #bkdk
“Hey nerd”

Izuku turned from the window of their old classroom to look at Katsuki. He held his graduation cap in his chest, clenching it just hard enough not to crumple with his bad hand.

The other lied at the window edge, almost bending the metal.
Izuku must have caught on Katsuki staring because he relaxed his hold.

”What are doing here Kacchan?”

Katsuki closed some of the distance between them, staring at the ceremony unrolling on the school yard just as Izuku was doing before he came.
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