Message 10/16/2020: As I drove to the shore I barely had the thought of tuning into the angels when I heard the words Ring of Fire, the title of the Johnny Cash song. Then in my mind I saw an image of the Pacific with three red fiery rings. Next I saw the galactics like wizards
2.send blasts of white lightning energy to the bottom of the ocean to first expose & then disintegrate nefarious bases there, removing darkness from one of the most hard to reach places on earth.The next image I saw was of black onyx diamonds some of which are used to pave roads.
3. The galactics tell me black onyx has a very beneficial vibration for healing wounds and trauma particularly those caused by the darkness. They went on to say they are increasing the vibration of onyx throughout the planet to help heal the human population,
4. particularly the children. Lastly I was shown a beautiful female angel who was wearing a white garment of energy that blanketed the planet. This robe was of purified consciousness she was sharing with the world. As I neared the beach I saw sunshine yellow energy
5. shaped like a diamond in my pineal gland opening and purifying this keystone of spiritual frequency in humans. Looking at the ocean I feel a sense of calm knowing we are being guided and protected by our cosmic family. Tuning into the energy I hear, “Ah yes. The days
6. draw near when we can again be with our human family and show them the advanced ways of our civilization. We are nearing the point when life on earth is going to change rapidly for the better. Imagine a train on a track. You may hear the far a way whistle of the train
7. and feel the distant rumbling of the ground as the train moves toward you at a very high speed. You are hearing and feeling the train, yet you can not see it. You know it is coming but are unsure when it will arrive. This is a parallel to the new world, the golden age.
8. You can observe events that would lead you to believe life is about to change, yet you are not seeing evidence of the changes themselves. Like the train appears in the distance as a far away object and then suddenly arrives in front of you, the new world will show a
9. glimpse of itself and before you realize it, you will be standing amidst the blazing colors and beauty of God's creation on a scale you have not witnessed before. You will then see planet earth as it is meant to be in the golden crystallized frequency of the Creator.
10. This is such a high vibration, one which could only be achieved by the removal of the darkness and all of its machinations purposely destined to keep the frequency of the world in a lowly state you see? Thus, once all of the designs of the darkness are lifted from the
11. planet it will reveal an earth that is liberated and humanity will be free to create a world in harmony with God. It is a time when His kingdom is restored. All people are free and live with the rights granted to them by universal law, ideas beautifully encapsulated in the
12. Declaration of Independence.” We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” This is indeed a spiritual
13. document divinely inspired by the Creator affirming humanity is meant to be free. Indeed the documents of the government of the United States will be valued again as the sacred writings they were intended to be. Other sacred documents that have been kept hidden
14. will be released to the public. All curses, hexes and other such spells of the darkness have been lifted from these and they will return to their sacred high frequency vibrations. All that is wrong will be made right again. All that was dark shall return to light.
15. All that was done purposely to reverse the living creations of the One shall be lifted off of the planet & all will be made holy again.

‘Be still and know that I Am God. Be still and know that I Am the Creator of all. All power all glory is from me, for I am the Great I Am.
16. I rule with a golden staff, a conduit for all that is sacred. With this staff and my voice I sing the words of creation and allow them to flow down the river of divine harmonics in the infinite field of souls. Here, is the field of everlasting love where all that was,
17. all that is, and all that ever shall be, meet in a single point. It is the still point. It is the I Am that I Am, the origin of creation, an immeasurable quantity of light. It is from this point that I exist, my breath flows outward into the river of dreams. It is from this
18. place I create all that is desired to make my existence complete. Each soul is a piece to the puzzle of my being, a divine fractal which is one & the all, which is a part & the whole. It is divisible into infinite components of me and vibrates at the frequency of my creation.
19. Be still and know that I Am love, a love which mirrors in you the infinite light of creation. Know that I Am in my golden glory, my golden splendor, in my golden consciousness, always singing a higher note to bring you in communion with me.
20. Be still and know me well for I Am you and you are me and we are one in the infinite field of glory. For thine is the kingdom the power and the glory forever. All this is of me and I shall reign with you my divine child. Seek me and you shall find a great love of the Father,
21. of the Mother, of the self. Be still and know me, and all of your days shall be prosperous.’”

• • •

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18 Oct
Message 10/18/2020: Driving to the shore I tuned into the energy of the angels and saw a glowing sun radiating dazzling, white light. This light was emanating from the heart of Jesus. I hear the words holy, holy, holy and Jesus say, “I am the Son of the Father, I am Emmanuel.”
2. I hear several words spoken in a language I could not recognize, most likely ancient Hebrew or Aramaic. Then I hear, “I am here to heal you of all unforgiveness and to align you with the energy of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Ask and you shall receive.”
3. The next image I was shown was a male angel bowling a large white fireball of light in perfect form. He was in ancient Greco-Roman dress as he bowled one light ball after the other. He stated this light was aimed at taking down fortifications of the darkness. When he stopped
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17 Oct
Message 10/17/2020: As I drove to the beach I tuned into the angels as usual. Today however, was a little different. I saw images and heard words to two stories that were somewhat extensive. I hope I accurately remember the words I heard. It was a lot more than usual.
2. he first message,”And then a great light fell upon the earth opening the eyes of humanity. And with this light came golden keys of wisdom opening up the hearts of humanity. For the first time in a very long time the eyes of humanity again could see and their hearts again could
3. feel the wisdom of creation. This awakening will soon usher in a time of peace. The second story was from a Native American chief. I see him as a black and white photograph and he and the angels speak to me. He tells me the natives were taught to walk each step in
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16 Oct
Message 10/15/2020: As I drove to the shore I tuned into the angels and Immediately saw diamonds dropping from the sky to earth. I heard these diamonds were crystallized tears. The suffering that created those tears was transformed into the clarified purity of a diamond.
2.This symbolizes God's promise that every tear will be wiped away, foretelling the magnificent world in store for us. The second image I was shown was a lavender wreath made out of dark purple flowers and branches. An angel wore the wreath on his crown and then placed it on the
3. ground. I then saw the wreath with a handwritten note that said peace with a picture of a peace dove. The third image I was shown was an angel spreading fabric for a red carpet to usher in a new administration. I heard this administration would be the same but different.
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15 Oct
Message 10/14/2020: As I sit by the ocean I feel the warm sunshine upon my face. My thoughts drift to a time long ago when humanity lived in peace. We will soon be living in peace again. As I tune into the energy I hear,” Ah yes we seem like we are further away.
2. This is not the case. The walls of perception are starting to break down and many more know of our presence. While this is occurring there may be some interference in the wave patterns as their blockages are released. You are perceiving the timelines merging as it feels
3. like there is no time, no seasons. It feels peaceful and yet humanity is in the midst of the great upheaval of all that is old while at the same time, the new higher frequency institutions and structures are being put in place. We ask that you begin to think in terms of the
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11 Oct
10/11/2020: As I drove to the ocean I tuned into the energy of the angels. I immediately heard “Then a great light fell upon the earth, pre-ordained by the Creator of All to sweep away the darkness and cast it into the sea.” After I heard these words I again saw the blue circle
2. representing the World Military Alliance, a planet wide military assembly working on behalf of the people for the common good, for God. I then saw the circle begin to roll indicating this military group would soon start their operations. The angels are assisting the military
3. alliance. I see a male angel holding a bolt of white lighting. The angels say they use these to disrupt any electronic communications of the darkness. All will proceed in divine order they say. The next image I am shown is of an angel placing black fabric over the earth.
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10 Oct
Message 10/10/2020: As I drove to the ocean I tuned into the energy of the angels and was quickly shown a red circle. The angels indicated this circle meant stop. Soon any remaining nefarious activities of the darkness will end with a screeching halt and all that is left of the
2.darkness with a minor exception I am shown, will be cast into the sea. At this point 98% of the darkness will have been eliminated. In order to rid the earth of the rest of the darkness we must remove all shadow from our energy fields. The next image I was shown was a blue ray
3. of light. The angels are sending this to us to balance our energy fields. We have been getting so much golden light to uplift us, the blue will balance & clear out any fragmented energy released from the gold light codes. Next I was shown a wall of diamond mirrors all
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