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17 Oct, 10 tweets, 3 min read
Someone reminded something about my childhood and I wanted to share. I make no secret that I am a devout Orthodox Christian. Have you heard of the BOOK OF Q?
#Thread #RabbitholeThread
In 1990 - summer as usual I flew to Greece to spend the summer with my grandparents. My uncle a priest told me about the stories of KOPPA. My family comes from the city of CORINTH. The story of KOPPA is oral folk told amongst few old families. Q foretold wars, heroes & outcomes
End of June and I met up with my Uncle since my grandma was busy and asked him to go to the city center to parse through KOPPA stuff. I wanted to know about my fams history & how koppa was the first glimpse of monotheism in Greece. He said sorry-closed, it's St. Paul's day.
On that day I learned about St. Paul and how he wrote the Corinthian Chapters of the Bible in Corinth... But what I also learned that day was about Gospel KOPPA - Book of Q.
If you haven't well there are BOOKS for that. The "Q Community" isn't something knew... it goes back EONS.
The Book of Q is ancient. Why did it disappear along with Paul's first letter to the Corinthians (is it though?)
There are many books out there explaining The KOPPA BOOK... The book of Q - many explanations too...
Like Q stands for "Quellle" The Source In German(??)
Others claim it was copied by Matthew and Luke?
Q was a prophet talking about Jesus & what was to come.
Nothing is EVERY REALLY lost that has value. In my family ORAL HISTORY is key. "Those that attain power over time write history books. They write their legacy - we speak history to remind those in the future what it really is" said my grandpa to me when he was giving lessons.
Amazon has many books out - all of them subjective. I would suggest reading multiple views. The atheist, the Christian, the "panthean" etc.
The one thing that has been passed down orally is that the BOOK of Q was written by someone or someoneS who commanded time and could see the coming of Jesus. #prophetic

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15 Oct
This is what kind of people OBAMA hired in the CIA.
She's the EXPERT that is cultivating the DATA and PRIVATE information BIG TECH should PROVIDE to find Q.
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9 Oct
Sorry this IS OLD NEWS -
I will tell you why in this thread and what's happening:
Here is what happened and I reported on it:…
See I told the world all of this last year:…
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7 Oct
In 2011 I was told to arrange with our contacts a water passage for Ambassador Stevens to Libya.
It was a Greek boat. HRC orchestrating a coup w/rebel leaders a coup in Libya in concert with the UN. She needed it "leveled out" - Stevens facilitated the communications.
This is why he became the Ambassador. #SuicideMission He didn't know but I did. I sent communications to Congress showing the faxes and emails (AGAIN).
Bought and sold clowns or intercept?
I mean COME ON. I showed them her COMMS off the State Dept Server. After all I was part of Obama's HIG. Do you know how hard it is to work, go to school raise a family and snitch on these clowns.
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12 Sep
THIS IS THE "BRASS" OBAMA HAD. We know CLOWNS "testifying" were not smart enough @MarkMeadows
Shadowgovernment that spearheaded UKRAINE sham.
As if Taylor and Kent were smart 🙄 with supersonic hearing. See how they played you? The GOP and RIGHT media did ... the left let them do it for them. Can you see now?
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6 Sep
Pretty incredible when I see what is RECOVERABLE.
The things they DIDN'T want the people to SEE.
This is why my site was DOWN.
Can't have FACTS trashing FALSE ALLEGATIONS.
They are terrified- they should be.
We The People are MANY they are FEW.
This one EXPOSED the MIC "for the good guys" . NO SUCH THING. Journalists exposed in this piece. Funny how it's gone.
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