So let me just, just go over the absurdity of this:

In the year 2020, the press is talking about Russian tampered texts and emails, which may be completely fabricated, that were given to a QAnon Seth Rich truther who claims he can't see who drops off electronic equipment.
This was in the form of a laptop, which no one can find, and that the feds allegedly have, despite no crime being committed, which in itself is theft.

And in said laptop is an alleged hard drive in which this correspondence is stored, which doesn't explain the existence of texts
This man who is blind to electronic equipment runs a computer repair shop that Biden's son just happened to go to, but he couldn't see it was his son, but there was a sticker on the laptop that he *could* see.
He then opened his own customer's personal property, went through it, and decided to give it to, of all people, Rudy Giuliani, who he just happened to know.
Biden's son apparently dropped off 3 laptops in the same year, but he wouldn't know this because he has a medical condition that makes him blind to his own customers.

He then somehow determines "OH! THIS ONE! This one I'm gonna call up Giuliani for!"
Giuliani, who lives in New York, then either drives or flies out to Delaware to pick it up, or has someone, who knows who, take the laptop.
And the main accusation is that Biden's son peddled influence to Biden, which is not a crime, and made money, despite there being literally zero evidence for this.
On top of this, Giuliani tweeted out the same damn email chain in December of 2019.

Metadata shows the files were tampered with, cloned PDF versions are given to the NY Post, not the originals.
And now, the NY Post is sharing images of the Biden family at dinner and alleged texts of Biden's son in rehab apologizing to his father and his father saying he loves him.
And people are asking Joe Biden about all of this, and he gets pissed, like anyone would, and with remarkable restraint, does not resort to physically folding the asker in two, but uses words.

And now several reporters are crying and comparing him to Trump.
That about sum it up?
Oh, and on top of all this, Biden's son lives in California and was at the time.

So he flew or drove all the way to the east coast to go to the repair shop of a blind Seth Rich truth QAnon Trump supporter who just happened to know Giuliani, not once, but THREE times in a year.
Look, the fact of the matter is, if you believe this shit, you're a very slow person who needs an atomic wedgie.

You're fucking stupid, man.
And you know what the worst part is.

We never even find out what was wrong with the laptops in the first place.

Probably because this is such magnificently stupid pigshit and none of it is even remotely in the same dimension of being believable.

But they're this stupid.

• • •

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15 Oct
It is officially October 15th, and we have crossed the event horizon.

The point of no return for Donald Trump.

There is absolutely, 100%, no way for him to win the election at this point.

Go vote, obviously. But this is a formality.

The election is won and Biden is the 46th.
Every single battleground state, save for Nevada, which is this Saturday, and Florida, which is the 19th, is early voting.

The early voting floodgates have opened.
Trump is getting swept out by a tide he cannot fight.

There will be no massive, hidden bloc of Trump supporters that careen in and carry him over the finish line on November 3rd.
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15 Oct
Alright, for Denton, Dallas, Bexar, Harris, Travis, Collin, and Tarrant:

369,752 not including mail votes for day two of early voting.
If we include mail votes, it's gonna be over 500K and maybe 600K.
Roughly the same as day one.
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14 Oct
I find it just so incredible how people like Ice Cube say Biden and Dems take their votes for granted and don't do anything for them, then turn around and say "yes, Donald Trump, please buy me off with cash".

Weird. Almost like they're full of shit.
"The Democrats are taking advantage of us!"

"Yo man, can I get some of that green? Don't tell nobody, but I'll do whatever you want for it."
Almost like Ice Cube and Kanye and others who pull this trash are embodying the biggest stereotypes of black people imaginable.
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23 Jul

Senate passes NDAA by veto-proof margin, 86-14.

Bases will be renamed.
House also passes it by veto proof margin.
Trump has no choice in the matter: passing legislation by 2/3rd majorities in both houses means that legislation becomes law, period.
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26 Jun
This is literal treason.

Allowing a hostile foreign nation to murder American troops and doing nothing about it, nor informing the public.
"Article I, Section 29, of the State Constitution is similar to Article III, Section 3 of the United States Constitution, limiting the legal definition of "treason" to levying war against the State or giving "aid and comfort" to the enemies of the State."
Can't wait until all the people who screamed about Benghazi now defend Trump letting Russia take hits out on American soldiers.
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5 Jun
This is appallingly deceptive what the Bureau of Labor Statistics just did.

The economy did not "add" 2.5 million jobs, 2.5 million people who were temporarily put on standby were allowed back to work.

The actual unemployment *rose*.

Egregiously unethical sleight of hand here.
There is no other explanation why they would do something this underhanded unless the administration ordered them to do so.
Let me give an example.

I've been on medical leave from my job since my car accident last year.

I am still *employed*.

When I end up going back to work, I do not (in any honest interpretation) count as a *gained job*.
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